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Wresting Review for the Week of 2/16/14

Monday Night Raw begins this week with John Cena coming out to a decent ovation. He talks about his win during last week Raw main event against WWE World Heavyweight Champion Randy Orton. Cesaro comes out and says Cena isn't the only one to beat Orton last week as he also beat Orton during Smackdown last Friday. Sheamus now comes out and tells them that he will do in the main event as what they did last week and beat Orton and this Sunday he will win the Elimination Chamber and become WWE World Heavyweight Champion. Christian comes out and he says he isn't mad at Sheamus for hitting him with the brogue kick since he knows it was an accident and this Sunday he will hit the killswitch and become WWE World Heavyweight Champion. Randy Orton comes out he says he underestimated Cesaro on Smackdown and it wont happen again. He tells Cena that yes he did beat him last Monday but he cant ever beat him when it matters. Orton tells Christian that they have had the best matches against each other but Orton always won the match. He tells Sheamus he will never go near him with the brogue kick. Daniel Bryan comes out and says the fans do all the talking for him and he wont let this opportunity to fade away. We hear  loud 'YES' chants until Kane comes out. He informs us that The Authority left him in charge of Raw. He says there will be series of matches. He says we all know the main event tonight will be Sheamus vs. Randy Orton. Another match will be John Cena vs. Cesaro and the first match will be Christian vs. Daniel Bryan.
We come back from the commercial break and we see Kane trying to get into the ring and Christian attacks Bryan even before the bell rings. He throws Bryan outside the ring and throws him into the steel steps then into the barricade. Kane is standing outside the ring looking happy. This looks like Christian has turned heel. The match finally begins and Bryan took a major beat down since he was attack blindsided. Christian works on the arms that he slammed into the barricade. Christian goes for the killswitch but Bryan reverses it into the yes lock but Christian counters it and throws him into the turnbuckle. Christian goes for the killswitch again but Bryan rolls him over a pin with a win. Kane congrats Bryan on the win but his night isn't over he has another match and against him.

We comeback from the commercial break Kane vs. Daniel Bryan is in progress. Kane controlled the match working on the arm that Christian injured on Bryan last match. Bryan gets some punches and kicks in but Kane tries to go for chockslam but throws him outside. Kane puts Bryan against the ring post and pulls the arm of Bryan. The referee counts the five but Kane wont break the hold and gets DQ. Kane break it and then slams the arm of Bryan into the steps. Kane goes on the mic and says "I know I got DQ" and smiles. I want everyone to remember that this thing with Bryan and Kane was suppose to be CM Punk and Kane instead of Bryan and Kane. Originally was suppose to be Kane vs. Punk at Elimination Chamber. Maybe we will see Kane some how entering that Chamber match going on and takes Bryan out of the match to screw him over.

Backstage we see Renee Young interviewing The Shield. Roman Regins talks about his match against Mark Henry later that night. He says he will do what Ambrose couldnt do and beat Henry. Ambrose asks what he is talking about Regins tell him he lost the match and Ambrose says he softened Henry up for Regins. Rollins says The Shield is always on the same page. They say The Wyatts is an allusion and they wont have any affect on them. Regins says they can believe that.

Fandango with Summer Rae vs. Santino Marella with Emma was next. During the match Santino goes for the cobra but Summer Rae goes to the top of the mat but Emma picks her up with a spin but gets dizzy herself. Santino goes to check on her and he touches her hair and they stare into each other eyes. It look like they are about to kiss but Fandango dropkicks him and puts him back into the ring and hits a suplex on Santino for the win.

Mark Henry vs. Roman Reigns with Dean Ambrose and Seth Rollins begins with Henry taking early control on Reigns by hitting punches and splashes. Reigns comes back with a Samoan Drop (Ambrose was shocked). Henry gets up after the pin and splashes Reigns again and then goes for the a clothline but Reigns counters it with a superman punch and then a spear for the win. After the match Ambrose and just Ambrose attacks Henry while Reigns and Rollins ask what he is doing? They Wyatts are shown on the tron and Bray starts to sing to them. They do the usual Wyatt talk and they come out to the ring. The Shield wait for them to come into the ring and The Wyatt do enter the ring. When it finally looks like they will fight Bray tells Harper and Rowan to exit the ring and The Wyatt leaves.

