Sunday, January 12, 2014

Crashdown: Roswell High Review Intro

In 1999 Pocket Books came out with a 10-book series by Melinda Metz named Roswell High. The series followed three aliens and their human friends in Roswell New Mexico. The aliens were the survivors of the most famous crash site/alien conspiracy Roswell Crash of 1947. The book series was such a hit that after just 5 books it was adapted into the Roswell TV Series. 

I was in a book store looking for some good science fiction to read and the stark black cover with a set of eyes looking over the Roswell High Logo just jumped out at me. I was sold on the cover alone. I read the book and went back to the store and had them keep track of the series for me, every month or two a new book came out and I was right there to get it.

I was addicted to this series, and thought how cool a TV series would be, and after the 5th book The Intruder came out there was a good 6-month gap until the 6th book The Stowaway came out. During that time I thought “just my luck, they canceled the series.” I looked it up online and was pleased to learn that not only was it going to continue, but it was also being made into a TV series and done so by Number One himself Jonathan Frakes!

Now while I love the TV series, nothing compares to the original book series. Melina Metz created a world that was one of the most fantastic I have ever had the pleasure to read. One day Kat Comic Uno was talking about Roswell on her channel and I contacted her about the book series and from that day the idea to do this series was given birth.

This series is going to be a review of Roswell High, the original book series. I will be reviewing one book a month for the 1st five months and then taking a cue from the series and review one season of the TV series each week before I return to review the final 5 books in the series. I hope this series gets the interest of some of you to try the original book series while there are similarities there are also huge differences. Perhaps you can read and compare it along with me each month.

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  1. I still promise you I will read the book series one day! The Tv show is too damn good. I read all the books connected to the show after the finale

    1. Kat trust me if you think the TV show was good these book will BLOW YOUR MIND!