Monday, July 15, 2013

X-O Manowar #15 Review

As some of you may remember the “Planet Death” saga had ended with issue 14 last month. I am glad to say that now things have gotten back to normal in X-O Manowar issue 15 kind of….

It should be noted now that most of this issue is told though flashbacks. Issue 15 starts off with Aric in the National Museum of History in Bucharest, Romania where he finds his father’s crown and then from that point tell the end is all flashbacks. We get to see how much of a leader Aric really is by telling his people that he is afraid too but that if there is no risk there is no reward.

I have to say I love the response of the people on earth when they see a space ship ½ the size of their city land on Earth instead of the “O wow mom look aliens!”.
That became a reoccurring theme with this issue (realism). Which in this case isn’t really a bad thing in fact I don’t think this issue could work with out it.

I also have to say I love the Eternal Warrior knows Aric and also calls him out on it saying that “there are people living here now. It’s not the 5th century anymore you can’t just drop out of the sky and claim a piece of land for your own the hole world is watching.” That sentence alone gives us a pretty good look in to the mindset that Aric has.

Whether you pick The Eternal Warrior ‘s side with how wrong Aric is or Aric’s side with him wanting his people to be remembered and have a place of their own on Earth this story was a capital S story a 5/5 all day there are more reason that I can’t tell you because of spoilers but trust me when I say that this is a must have and Valiant is a must watch for when it comes to the comic book seen.

I am CJ and until next time happy reading.

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