There were other matches before this match between John Cena vs. Cesaro but this match was one of the best matches of the night. A lot happened but the main parts were Cesaro tried to put Cena into the giant swing but Cena reverses it into STF but Cesaro counters that into a slam for a two count. Cesaro throw Cena into the turnbuckle but Cena tackles him and hits the five knuckle shuffle and goes for the AA but Cesaro hits a big uppercut. Once again he goes of giant swing but Cena counters it again and hits a DDT. Cena goes up to the top turnbuckle but Cesaro suplexs him but Cena goes for the STF again but Cesaro finally hits the giant swing (amazing he was able to do it to Cena) it was a biggest swing he has done in the past but still shocking he did it to Cena. He goes for the neutralizer but Cena counters it by trying to hit the AA but Cesaro counters it and tries to elbow him but Cena finally hits the AA for the win.

We see backstage Randy Orton and Triple H talking. He thanks Triple H for all the opportunities he given to him and Triple H is glad to hear it. Orton says he knows  Batista is good but Orton and Triple H carried Batista through Evolution. While he is saying this Batista walks up behind Orton and calls him a "ass" and Orton walks away really fast.  Triple H and Batista say hi but Del Rio interrupts them wearing a neck brace. He says he hopes Batista isn't planning on using his arms because he is going to break them. Batista shoves him in a cart and walks away. Triple H checks on Del Rio who is holding his neck.

Next match was The Wyatts vs. Sin Cara and Los Matadores with El Torito was next. The Wyatts controlled most of the match. At the end Bray gets tagged in and hits Sister Abigail on Sin Cara for the win. No The Shield didn't comes out to have a final confrontation before the Elimination Chamber.
One half of the WWE World Tag Team Champions Billy Gunn vs. Jey Uso. Road Dogg and Jimmy Uso was on commentary. Jey goes a clothline but Billy knocks him down and sets up the fameasser but Jey counters it with a pin for the win.  Road Dogg tries to go into the ring but Jimmy superkicks him. The Usos super dives to the Outlaws outside the ring.

The main event of the night was next which was Randy Orton vs. Sheamus. This was an ok match but I still think the match from last week Smackdown between Orton and Cesaro was a lot better.  At the end Orton goes for the RKO but Sheamus reverses it and tries to go for the Brogue Kick but The Shield come out of no where and attack him. John Cena and Daniel Bryan come out for the save then Cesaro  then Christian comes running out. The lights go out and The Wyatts are in the ring and everyone is on the mat and only see The Wyatts and The Shield face to face. Finally we see them get into it. Everyone is fighting each other to end this show.

Before I begin this week Impact we found out that Nelson Fraziel Jr. also known as Mabel, King Mabel, Viscera and Big Daddy V had passed away. Even through he has been seen on television or the wrestling scene for while we all should remember him. From all the remarks wrestlers that knew him had posted they all remember the kind heart he had. RIP Nelson Fraziel Jr.

Impact Wresting begins this week with a video package of Gunner winning the feast or fired match with him grabbing the briefcase we the TNA World Heavyweight Championship match and leading into the main event of the night Gunner vs. Magnus for the TNA World Heavyweight Championship. We see Magnus talking to Dixie Carter asking her if she spoke to him and if he is in (who is he that Magnus talking about). She says yes and he tells her is she goes down he isn't going down with her. Magnus and Dixie come out to major heat. Magnus calls out MVP because he had a major announcement. Last week MVP made a proposal for Lethal Lockdown Team MVP vs. Team Dixie for control of TNA.  MVP comes out and Magnus says he is Magnus the TNA World Heavyweight Champion. He about MVP criminal past and takes shot at him about it. MVP comes back and calls Magnus a paper champion. MVP demands he want an answer to if the match of Team Dixie vs. Team MVP. Magnus says they accepts but says he wont be in the match because he is going to successfully defend the championship against Samoe Joe.

Magnus says he is going to make MVP his but before he says anything MVP tells him not to say it  but Magnus says he is going to make MVP his and again MVP tells him not to say it  but Magnus says he is going to make MVP his b****. MVP attack Magnus but ECIII comes out and attacks MVP. Backstage we see The Wolves being held back by security and Rockstar Spud but we see The Wolves knockout security and they throw Rockstar Spud into a cart. Gunner comes out for the save and Magnus and ECIII walk up the ramp but The Wolves comes from behind them and Magnus throws ECIII into them and Magnus escapes as The Wolves kicked ECIII.

