Tuesday, February 25, 2014

New Warriors #1 Review

Jay Reyes

Nova, Scarlet Spider, and Arcely on the same team, what could possibly go wrong? 

The New Warriors are reborn! Speedball, Justice, Nova, Sun Girl, Namora, Scarlet Spider and Hummingbird are about to meet the newest threat. The Atlanteans, Inhumans, clones and hundreds of other so-called "superior" beings are living among the humans of the Marvel Universe, but not everyone is pleased about it.

The Good: There is always a bright spot in legitimately bad books, this one is no exception. I only enjoyed two things in the book.

One was the introduction of the Salem 7. I liked to see a new band of heroes that I could learn about, they seem interesting and hopefully they get more face time in the future issues.

The second thing I liked in this issue is the art. Marcus To’s art is really nice and great to look at. I just feel bad that his talent was wasted in this boring issue.

The Bad: New Warriors #1 was my most anticipated issue of the week, it surpassed Nova and Justice League as the most anticipated. But wow was I disappointed. The first issue of the series should be a attention grabbing issue. A first issue has to make a good first impression because it usually dictates if the reader will buy the second issue of the series. If anything this issue hurt the sales of the second issue because it lacked real depth.

I’m personally not excited to see the New Warriors take on the High Evolutionary because I just don't care about them. It seems too convenient that one major threat (ala High Evolutionary) attacks almost all of the future members of the New Warriors at once. At points the book felt too disjointed, I got the feeling that Yost didn’t read Nova  to get a good character reference on how to write these characters. (Side note: Where did Kaine’s awesome beard go?  End side note). 

Predictions: Ok I'm breaking out the ole Marvel tarot cards... I feel nothing for this series...  Oh wait, I think I got something?  I predict the New Warriors will have to join together because of the impending threat from the High Evolutionary (Side note: Where are the Avengers and X-Men when you need them? They don’t seem to awfully busy. End side note.) After they triumphantly beat the High Evolutionary the New Warriors will continue to team up because there aren't enough teams in the Marvel Universe already (I'm not going to make a list because there are way too many teams in the Marvel U right now, let’s just say there is more than five.) That's it for predictions because my expectations are so ridiculously low that I don’t even care enough to make a legitimate prediction.

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