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Bravocube Anime Review: Sailor Moon Crystal Season Finale!

Bravocube Anime Review: Sailor Moon Crystal Season Finale!
By: Bravocube

This show ended this week and at first, I was hesitant to watch it. The Sailor Moon reboot did not get good ratings at all and after seeing the first episodes of the reboot I was inclined to agree. When I saw that season 3 would be coming out, I groaned but decided I would hold my head high and barrel on through. Now that this season of the reboot is done, though, what do I think? Well, let's get right into that!
The thing that steals this show is its artwork and animation in my opinion. I was very surprised with how beautiful the art was and the animation as well. Last season's animation was part of the reason people hated it so much. They did CGI for the transformation scenes, they looked way older then they should have and it was just very cringy to have to look at.

This animation, however, is probably the best animation we've ever gotten for any Sailor Moon series. True the old one had its charm. However, the original Sailor Moon's series started in 1992 and being 24 years old, it is a bit dated looking especially to the newer anime viewers. Not bad of course but quality wise the art and animation of the new Sailor Moon is more smooth, has way brighter colors and is just a massive improvement.

The voice work and music on this show is also very amazing! I loved the opening and ending songs and the soundtrack created a mystical magical feel you would want in a Sailor Moon series! I will be trying to find it when it comes out. The characters were also written well and I have no complaints about it. Everything was perfect on that front!

The plot also moves along...somewhat well. A problem I had with the original Sailor Moon was that it had way too much filler. I understand that you need to develop characters but a huge chunk of it was filler, which can get annoying when your waiting to see mysteries get solved, battle scenes and things like that.

With Sailor Moon Season 3, it doesn't waste any time and just jumps right into the arc, might do a bit TOO fast.

While I do appreciate a lack of filler, I don't like that this series completely did away with a lot of good scenes that should have stayed in there. It made the plot feel very rushed and while they do follow the old one pretty well, it still takes away from a lot of the dramatic buildup this arc should have had.

Hotaru turning into a baby was much more emotional in the old version and Sailor Neptune and Mercury were much more bitter and actually pretty damn brutal towards Sailor Moon for what she did which made the old one much more dramatic. In a show like this drama makes the whole thing more fun at least for me so I'm a little annoyed that they took out so much stuff. I feel the show would have been better as a 24 episode show. 

Honestly, the Animation, Art, Music and voice acting was great and I have no complaints about them at all. The only gripe I had with this show was how rushed this incarnation of the plot was. They should have kept so much and doing away with pretty much EVERYTHING wasn't a good idea at all if you ask me. Some things that are a bit outside the plot are OK as long as they serve a purpose and don't use it so much it puts the main plot to a screeching halt. You have to find a happy medium in that area and this series failed to do so.

That being said I give this show 4 out of 5 stars! If you enjoy Sailor Moon then you will most likely appreciate this a lot. It captures the original spirit of Sailor Moon pretty well while also giving us some new visuals and things that are absolutely worthy of admiration. If you don't like change very much though then I recommend you just stick with the old one. Even though this show does a good job in a lot of aspects it still may have changed too much for some of your tastes. Personally, though I'm very happy with this and hope Sailor Moon Crystal only gets better from here on out!

Thank you for reading my review! Sorry, it wasn't as long as my usual posts, I didn't want to go on for too long. I don't typically do that with series I like because it probably makes me sound repetitive and biased. Next week Summer Anime season starts it's run and we'll probably be getting back to Episode by episode analysis posts I know you guys love so much! I'm still not sure of the exact date the episodes will be released but I will do my best to get my analysis up in a timely manner when the moment comes!

I bid you all adieu until next post and hope you have a good weekend!

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