Samoe Joe comes out and makes an open challenge to anyone. The TNA tag team champions and DJ Zema Ion come out. They surround the ring Samoe Joe says fine he will take on all three of them. Joe takes early control but the three of them were a little to much to for Joe. But Joe doesn't take the beat down to long as the takes out both the tag team champions. He set Zema up for the muscle buster but Ion rakes the eyes but he gets hit with the S T Joe. Joe hits the muscle buster and then puts on rear naked chock for the win. Looks like Joe is ready and pumped up for his match vs. Magnus at Lethal Lockdown.

Backstage we see Bobby Roode talking to someone in a very kindly matter and it was with James Storm. He tells Storm that recently this job as got to him and apologizes to everything he has done to Storm and recalls the past of Beer Money. Storm tells him that he hopes he not doing what he thinks he is doing and tells him to rise above the power. Roode thanks Storm for the talk and advise and they actually hug. Maybe a Beer Money reunion in the future.

We cut to MVP/Dixie office and the X Division Champion Austin Aries walks in. He tells Aries he wants him to join him and The Wolves at Lethal Lockdown to be part of Team MVP. Aries asks what is in it for him? Aries says he has been lied to in the past and MVP says he cant fix the past but can make sure thing are fair now and in the future. We don't get and answer form Aries.

We see backstage Gail Kim and Madison Rayne brawling backstage and this sets up a match Gail Kim vs. Madison Rayne in a street fight. This is the usual knockout match but with weapons. Lei'd Tapa slams Rayne which was legal. But Rayne fights back against Kim but Tapa interferes again and helps Kim pick up the win.

Bobby Roode comes out to a decent ovation. Haven't heard this type of ovation since before he turned on Storm when he won the TNA World Heavyweight Championship. Roode says he became a wrestler because he loves this business and he dreamed as a kid to be a wrestler. He says he has done things in the past that he has hurt other guys in the back who he use to call his friends and he is sorry for ruining their friends . He cant changed the past and but only move on. The fans are chanting his name and looks like he is getting emotional. Is it me or does this mind us of Mark Henry fake retirement speech then attacked John Cena?

 Roode announces that this is the last time he will be a professional wrestler and we here fans booing. He apologies and says he cant deal with Dixie anymore. He says he wants to do something he never has done before and thank all the fans and he tries to exit the ring but Dixie comes out. She says he cant decide to leave whenever he wants since he has a contract. She says she didn't want AJ Styles (fans go crazy when she says his name), Jeff Hardy and Sting in her company. She says she needs Roode to be in the company. She says she needs a captain for Team Dixie and Lethal Lockdown and he says are you kidding me and no. She says if he joins and they win she will give him 10% ownership of the company. Roode says he doesn't trust her and she tells him to have his lawyers to draw up the paperwork and she will sign it. He thinks about it and he agrees and the fans boo. Before he leaves the ring he tells Dixie if she screws him over he will destroy her and the fans cheer. Can this be a beginning of Roode face turn?

We come back from commercial bread and Bad Influence is talking to Bobby Roode. They say they are so excited to be on his team at Lethal Lockdown. He informs them that they are good but they are not on the team yet. He tells them if they win their match against The Wolves they will be consider and walks into his locker room while Bad Influence looked shocked. This leads in Bad Influence vs. The Wolves. Bad Influence takes early control on Eddie. But eventually he makes the tag to Davey which leads into hitting double foot stomp for the win.

