Tuesday, August 27, 2013

DC Shared Cinematic Universe Speculations And Theories

DC Shared Cinematic Universe Speculations And Theories
By: Jay

The DC Comics Cinematic Universe has been making news all over. Ever since Man of Steel did great in the box office WB has been in full on DC Mode. The Flash will be making his return to the small screen as an Arrow spin-off before racing onto the big screen in his own movie. This is big news for Arrow fans, because The Flash is a character that has powers so the realistic approach to Arrow is going to be altered when they introduce The Flash and by extension meta powers.

At San Diego Comic Con DC announced a Superman/Batman movie which will kick start their plans towards building a Justice League movie. DC plans on following up Superman/Batman (Starring Henry Cavill and Ben Afleck) with a Flash movie, and has even talked about the idea of an Aquaman movie. While DC is one of the big two comic book companies, its characters outside of Superman and Batman aren’t well known outside of the fandom. If you asked a random stranger: Who is The Flash? They most likely won’t be able to answer it. Even a character whose name is known world wide like Wonder Woman isn’t well known. People don’t know who she is, what her powers are, what her origin is, so DC would need to present their comic book big guns to their cinematic audiences as if they have never seen them before. Which means origin movies are required.

That idea got me thinking about how DC can do this. So I thought it would be fun to lay out how I would handle this monumental step in the DC Cinematic Universe. This is all just speculation and hopes on my part. All pictures I use in this article are not my suggestions of actors, just familiar images of these characters in a Live Action setting.

Batman is recent in everyone's mind and he’s going to be reintroduced in the Superman/Batman movie played by Ben Afleck. So I don’t think they need a solo Batman movie for “Phase One.”

Superman/Batman: Man of Steel saw General Zod arrive on Earth and a fight with Superman. The US sent in the Military, including the Air Force. They can have a Pilot with Trevor in his uniform arriving at Ferris for a plane in Superman/Batman to look for Superman. Have the plane go down during a fight scene with the unknown enemy of the movie and not to be seen again until the end. After the credits we see Steve Trevor wash-up on the shore of a “Paradise Island” full of women.

That brings in Superman and Batman and ties it into Green Lantern, and introduces Wonder Woman.

Wonder Woman: Starts off with Diana and the Amazons origins, then cut to present day. Steve goes down washes up and is found by Diana. Diana wins the contest and she takes him back to Man's World but senses that Ares is taking advatage of the fear the world is experiencing over aliens (Zod and crew) attacking Earth. They battle and the Amazons arrive in boats like they did in the animated movie. A huge battle is waged and Ares is defeated. People fear the Amazons given all the myths and stories about them, like killing men after they breed with them, etc. Diana is told to stay and preserve peace by being the Themysciran Ambassador. During the big news conference on the White House lawn one of the reporters is Iris West. After the credits we see the Amazons sailing back and as a wave crashes on a reef near a light house we see Aquaman standing on it.

This brings in Flash and Aquaman.

Aquaman: Ocean Master is the main Villain. We find out that he is using the recent battles on the surface to manipulate a war between Atlantis and the United States. In the end it's a battle between Aquaman and Ocean Master that leaves no winners. Aquaman defeats his brother but is banished from Atlantis. In the post credits we find out that Intergang was manipulating the Atlantis war.

Flash: This is Flash's origin movie, being sure to mention/show Barry's twin brother to set up for a future movie. Someone is robbing banks and using ice. Flash and Captain Cold battle, and he takes him down. Once again in the post credits we find out that Intergang supplied Captain Cold with his gun, but not just that, they supplied other "Rogues" with weapons, setting up for the sequel.

Green Lantern: Total reboot. This is Hal Jordan's origins. Sinestro is good and shows Hal the ropes etc. The two investigate Abin Sur's death which leads them to Kanjar Ro who they find out found and sold the yellow element to the Weaponers. The two of them stop the Weaponers from making a weapon that could defeat the GLC. Throughout this investigation Hal realizes that Sinestro isn't on the up and up, and reports it to the Guardians who view his ring as evidence and bans Sinestro from the Corps. Sinsetro leaves blaming Hal. After the credits we see that they actually didn't prevent the destruction of the weapon and that Sinestro was a part of it from the beginning and takes hold of the yellow power ring setting up the next GL movie, and that he was being manipulated by agents of Apokolips. 

That is how I would like Green Lantern to go, but I think DC would be more like Marvel with their Hulk movies by doing a Green Lantern movie that neither confirms nor denies the previous movie. With that I would say DC would do a Sinestro Corps movie, where Sinestro is the main villain, ending with the formation of the Sinestro Corps.

Now we have 6 out of the Big 7 down.

Justice League: Opens up a few years ago, say 5 where we see the White Martians being released by astronauts, or we find out that something from Man of Steel released them like Zod leaving the Phantom Zone or that Kal-El's ship crashing put Earth on the galactic map. 

