Monday, June 24, 2013

Red Hood and the Outlaws issue 21

I am a big fan of Red Hood and the Outlaws and I am aware that RHOL still has a large fan base. So, I am inclined to be magnanimous this time and give a spoiler free review. So with out spoilers this book isn’t all that great, in fact it really doesn’t work. Once again Jason has nothing to do in his own book, aside from being completely useless. He is even taken hostage by the League of Assassins while Korri and Roy run around trying to find him/figure out what’s going on.

Which pretty much sums up this issue right here that and the fact that characters that have been gone for many issues (about five or ten at this point) are now rushed in with almost no reason. Did we not learn from the Spiderman wedding?

This next part will contain spoilers so if you don’t want to get spoiled turn back now. We start off this issue with Hugo Strange having a therapy session with Roy (which is kind of funny because even if Hugo was a therapist than he should have had his license taken away from him a long time ago, but what ever). During this session Hugo is trying to get Roy to abandon his friends, which doesn’t work because…well because this is DC Comics and their stories haven’t really made a whole lot of sense, since 2008. Korri then shows up after finding out what is really going on from Essence. So I guess Essence is on their side now?

While all this is going on Jason is having a fight with the League of Assassins. Then we flash back to Hugo’s office and find that The Untitled are there. They are demanding Korri and Roy to help them break in to The Leagues secret city in the mountains Korri leaves and is pissed off to find Essence and Roy pretty much say “okay sure why not”. I guess he wants Jason back and this is all about as suicidal as a bed of bricks being dropped on a metal floor (we get it already DC Roy misses Jason you can stop telling us this). The issue ends with Jason being asked to lead the League of Assassins.

Overall, I am sick of this series! I know that this part of Red Hood and the Outlaws is suppose to be focusing on Roy and Korri. That’s fine but did DC really have to make Jason completely ______ing useless in order to do it. Guys I am just sick and tired of this crap. I get that its summer, which means that most people are going to be at the beach, out camping, or whatever so comics are one of the first things people stop buying (note how I said people not fans).

Lazy writing and bad stories are still lazy writing and bad stories! With that being said Red Hood and the Outlaws will be getting a 2/5 and in fact the only reason I am picking up the next issue is because it seems like Jason will be leading the League but I really can’t say for sure.

Until next time I am CJ and thanks for reading.  

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