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WWE And TNA Wrestling Review for the Week of 4/6/14


Before I begin this week review I have to say WrestleMania 30 was very good in my opinion. Having Daniel Bryan finally winning the WWE World Heavyweight Championship on the biggest stage of them all was a good choice. The only downfall was Undertaker losing the streak (21-1) to Brock Lesnar. Rumor has it that Undertaker decide before WrestleMania he was going to call it quits and wanted Lesnar to end the streak. But really Lesnar comes on he is the last person that should ended the streak. I have nothing against Lesnar but it should have been either Shawn Michaels (WrestleMania 25 and 26), Triple H (WrestleMania 27 and 28) or even CM Punk (WrestleMania 29). But can probably call this now Hall of Fame 2015 will be headlined by The Undertaker. We also shouldn't remember his career just for the streak but everything he did in the business.
New Era begins tonight as Raw begins with a video package of Daniel Bryan career path leading up to him winning the WWE World Heavyweight Championship at WrestleMania. The new WWE World Heavyweight Champion Daniel Bryan comes out to a big and I mean big ovation and does he deserve it. He could hardly even talk because the crowd wouldn't let him. He begins by saying its hard for him to do the YES chant because he is now holding two championships. He stops talking and we hear the crowd chanting "you deserve it." Bryan says the fans deserve it more and the YES movement has the power of change. Triple H and Stephanie McMahon comes out. Triple H says he is going to get into the ring because he doesn't want to regret doing anything to Bryan yet. Bryan gets in his face and does the YES chants with the two championships. Triple H says he is going to end this YES movement for good and he will end Daniel Bryan reality because the main event would be WWE Heavyweight Champion Daniel Bryan vs. Triple H for WWE World Heavyweight Championship.

They come back from the commercial break and we see Triple H and Stephanie arguing about what just happened with Daniel Bryan. Batista and Orton storm in and argue why they deserve a championship match and why Triple H shouldn't be wrestling for it. Triple H says its his show and his shot tonight. Stephanie says they all deserve matches. She tells Orton and Batista they will fight the Tag Team Champions The Usos for the titles. They refuse but Triple H says they can sort it out later but historically the work better when they are on the same page. Can we see a reunion of Evolution?

A big six man tag match was the first match of the night. It was The Wyatt Family vs. John Cena, Sheamus and the Intercontinental Champion Big E. After Cena comes out he rushes to the ring and they all start brawling.  Cena and Bray start out with Cena pulling Bray out of the corner but Bray his a big uppercut and stomps Cena. Sheamus and Rowan get into the ring and Sheamus hits a few punches and Rowan goes to hit a backbreaker but Big E. stops it. Ending comes with Bray hitting Big E. with Sister Abigail for the win. We see Cena sitting on the ramp stunned and dazed. Look like the feud with Cena and the Wyatt family isn't over.

Next was the man who ended the Undertaker streak at WresleMania 30 Brock Lesnar and Paul Heyman. Heyman begins by saying he is so proud to serve Lesnar who is the one that ended a near quarter century long streak. Heyman tells everyone he told them it was going happen and Lesnar isn't here to make people happy and not to put smile on children faces. Heyman says after the match people where chanting for The Undertaker and not Lesnar who won the match. He says Undertaker had to go to the hospital after collapsing backstage and Vince McMahon accompanied him to the hospital. He talks about the three time Lesnar F-5 Undertaker and its a good thing he didn't kick out the last one otherwise Lesnar would have broken Undertakers neck. He says Lesnar is the 1 in the 21-1 to end the segment. This was a very good promo and I honestly thought someone was going to come out to interrupt them but nope.
The Tag Team Championship match between The Usos (c) vs. Randy Orton and Batista was next. This was a very quick match if you can call it a match. Batista stomps on Jey and Orton helps. They throw him to the barricade and Batista sends Jimmy into the steps. Orton hits Jey with a DDT. Referee counts the ten count for a double count out but Batista and Orton wasn't done. The set up the steel steps and Batista hits a Batista bomb on Jey onto the steps.

Next was Damien Sandow vs. the returning RVD. RVD begins by kicking Sandow outside the ring and he sets Sandown up on the barricade stomach first and hits a legdrop. He hits rolling thunder then a five star frog splash for the win. What is next for RVD and why didn't he come back?

The newest WWE Hall of Famer The Ultimate Warrior comes out. He says it's been hard to find the right words. He then puts on a Warrior mask and says its time for Ultimate Warrior to talk and not Warrior. He says no WWE Superstar becomes a legend on their own. He tells the fans they are the one who makes them legends. He says the spirit of Ultimate Warrior lives on through all that fans and they will live forever. 