Then we see all the news coverage of the heroes emerging using scenes from the movies on monitors. We find out that it is Bruce Wayne watching it and that he notices the same man in each place. Batman tracks the person down and we meet J'Onn. He tells Batman that he is a Manhunter, a cop and he is here because the White Martians are invading and plan to destroy Earth as they did Mars. A day or a few have passed by and there is an explosion at Cadmus and Superman arrives as the White Martian attack begins. Batman arrives, followed by Wonder Woman, Flash Green Lantern Aquaman, and Martian Manhunter is the final one that arrives and forms a telepathic connection. The team comes together with Batman directing them through J'Onn and they defeat the White Martians. They make it official and after the credits we see Darkseid who now has his eyes set on Earth. Darkseid won't be in the 2nd Justice League movie, but will be pulling the strings behind the scenes and finally arrive on Earth in the 3rd Justice League movie.

 Well those are my thoughts and theories on how DC/WB could make a shared Cinematic Universe culminating in a Justice League movie. Let us know what your thoughts are on my ideas and share your own in the comments. Don’t forget to follow us on Twitter to know whenever we post more previews, reviews, news and interviews on Comic Frontline.


  1. I liked it, but there are some problems, like:
    - The White Martians aren't such major villains to be used in the JL movie, since DC wants as much audience as they can, and also because the MCU will be already very grounded with Avengers 3, so they have to use their BIG villains in the first JL movie, sorry.
    - The Flash movie you want would be too small in scale it would be a bomb in the DCU.
    - The Intergang would be too big a part of the "Phase One" not to be in the JL movie.
    - You shouldn't end preparing for sequels if you intend to bring these characters back in the JL movie before their next movies.
    - Also, you may have not noticed, but in your DCU, there would have been a Kryptonian invasion followed by an Amazon invasion followed by an Atlantean invasion followed by an Marcian invasion. All in the same 2-3 years! It's not very realistic.

    1. The White Martians are big, since it is essentially an army of Kryptonians but more powerful. If you start off with their Big Villains, like Darkseid, where do you go from there? Lesser villains? That equals less sales for the sequel and even less for the 3rd movie. The 1st movie will sell well just because it is the first time DC is doing this.

      I don't think it will be a bomb, and it can be smaller because it is the Flash, but if they want to super-size it they can include all the Rogues.

      I don't think they have to be since they are just working in the background through other people.

      You can end a movie and sow the seeds for a sequel while still preparing for that big unification of heroes.

      Well it happens like that, but I did not say to have all those invasions. The Kryptonian invasion happened. The Amazons weren't invading they came to fight Ares Ares, a single being is attacking the Amazons come to aid Diana. If you watch the animated movie I am suggesting something like that, and it works well.

      I never said anything about the Atlanteans invading either. I said that they use the recent events on the surface caused Ocean Master to try to wage a war, but it turns into a civil war of sorts between Aquaman and his brother Ocean Master. So again no invasion just a civil war.

      The Martian Invasion would make sense since the Kryptonian one put Earth on the universal map.

    2. I just think you have some good ideas there, but most of them wouldn't work in live-action movies. Look at Marvel: neither Iron Man, the Incredible Hulk, Iron Man 2 or Thor have world-scale battles (except for Captain America, but that was decades ago). So, the only threats to the planet were in the Avengers and Thor: The Dark World (and an even larger one in Avengers 3). In Man of Steel, there was already a big public fight, there's no need to even hint at a world-scale civil war in Wonder Woman or Aquaman, make them smaller origin stories.

      I agree they shouldn't start off with Darkseid, but thats probably what they're going to do. Plus, there's no need to use the White Martians just because that's how the orginal Justice League was formed in the comics. Take a look at JL Origins (New 52), since the movie is being based on that story.

      Other things you should consider are:
      - some characters that work in comic books like the Rogues wouldn't work in live-action movies.
      - The JL movie will probably be set for 2017, so HOW do you expect to put all those individual movies BEFORE that? There's no need to copy Marvel. Ther's probably going to be ONE or NO individual movie before the JL.
      - Man of Steel wasn't such a box office sucess, specially for a Superman movie (less than 2008 Iron Man, that hit theaters before Iron Man was famous, remeber that), and movies like Green Lantern and Aquaman would do less than half Man of Steel, so just THINK. WB would never approve any of these.

  2. Thor had the Destroyer tearing through the town, that is a giant golem of death shooting up things. Incredible Hulk had Abomination and Hulk fist fighting throwing tanks and everything. Everyone of those Marvel movies had big public fights. Were they world scale? No. But I am not suggesting that. The closest one would be the Wonder Woman Movie, but I again limited to DC so it would be no different than Hulk having that huge throw down with Abomination. Aquaman is an internal thing between Aquaman and his brother. Simplier origin stories would work for a comic book, an animated series, or a TV series even but not for a big screen feature film that people pay like 14 bucks to see.

    Do I think they will go with Darkseid? Yes I do, but I do not think they should. Well the original Justice League joined together to battle Starro, not the White Martians that was Grant Morrison's origin to reunite the Big 7, that wasn't a real "origin tale" though just a reunion thing. I also didn't select them because of that at all. I went with a way to unite all of these heroes it has to be something big, and I know Darkseid will most likely fill that role, but he is DC's major big bad and should be saved in my opinion.

    The Flash doesn't have many villains that you can exclude his main and most popular with the fans.

    This isn't set against the WB's timeline this was set with a larger timeline in mind.

    Man of Steel was a box office hit for WB especially as a franchise (Superhero movies) will fill the void left behind the Harry Potter movies. The WB already has been talking about rebooting the Green Lantern Franchise and doing movies like Aquaman and The Flash.