Monday, July 1, 2013

Doctor Who Prisoners of Time issue 6

Doctor Who Prisoners of Time issue 6, thank God Pip and Jane Baker didn’t write this (I am only saying what is on every Whoevens mind). I am ready right now to decrial this to be the best issue in this event. We have Colin Baker’s Doctor, a talking penguin( is really a shape shifter), and the Autons.
The story has all of the right elements to make not just a good but also a great 6th Doctor story. The biggest problem this story has is the spacing and timing of all the events. The story can’t seem to figure out what speed it wants to travel at ex: if it wants to be fast, slow, or at a medium pace. There are parts where it moves at a great pace then parts where it seems to drag on a little.

I would also like to point out that I find it very hard to believe that if Peri or Frobisher (the talking penguin/shape shifter) that if you had the chance to travel through all of time and space that they would chose to go to the Artic in 7214, I mean really? No alien planet no mystery to solve wow. However, this is also the same problem that the TV show had at the time when Colin Baker became The Doctor.

Speaking of problems it seems as thou the writers forgot that The 5th Doctor already figured out what was going on and more or less who was kidnaping his companions but for whatever reason they thought it would be nice to repeat that in this issue for some reason um…sure okay then? However, it should also be noted that this issue has many call backs to older Doctors and older episodes along with comic books which bumps it up to a 5/5 it does have its problems for sure but they are easily over looked. Also I am going to go on record and say that if nothing else you should pick up issue 7 next month I can’t say why at least not without giving away a hung part of the ending for issue 6.

Until next I am CJ and thank you for reading

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