Wednesday, September 18, 2013

The Flash #23.2: Reverse Flash Villains Month Review

The Flash #23.2: Reverse Flash Villains Month Review
By: Jay

Hey everyone, Jay here! This month DC has unleashed "Villains Month" upon us to tie into their Forever Evil event. Well over on Dark Avenger INC we are joining them and let loose our own "Villains Month" on YouTube! All this month as a channel we are dedicated to reviewing each and every "Villains Month" book! That's right EVERY "Villains Month" book will be reviewed by us on Dark Avenger INC! We have our evil sides taken over, and some of the biggest baddest villains from the DCU stopping in to do reviews all month long! So go check out Dark Avenger INC and while you are there hit that subscribe button, and check out our other channels like mine The Comic Book Theater

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