The Divas Champion AJ Lee with Tamina comes out. AJ talks about successfully defending he championship at WrestleMania. She calls herself Diva best in the world and we hear CM Punk chants. She says she has given every diva a shot but they all failed. Out of no where music plays and the NXT Women Champion Paige comes out. Paige says she came out to congratulate AJ. AJ thanks her buts doesn't need it and she should run away. AJ says she changed her mind and maybe she should just beat her. Paige says she is ready and AJ slaps her. AJ says she wants a match and she will even put her championship on the line to be nice.

AJ Lee (c) vs. Paige for the Divas Championship. AJ begins by attacking Paige and skipping around. She applies the black widow and looked like Paige was about to tap out but she reverses it into the Paige Turner for the win and to become new Divas Champion. Good way to have your first match on live TV by becoming Divas Champion. Now the question is does she also hold onto the NXT Womens championship or does she drop it on NXT we will find out this Thursday.

Hulk Hogan comes out to present Cesaro with the Andre the Giant Memorial trophy. He puts over the show and talks about Cesaro picking up the Big Show over his head and throwing him out and it reminded Hogan of him lifting Andre the Giant over his head. Ceasro comes out with Zeb Colter and no Jack Swagger. Hogan leaves and Colter takes the mic and says he is going to talk about Cesaro. He calls Cesaro a Zeb Colter guy but Cesaro takes the mic away and says he is a Zeb Colter guy but a PAUL HEYMAN GUY. The WWE Universe goes crazy and Heyman comes out. Heyman says he is the "King of Swings" Cesaro's advocate. Colter was in complete shock and Swagger attack Cesaro and destroys the trophy.

This sets up a match against the former team Cesaro vs. Jack Swagger. Cesaro punches Swagger and sends him into barricade. He goes to the top rope but Swagger jumps up and takes him down with a throw. Swagger knees him a few times and hits a slam. Ceasro comes back and goes for a swing but Swagger rolls out of the ring and gets counted out.

Backstage we see Stephanie McMahon trying to get Kane and The Shield on the same page so Daniel Bryan doesn't win the match. Rollins mocks Kane and asks the Outlaws are and Kane flips out. Kane says it was Triple H idea for The Shield being attacked a few weeks ago on Smackdown. Stephanie starts to yell at him to stop. She says she doesn't care about their issues because Triple H is the boss and he gets what he wants and they all agree.

Daniel Bryan comes out for his match against Triple H. Before Triple H can come out, Orton and Batista come out and take Bryan out. Orton hits the RKO and Batista hits the Batista Bomb. Kane comes out and looks like he might stop them but he chockslams Bryan. Triple H finally comes out and tell the referee if he wants to keep his job ring the bell and he does even through at first he refuses but does. Triple H does the YES chants and goes to lift Bryan up and The Shield comes out. Kane, Orton, and Batista go onto of the apron and now we have a stare down between all six guys and Triple H in the middle. Triple H tells all of them its not going to happen. Triple H turns around and Reigns spears him. Batista and Orton get knocked off the apron by Ambrose and Rollins goes through the middle rope and splashes them. The Shield then surround Triple H and Bryan hits the running Knee. Kane, Orton and Batista pull Triple H out of the ring. Bryan and The Shield celebrate to end Raw this week.
It with sad news that the wrestling world found out that the recently new WWE Hall of Famer The Ultimate Warrior has passed away. Everyone is in shocked with this because he was just inducted into the Hall of Fame, WrestleMania and even on Monday Night Raw. I recommend everyone to watch his Hall of Fame speech and his promo on Raw. It seemed like he knew it was going to happen. Thank you Ultimate Warrior for all the memories and your legend will live on forever. RIP Ultimate Warrior.

Impact Wrestling begins with a ten man over the top rope gauntlet match for the number one contender for the TNA World Championship at TNA Sacrifice. This was like a battle royal but two wrestlers begin and every two minutes another wrester comes out. James Storm was first one to come out then Gunner. As Gunner was coming out Storm came running at him. Gunner hits him a few times and they go back in to the ring the punch each other. Magnus comes out to be on commentary at one point. Booby Roode was entrant number three and he goes straight to Gunner and attack them. Storm and Roode (Beer Money) team up and beat down Gunner. Bully Ray is out next and goes after Roode. He clotheslines Roode and Storm. ECIII comes out as entrant number five and he was looking behind him as he was working out because Kurt Angle tweeted for ECIII to look out. ECIII heatbutts Gunner and then goes to attack Bully but Bully ends up chopping him. Sanada was entrant number six.

