Monday, March 18, 2013

The New Ghostbusters #2 Review

                                           The New Ghostbuster's #2
“Who You Gonna Call!?” The New Ghostbusters! If your like me and have been a fan of the Ghostbusters since the hit movie, which came out in 1984, than your in for a treat with the all new ongoing comic entitled The New Ghostbusters. What happened to The Real Ghostbuster's you ask? Well let's just say they are off on an adventure in another dimension of NYC, and it's up to the buster's own Secretary Janine Melnitz to recruit a new team of ghostbusters and continue to save the city.

When it was first announced that IDW was going to be publishing an all new Ghostbuster's series featuring all new faces I will admit I was a bit skeptical, but boy was I wrong! I have been nothing more than satisfied with this new series. The artwork is amazing and writer Erik Burnham does an amazing job introducing the new team as well as keeping us up to date with the original team.

In this issue, we get to see the introduction of former ghost smasher Ron Alexander. Ron reminds me a lot of Peter Venkman. He has the same attitude and cockiness as Peter does and he just got done serving a little prison time. My favorite person so far in this new series would have to be Ray's Occult Book Store manager, Kylie Griffin. The book starts with the new recruits at a photo shoot and Kylie being the gothic and not so revealing type doesn't approve of the new uniforms they are given neither does Janine. The new uniforms consist of shorts instead of the traditional coveralls.

The photo shoot is interrupted by a man that comes into the firehouse screaming that a crazy ghost is in the park with a knife yelling “You'll never find them.” The team immediately thinks that the ghost is referring to the original team that is trapped in another dimension and that this ghost may know how to find the guys. The crew goes to the park to find the ghost and Ron ends up getting punched by Melanie for taking a shot at the ghost with a civilian in the line of fire. This confrontation between Ron and Melanie is hilarious!

Back at the New York Psychiatric institute we get the first look at Janosz in this series as he is speaking with his doctor about how he was close to being a member of society again. The painting Janosz has painted on the wall seems to be bleeding through and they cant seem to paint over it. Janosz's only explanation for this is the phrase “I saved two! I Damned Four!”.

You can defiantly tell that the disappearance of Ray and the guys has really got to Kylie. She tells Ron that she thought that when the ghost was saying “We'd never find them” that it was like the ghost knew something about the guys. Of course Ron says,“They will either turn up or they wont. Who cares?” that doesn't set well with Kylie.

Back at the office Kylie get's a phone call from Dr. Cleese from the psych ward about a patient that has a history with the Ghostbusters (Janosz) and wants someone to come and take a look at him. The Doctor informs her of the bleeding paint designs on the wall and Kylie agrees that the team will take a look at him. Throughout the issue, Ray and the guys are shown stuck in another dimension of New York trying to find a way to get back. Janine seems to have faith that the guys will find a way back home.
-Mike Ray

This is a must buy for all Ghostbuster's fans. Even if your not into them that much it is still worth picking up if you want to start a great new comic book series. ! I rate this 10/10 Great story and great backup story featuring The Real Ghostbusters!

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