Sunday, March 24, 2013

All New X-Men #9 Review

Hey everyone! Jay here, bringing you the review for Marvel Now’s All New X-Men #9. In the wake of A vs. X there is a Mutant Revolution that is being spearheaded by the original X-Man, Cyclops, and his team of Mutants. To prevent a mutant genocide Dr. Hank McCoy, The Beast, traveled back in time to the days of the original X-Men to aid them in saving not only the future of all mutants, but that of his dear friend Scott Summers.

As Kitty prepares the past X-Men for their roles in preventing the Mutant Genocide by putting them through their paces against the Sentinels in their first Danger Room session, Mystique begins to make her move by recruiting a team of mutants of her own, that are in it for the money.

Bendis continues to develop the group dynamic by exploring how each member is dealing with their place in the present. Jean is still struggling with not only her new found powers, but also the ethical responsibilities that come along with it. Scott is confronted by a prying Jean about his secret meeting with Mystique that leaves us wondering: is Jean a little bit jealous? Angel still questions their need to be in the present. Meanwhile Mystique is setting out on her own mission. Xavier is dead, and with him his dream, so now she is gathering a team of mutants that is willing to let everyone else fight it out while they use their powers for the greater good of their bank accounts. The issue ends with a cliffhanger that leaves Beast and the audience saying “Oh my stars and garters.”

One thing that Bendis is known for is his dialogue heavy books. Usually for me it weighs his stories down and takes away from the overall flow of the story. But with All New X-Men, I think Bendis has found that sweet spot. He has found that place where that extra dialogue pulls us into the story he’s weaving and gets us into the character’s heads.

Stuart Immonen returns to the book and brings his “A” game. Immonen takes panels where not much is said in words, but conveys the emotions through his detailed facial expressions. The vibrant colors of Marte Gracia and Rain Beredo really come to the forefront in the Times Square scenes bringing the life of the city to life on the page.

If you’re not picking up All New X-Men I highly recommend you give it a shot. I have been following all of the Marvel Now titles and for me this is the best one out there. There is something for everyone in every issue.

You know what I think of this issue. Now let us know your thoughts on it.

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