Friday, January 17, 2014

Target Exclusive - JLA Adventures: Trapped In Time

This week fans of the DC Animated Movies found out that there will be a Target Exclusive animated movie titled JLA Adventures: Trapped in Time. This release came to the attention of fans when it was spotted in the latest Target Catalog promoting new DVD releases. The new all-ages movie will hit Target shelves on Tuesday January 21, 2014 which is just two weeks before the next major DC Animated Movie Justice League War is released on Tuesday February 4, 2014.. 

Get ready for a battle of the ages when the Justice League faces off against its archenemies, the Legion of Doom, in an all-new movie from DC Comics. A mysterious being known as the Time Trapper arises, and a sinister plan led by Lex Luthor sends the Legion of Doom back in time to eliminate Superman, Wonder Woman and Batman before they become super heroes. For Aquaman, Flash and Cyborg, along with teen super heroes Karate Kid and Dawnstar, the stakes have never been higher, the rescue mission never deadlier. So join the fight for the future as the Justice League confronts its ultimate challenge... the threat of having never existed!
 – Official Description

The story includes The New 52 Justice League line-up of Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman, Flash, Aquaman, and Cyborg along side teen hero Robin and Legion of Superheroes members Karate Kid and Dawnstar will be directed by Green Lantern The Animated Series co-producer Giancarlo Volpe. Despite the absence of a Green Lantern in this movie a lot of the people behind Green Lantern: The Animated Series are behind JLA Adventures: Trapped In Time.

The movie is written by Mike Ryan, the guy behind Green Lantern The Animated Series’ episodes Lost Planet and Loss. Scored by Freddie Wiedmann, the genius behind the music of Green Lantern the Animated Series! With character designs were done by Lynell Forestall (Black Lightning DC Nation Shorts), the movie is animated by the DR Movie, one of the main Korean studios that worked on Avatar: The Last Airbender.

The voice cast for JLA Adventures: Trapped In Time includes:
  • Grey DeLisle (Azula, Avatar The Last Airbender,  and Aya, Green Lantern: The Animated Series) as Wonder Woman
  • Dante Basco (Zuko, Avatar The Last Airbender) as Karate Kid
  • Jack DeSena (Sokka, Avatar The Last Airbender)  
  • Diedrich Bader (Batman, Batman Brave & The Bold)
  • Laura Bailey (Black Widow, Avengers Assemble) as Dawnstar
  • Jason Spisak (Razer, Green Lantern: The Animated Series and Kid Flash, Young Justice) as Flash!

The title “JLA Adventures” and the fact that this is an all-ages movies makes me wonder if this could be the beginning of DC Animated Movies aimed for a younger audience.

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