Before the main event we see James Storm talking to Gunner about Gunner match for the TNA World Heavyweight Championship. He wishes Gunner good luck and Gunner say he has something for Storm and hands him the briefcase for the TNA Tag Team Championship. The main event was next with was TNA World Heavyweight Champion Magnus vs. Gunner for the TNA World Heavyweight Championship. Before the match begins we are informed that the match will be considered as Magnus rules. During the match Magnus calls to the back but James Storm and The Wolves come out instead. After a few minutes Rockstar Spud and Bromans come out and attack Gunner but Storm and Wolves fight them off to the back. Gunner climbs on the top turnbuckle and hits the headbutt and goes for the pin and as it looks like the referee is going to count the three Spud put Magnus leg on the rope. Gunner goes after Spud into the ring but gets hit with the belt and Magnus covers him but Gunner kicks out. Storm comes back out and runs Spud out to the ring. Gunner goes to the top rope and as he comes down Storm hits the superkick on him and Magnus pins him for the win. James Storm just stands there looking at him as the fans are booing and show ends.

It came out that WrestleMania 30 will have a guess host and that will be WWE Hall of Famer Hulk Hogan and this Monday on Monday Night Raw Hulkamania will run wild as Hulk Hogan will return.

Friday Night Smackdown begins with Daniel Bryan coming out to a huge ovation and we are shown a recap from this past Raw of him wrestling Christian then wrestling Kane and Kane injuring Bryan arm. Daniel Bryan vs. Jack Swagger with Zeb Colter and Ceasro was the first match of the night. Bryan starts by applying a headlock but Swagger whips him. Bryan knees him and kicks him in the corner. Swagger takes over working on the injured arm but Bryan comes back and surprises Swagger with the running knee for the win.

Vickie Guerrero comes out Kane and informs Bryan that his night isn't over and just like Raw he will have a second match and it would be against Cesaro. Bryan is staring at them and Cesaro attacks him from behind. This match was to long. Kane is by the commentary table but he goes into the ring and chockslams Bryan and referee calls for the DQ. Kane goes on the microphone and says Cesaro is DQ and your winner Daniel Bryan and smiles.

Next match was Rey Mysertio and The Brotherhood vs. The Wyatt Family. The Wyatts controlled the match mostly on Goldust.  Toward the end Mysterio goes to dive onto Harper but he catches him and swing him into the barricade. Rhodes dives onto him as Goldust bulldogs Rowan and set him for shattered dreams but Bray punches him out of nowhere and hits Sister Abigail for the win.

Dolph Ziggler vs. Titus O'Neil was next with Darren Young on commentary. Titus tries to hip toss Ziggler but Ziggler counters it and kicks him. Toward the end O'Neil  throws Ziggler to the mat but Young goes to the grab the whistle and distracts O'Neil allowing Ziggler to roll him up for the pin.

Road Dogg with Billy Gunn vs. Jimmy Uso with Jey Uso was next. Road Dogg begins with a headlock onto Jimmy then jabs him a couple of times. He hits a few cheap shots on Jimmy but Jimmy hits the superkick on Road Dogg for the win.

Christian is being interview backstage by Renee Young. She asks about his new attitude we saw on Raw. He says that he wants to be WWE World Heavyweight Champion and he doesn't care how is acting as long as he has his one more match since he doesn't know how many more years he has in himself due to injuries.

The main event was Sheamus vs. Christian. Sheamus comes out then Christian and honestly Christian came out to a decent ovation better than the one I thought he would. He mostly played the heel of the match. This was an ok match but things picked up towards the end. Sheamus hits two backbreakers and goes for the brogue kick but Christian  rolls to the outside and tries to hit Sheamus with a cheap shot. Christian goes for the killswitch but Sheamus hits him with white noise for the win to end Smackdown. Yes this ended Smackdown which not a good way to end the show before a pay per view. The best thing they should have done is at least have each member come out and stare at each other and maybe have them look at the WrestleMania sign and have them attack each other or something.

Here are the matches for the Elimination Chamber PPV:

Kickoff Show: The Brotherhood vs. Rybaxel

Elimination Chamber Match: Randy Orton(c) vs. John Cena vs. Daniel Bryan vs. Sheamus vs. Christian vs. Cesaro

Batista vs. Alberto Del Rio

The Wyatts vs. The Shield

Intercontinental Championship: Big E(c) vs. Jack Swagger

Tag Team Championship: New Age Outlaws (c) vs. The Usos

Darren Young vs. Titus O'Neal

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  1. Was a bit upset that they didn't do a "In Memory Of" for Viscera (aka Big Daddy V) on Raw. great to see Hogan back. Thought the point of the hand to ear move was to see which direction he would hit a muscle pose for but looks like he's done with that part.