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The Reyes Countdown #9 Week Of 5/21/14

By: Reyes

Hey Comic Book fans! This is a series where I (Jay Reyes) review every book I got in one week and pick my favorite.

Batman Eternal #7 (Number 10 and Worst Pick of The Week)

This week’s comics were not all that bad, and for the most part I enjoyed all of them. But this issue was quite bad. Seeing Catwoman and Penguin in the same room together is cool because it reminds me of Batman Returns but other than that I really didn't find this issue all too entertaining. The pacing and the story have just been so off for this series and I hope that this just gets better. This is the only Scott Snyder book I’m not really feeling at all.

Original Sin #2 (Number 9)

This issue just didn't work for me, I love the fact that the real Nick Fury is back and I love the use of Z-List Characters but the story isn't really clicking for me yet. I really want to enjoy this event but I can’t get into it. The art’s great though so that's something right? Out of the two big event books that came out this week this just seemed mediocre in nature.

Uncanny X-men #21 (Number 8)

This book wasn't all that bad actually, but I just have a bland feeling while reading it. I really like that Cyclops might be getting a second chance with the Jean Grey School and I’m hoping that with the future death of Wolverine that Cyclops and his X-Men can merge. The only problems I had with this issue were with the writing, I hated how stupid Storm was depicted because it was so painfully obvious that Cyke was not in control of his powers and does she really think that he would just attack the school at all, I’m just so done with Schism at this point that it’s painfully hard to read some of the x books. I really love Bachalo’s art and I hope he continues to draw for this series but other than that I might just hold off on reading this series for a bit..

Supergirl #31 (Number 7)

This issue wasn't bad but it wasn't amazing either it was just solid. I liked the art but I felt like there were a lot of boring spells or at least things that I didn't care about. The parts that involved what was going on with Supergirl’s supporting cast on Earth really didn't appeal to me at all. The only parts I actually enjoyed were the Red Lantern parts and that came in a few short scattered pieces. This issue got me excited for the next issue of Red Lanterns.

Batman and Frankenstein #31 (Number 6)

Another solid issue that kept me interested and had me wanting for the next issue. Damian is by far my favorite Robin so I’m actually find myself rooting for Ra’s Al Ghul to resurrect Damian. The continued unusual pairings in this series are fun and I hope they continue, I very much enjoyed the tension between Frankenstein and Batman since their last real encounter made Batman look like a giant @$$#ole. I’m hoping that the next issue is even better than this issue.

Sinestro #2  (Top 5!)

Sinestro is by far one of my favorite DCU villains of all time up there with Joker and Lex but I really like the approach they're taking with him. This issue starts directly where last issue ended with Sinestro’s Green Lantern daughter captured by Akrillo. (SPOILER ALERT Highlight To Read) Of Course Sinestro can’t allow this and Akrillo is dispatch a little too easy in my opinion. I get that Sinestro is supposed to be the Mike Tyson of the Yellow Lanterns but I would have liked the fight to be a bit more challenging. The art for this book is freaking great and fits the tone perfectly. Cullen Bunn also continues to amaze me and this isn't the only book that he’s on that is in my Top 5.

Magneto #4 (Number 4)

The other Cullen Bunn penned comic on this list is Magneto #4. I feel like every time Magneto and Sinestro come out they’re in my Top 5 and Cullen Bunn deserves some props for making a series about two major villains of their respective universes too damn good. You feel Magneto’s struggle in this issue and you see the hardship in his face. The art is also really great in this issue Javier Fernandez draws a mean Magneto. The violence in this series is phenomenal and this issue captured it perfectly when Magneto uses barbed wire in a very interesting way.

Invincible #111 (Number 3)

I have not read a single issue of this event and after reading this issue I need to catch up because this was a blast. The action was incredible and I was super shocked that I even liked this because I bought it on a whim. The only real problem I had with this issue was the fact that I was lost and kind of confused throughout the whole issue, I get that the 111 thing is a joke but I really wanted to know what happened to before so I guess I’ll be getting trades.

Justice League #30 (Number 2)

The delay of Justice League and Forever Evil has really hurt DC as of late, but the wait was well worth it because I had a crap ton of fun reading the ending of Forever Evil. The now redeemed Lex Luthor is going to have to jump through hoops to get the Justice League to trust him but thank god he’s a billionaire and he can just make them a new Watchtower in space. I loved this issue for many reasons and it has all to do with the ego maniacal man himself Lex Luthor. I really can’t wait to see how this turns out because Lex gets what he wants eventually and I don’t think Superman would appreciate being on the same team as Lex but the Big Blue Man of Steel has to get over it. I honestly found nothing wrong with this issue and I liked it a lot.

Forever Evil #7 (Number 1 and Best Pick of The Week)

What I said for Justice League #30 pretty much goes for this issue as well except I liked this better. Forever Evil went on for forever but now that forever is finally over the DCU has to move on with what has occurred in this issue. (SPOILER ALERT Highlight To Read) Nightwing is dead and Dick Grayson lives, Lex Luthor has a Robin ala Ted Kord, and the Anti-Monitor is going to Curb stomp the new 52. In all this event was very well done in my opinion and I look forward to re-reading it on a later date. 

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