Bobby Lashley is entrant number seven and when he comes out ECIII looks nervous. Then Abyss comes out and Lashley and Abyss try to eliminate each out. Eric Young was out next and still no one was eliminate yet and they still had on more entrant. The last entrant was Willow. After Willow gets in a few hits Rockstar Spud comes out in the wheelchair. Willow gets thrown over the top but lands on the apron. Spud get out of the wheelchair and pulls Willow off the apron for the elimination then Willow runs after Spud. Then Sanada gets thrown out then Lashley slams ECIII out and Roode then throws Lashley out. Bully attacks Roode from the back and kicks him in the face to eliminate Roode. Roode and ECIII team up after Roode got eliminate to eliminate Bully Ray.  Gunner goes for the Gun Rack on ECIII but Storm hits the superkick to eliminate Gunner. All that were left were EY, ECIII, Storm and Abyss. ECIII and the two other heels go after EY and try to eliminate EY but he comes back before they can. EY get thrown over but hold on with his legs hanging and headscissors ECIII over the top.

EY splashes Abyss and hits the elbow drop. Storm hits him with a DDT before trying to go for a superkick. EY ducks and throws Storm out. So the last two are Abyss and EY. Abyss hits shock treatment and chock slams. EY hits a dropkick and clotheslines Abyss and they both go over but EY holds on and is the new number one contender for the TNA World Championship at TNA Sacrifice. Good match and i'm honestly shocked the EY won but a good choice.

After the match EY goes on the mic and say he know he is a doctor but he did something to his left arm. He calls MVP to come out because he has something to ask him. MVP comes out and he tells MVP he doesn't want to wait till Sacrifice to fight for the championship and he wants to fight for it tonight. MVP tells Magnus who is still sitting at the commentary table that he isn't paying Magnus to do color commentary. MVP announce that the main event will be Magnus (c) vs. Eric Young for the TNA World Championship. Magnus goes crazy and gets in the face of MVP. MVP also announces Abyss would be banned from ringside and if anyone interfered they would be fired on the spot.

Dixie Carter arrives to the Impact Zone and goes into a room Spud had all decorated. Dixie wasn't happy and tells him she doesn't have the time for this. Dixie tells him that he turned on her because he is working for MVP. Spud tries to explain to her but she walks out. We hear a knock at the door and Spud opened it thinking it was her but nope it was Willow. He goes crazy but we couldn't see what happened because I guess the camera dropped.

Next was a number one contender for the Knockout Championship. It was Gail Kim vs. ODB vs. Brittany vs. Angelina Love with Velvet Sky. Brittany starts out by kicking Kim and ODB then clotheslining Love to the outside. ODB and Brittany go out it then Brittany hits Kim with an elbow. Love ends up clotheslining Brittany. Love went for the pins but ODB broke it up. ODB splashes both Love and ODB and goes for the bronco buster. Ending came when it was only Kim and Love in the ring and Sky sprays Kim in the eyes with hairspray and Love rolls her up for the win.

Backstage Dixie Carter and MVP bumped into each other. Dixie says this is her building and she is TNA President. MVP tells her he would kick her out. Dixie tells him he didn't earn anything and she was here to call out an unhappy wrestler that caused her operation at wrestling and she was going to deal with him. Also she told MVP he should join her ringside to see what happens and then she would deal with MVP next.
Dixie Carter comes out to a mix reaction. She called out Bully Ray who comes out to a decent ovation. We here the crowd now chanting "we don't like her." Bully Ray points this out to her. She then points out he was outsmarted by Bobby Roode a few weeks ago in her office. She also reminded everyone the last week Roode put Bully through not one table, not two but three tables. Bully responds by saying he is still standing. Dixie asked him why he double crossed her since she paid him a big sum of money. Bully told her she needed to remember the saying "Don't Trust Anyone." He tells her all the money she gave him he spent. She slapped the mic out of his hands and told him he should know who she is. She then slaps him in the face. Bully gets all pissed and gets in her face. Roode comes out and attacks Bully. Dixie tells Roode to get the table and he sets it up. Bully comes back and punches him a few times and tries to powerbomb him but Roode escapes. Dixie is still in the ring and Bully turns his attention to her and she begs him not to do anything as they go to a commercial break. This was a weird way for them to end the segment.

Back from commercial break and we saw Dixie in the back and Magnus comes up to her. He asks her why she didn't come to see him when she arrived. She tells him she was only her for business and she is going home. She told him her plans are no concerned to him since he was telling people he doesn't need her. Magnus asked her what was this really all about and she went crazy on him and tells him he says he never needed her so he would be all a lone for the main event and leaves.

Main event for the TNA World Heavyweight Championship was next which was Magnus (c) vs. Eric Young. Magnus begins by taunting EY but EY ends up drop kicking him. EY goes to hit a moonsault but Magnus moves and his a running knee. This made EY to hitting the floor and Magnus went for the injured arm. Magnus puts EY in a sleeper hold which he transforms  into the camel clutch but EY reverses it into a n electric chair drop. Mangus comes back and hits the Mag Daddy Drive and looks like Magnus was going to retain buy EY kicks out at two. EY went for a Death Valley Driver but Magnus low blows then Magnus went for another pin but two count. EY hits a piledriver and goes for a pin and get the three count wins the TNA World Heavyweight Championship.

