Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Grant Gustin On Set In The Flash Costume

In the last week DC and the CW has released two glimpses of Grant Gustin in the Flash costume from the CW’s new fall show The Flash. The first image we got was a head shot showing Gustin in the Flash cowl with his trademark lightning bolt ear wings. DC followed that image up yesterday with a pre-running stance pose. Both images utilized lighting to highlight certain parts of the costume while keeping other parts a bit of a mystery.

Now with filming underway it was just a matter of time before onlookers would get pics and videos of the actor in action and in costume, so it wasn’t really a big surprise today when both popped up on social media.

The pictures and videos show Gustin as the Flash in action running (sans special effects) revealing a full view of The CW’s Flash star in costume. The suit looks a bit looser than it did in the pic DC released yesterday. Gone is the white in the Flash chest emblem as well as a reduction in size. Also missing is the Flash’s trademark lightning bolt belt and in its place is a solid red belt with lightning bolt accents on the costume.

I like the costume as I stated on last nights Frontline Live it reminds me a bit of a Smallville flavor to it. I could see this as a natural progression of Bart’s Impulse costume from Smallville.  Yes there are somethings I would have done different but overall I think this is a nice modern representation of the Flash costume that stays true to the comics while makes it functionally appropriate for the real world. Now all we have to see is how it looks with the special effects and how DC can top this costume for the upcoming Justice League movie.

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