Friday, November 22, 2013

Happy Batsgiving DC Gives Us Batman Eternal Teasers

Happy Batsgiving DC Gives Us Batman Eternal Teasers
By: Jay

Each week since the New 52 DC has given us a two-page “News Program” titled Channel 52. DC uses these two-pages to give little “updates” on their books like showing that Wonder Woman is now the God of War, or that the Society of Supervillains have taken over the world. Well this week we’re treated to one of DC’s teaser images for Batman Eternal, just like the ones we got for Blackest Night and Brightest Day. What does this new image teases us with? Check out some of the things I found.

  • Carmine Falcone is alive and is holding court with Roadrunner and Tiger Shark.

  • In the tree another court’s presence is felt as the owl ensures that the Court of Owls are still out there watching over Gotham.

  • Batwoman is with Maggie Sawyer and looks like Maggie put a ring on it since Batwoman is wearing a ring on her right ring finger, which is the LGBT community is a silent protest for marriage equality. Also note how Maggie is motioning for Batwoman to join the rest of the Bat-Family. Could this mean that the Batwoman book will no longer be separate from the rest of the Bat Books?

  • Commissioner Gordon is in Handcuffs with remorse on his face, and Harvey stands over him as a guard, but is looking away.

  • An object in the water appears to be frozen. The work of Mr. Freeze? Or is that the Penguin’s club, The Iceberg Lounge?

  • Batgirl is back in her Batgirl costume.

  • Red Hood standing behind Batgirl, and looking into the distance. Is this Jason?

  • Batwing is standing prominently could this mean that he is taking on a bigger role in Gotham? Is that his girlfriend behind him looking at him?

  • A red headed woman with Poison Ivy behind her on the building, some think this might be Poison Ivy. I think it is McKillen.

  • Professor Pyg and the Penguin are talking while Professor Pyg is hold a train in his hands. Are these two villains teaming up and what does the train mean?

  • The villains are all at the table with no one at the head could this be reserved for the Joker? While the Joker’s daughter is under the table and her left foot is right under that chair. Could the Joker be returning?

  • Catwoman is standing by the table but looking towards the heroes. This could be because she has a foot on both sides of that line, or is she the head of the villains now and she she standing to survey things?

  • All the bones. Could these be the skeletons in the closet?

  • Titus, the Bat-Hound is standing with a Robin on him. Could this be the return of his master Robin, Damian Wayne?

  • The younger members of the Bat-Family are together with Talon, Red Robin, Harper Row, and a female with a purple hood, who has been revealed to be the Spoiler, Stephanie Brown.

  • Alfred is presenting Batman with the turkey and is in a straight jacket.

  • Finally we have Batman, who is sitting down and the smoke coming from behind him is very interesting and symbolic I think.
 Those are the things I found IN the teaser, but what is missing?
That's right Dick Grayson, Nightwing is nowhere to be seen, or is he?

Those are the things I spotted in this teaser. Did I miss something? If so let me know in the comments and let me know your thoughts on what I did find and my speculations on them in the comments below. Also don't forget to follow us on Twitter

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  1. Now that we're this far into Eternal, I'm interested in what people see here now.