Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Doctor Who (Prisoners of Time) #5

This week I picked up issue 5 of Doctor Who Prisoners of Time (the big event for comics to celebrate Doctor Who’s 50th anniversary) and just like the other issues that came before it issue 5 has the 5th Doctor EX: issue 1 had the 1st Doctor #2 had the 2nd Doctor and so on.

In this issue we finally get to see the face of the person who has been kidnaping the Doctor’s companions across time and space (it should be noted that we do not find out his name). At this point this is where everything starts to make sense. The Doctor has been having his mind altered to forget everything that has been happening. (This explains why he hasn’t remembered this in his other lives).

We also get to see the Scentarons, which was a nice change. Adrict also happened to be there (why the hell did they have to bring this kid back I was really hoping for the robot).

This issue it self was not very good. If it wasn’t for all the information provided (which I can’t tell because of spoilers) I will only give this a 3/5. The art was okay but not my taste and the story seemed to drag on in some parts, which I didn’t notice in issues 1-4.

Over all not the best but all the information that we are given helps but it will still be sitting at a 3/5. If you plan on reading all of the Prisoners of Time issues you may need to pick this up. While I am on this topic if IDW makes issus 8 (in other words the 8th Doctor’s story) crap I shall rage for at least 5 or 10 months about it (just saying).

I am CJ and I will see you later.
Happy reading.

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