This was a good twist because no one expect EY to with the championship. But I do have to say I hope TNA didn't do this to compare themselves to WWE since Daniel Bryan winning the WWE World Heavyweight Championship this past Sunday at WrestleMania. Both guys are crowd favorites and both were storied lined with two match in the same night and injured arm.

Before Friday Night Smackdown begins we see an In Memory of Warrior. We here Michael Cole say that this Monday on Raw it would be a tribute show for The Ultimate Warrior.

John Cena comes out to start Smackdown this week. He talks about all the events that happened this week especially during WrestleMania. He even talks about the fans rewriting his theme music during his match with Bray Wyatt. He says he is the measuring stick and everyone has to go through him to do it. The Wyatt Family cuts him off on the screen. Harper says Cena had gave them more time to hurt him and everyone should embrace Bray gift. Bray says he doesn't feel any pain since he is different and even through he lost to Cena he can't stop smiling. Bray  says he say something in Cena's eyes and Cena needs a final push and Bray will do anything even going extreme ways to do it. So we all can say that this feud is going to be happening till Extreme Rules.

Big Show vs. Cesaro with Paul Heyman was the first match of the show. Cesaro was introduced by Heyman and he came out to no music. Show started by tackling Cesaro and hits a shoulder block. Cesaro goes to the outside and Heyman is on commentary and we hear Heyman tell Cesaro to get back in there and gives him advice. He goes back in Cesaro applies a sleeperhold but Show slams him in the corner and went for a splash. Cesaro goes for a swing but Swagger comes out and attacks Cesaro for a DQ. Show throws Swagger outside. He tells Swagger he didn't need his help and Cesaro hits an uppercut from behind and then another uppercut off the ropes. He then hits the Neturalizer before leaving with Heyman. The crowd was confuse and not sure if they should cheer for Cesaro.

A rematch from this past Monday of the returning RVD vs. Damien Sandow. RVD hits a few strikes and then rolling thunder. He then dropkicks Sandow outside and he goes for a moonsault but Sandow moved and hit RVD. He throws RVD into the barricade then throws him back into the ring. Sandow went for suplex but RVD shoved him and hit the Five Star Frog Splash for the win. I don't remember the last time Sandow won a match.

WWE Hall of Famer Hulk Hogan comes out to a big ovation and he introduces the new WWE World Heavyweight Champion Daniel Bryan (Hogan was doing the YES chant) who also comes out to a big ovation. Bryan said that this week was the greatest of his life between getting married this week, winning WWE World Heavyweight Championship and his dream came true just standing in the same ring with Hulk Hogan. He talks about all of Hogan accomplishments and he tells them to play Hogan music and they do Hogan pose. The WWE Universe went crazy during this whole thing. 

The next match was Bad News Barrett vs. Kofi Kingston. Barrett calls for decorum so he could give some bad news but Kingston goes after him. Barrett punches him in the head. Barrett throws Kingston into the corner but Kingston springboards back at Barrett. Barrett goes for the Bullhammer but Kingston ducks and hits the boomdrop and then goes for Trouble of Paradise but Barrett hits him with the Bullhammer for the win.

The main event of WWE World Heavyweight Champion Daniel Bryan and the Tag Team Champions The Usos vs. Kane, Randy Orton and Batista was next. Jimmy starts out by chopping Batista and kicks him. Batista comes back with a spinebuster. He tags Orton in and he kicks Jimmy in the injured ribs. Kane gets tagged in the hits Jimmy in the corner. Jimmy tags in Jey but quickly Orton puts him in a waistlock then dropkicks him. Kane slams him head first onto the mat. The heels controlled most of the match. Jey finally makes a tag to Bryan. Bryan send Kane to the outside and hits a suicide dive. Orton and Batista go after him but The Usos both his suicide dives on them. The referee called for the bell so there was no winner.
After the match Kane throws Bryan into the barricade then Batista and Orton attack the Usos. Orotn hits a RKO onto Jey while Kane takes a part the announce table. Batista hits the Batista bomb on Jimmy. They were about to put Bryan through the table but The Shield comes out for the save and attack Kane. Orton and Batista walk out on Kane and start to walk up the ramp. Bryan kits the running knee and he tell The Shield to hit the triple powerbomb  and they do. Bryan and the Shield have a stare down with Orton and Batista as Bryan does the YES chant to end Smackdown.

Remember this Monday is a special Raw. It will a special tribute for the late WWE Hall of Famer The Ultimate Warrior.


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