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At the Movies with Jay and Kat: August 2014 Movies "Comic and Young Adult Book Adaptations"

Kat and Jay are both TV/Movie junkies, and wanted to team up on a feature every month to share their thoughts on upcoming movies. Check out Kat and Jay's thoughts on the key movies coming out in August. August has some big movies coming out like Guardians of the GalaxyTeenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, and The Giver.

August 1st 

Guardians of the Galaxy

Kat's Thoughts: This is not just one of my most anticipated movies of the summer, but the year. As a comic book fan I really want Guardians of The Galaxy to do well. If this movie does well that can make a lot of lesser known heroes get their own movies also. 

Jay's Thoughts: I am really looking forward to this movie as well. I have always enjoyed the Guardians of The Galaxy and to see them brought to the screen is just going to be awesome. I want to see Rocket and Groot the most, and how Marvel is going to tie it into what is going on in their other movies. I also think this is going to be the movie that rockets (no pun intended) Chris Pratt's career even further.

Get On Up

Jay's Thoughts: The Godfather of Soul gets his story told. I enjoy these types of movies that look at the road to fame of classic singers like Elvis, Richie Valens, Ray Charles, etc but I don't think summer is the best spot for them. I think this should have came out around before or after the summer. Summer movies are either the big romance, big comedy, big drama, or big action, that is the audience so while I will watch this because I like these types of movies I think it would do better in a different month like April/May or even September. 

August 8th

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles

Kat's Thoughts: I am not a big TMNT fan. I always say it must have skipped my generation, but I feel their pain. I know a lot of fans are hesitant about the movie because Michael Bay is directing it. He hasn't done a beauty on the Transformers franchise. I hope for all of the TMNT fans out there that this can be a surprise hit for you. 

Jay's Thoughts: I grew up reading and watching two vastly different versions of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles so I am a bit more open to the change since I seen various aspects of it. I still am not crazy on what this movie is doing to them. I don't mind that they are big and muscular, but the way they dress and the faces I think throw me off as well as Shredder being a white guy. But I will give it a shot.

Into the Storm

Kat's Thoughts: When is Hollywood going to get tired of found footage films? NEVER! They love these type of films because they are cheap to make and people go and see them. This at least looks a little different from the Blaire Witch Project type found footage films we have been getting since that movie came out. This may fall under an original found footage film like Chronicle. Lets hope they don't make 5 sequels in five years if this does well.   

The Hundred Foot Journey 

Jay's Thoughts: This seems like one of those movies that start off with two opposite people who dislike each other for being different then in the end come together because of what they have in common. It looks like a fun movie, one you can watch on a date, but not sure if it is worth seeing in theaters.

August 13th

Let's Be Cops

Jay's Thoughts: This is one of those "dumb fun" movies, not in a bad way just that they do dumb things and it is funny. I was laughing at some parts here. This is the next generation Wayans movie with Damon Wayans Jr. starring as one of the guys who goes to a costume party as a cop and enjoys the power when people mistake them for real cops. I will be seeing this one for sure.

August 15th

The Expendables 3

Jay's Thoughts: I never seen the first two Expendables movies and I probably won't see the third. I like action movies and I have seen all the classic movies these men have been in, but lets face it most of them are past their prime. I think I would have loved these movies 20 years ago though.

The Giver

Kat's Thoughts: I read The Giver in grammar school. So, it been a while since I read the book, but still curious about the movie adaptation. Visually this can be a great movie. The main character in the beginning of the movie only sees in black and white, but learns how to see other colors from the Giver. 

But I have a gut feeling that this may be one of the many young adult novel adaptations that fail. 

Jay's Thoughts: Unlike Kat, I never had to read this book for school, because I was pretty much done with school when it came out. But my nephews had to read it and I read it then, I even still have the book. I like seeing movies that are based on certain books and this one had an original concept so I will check it out. 

August 22

If I Stay

Kat's Thoughts: This is a film I am looking forward to this month. Yes it is another Young Adult novel, but Chloe Moretz being in the film may sell this film for movie goers. She is an up and coming star that people will rush to the movie theaters to see. Another reason people may see this over The Giver is because it's not another dystopian young adult novel adaptation. We are actually in this girl's mind through out most of the movie while she is in a comma. Seems original enough. 

Sin City A Dame To Kill For

Kat's Thoughts: I have not seen the original Sin City, but I do have it on Blu Ray. So, hope to see it before this movie comes out. If I like it I will probably go see this movie. 

Jay's Thoughts: Like Kat I own the 1st movie, but i haven't watched it yet either, and like her I plan on watching it before I watch the 2nd one. The third one is already plotted so I will have to make some time soon to watch it. 

When The Game Stands Tall

Jay's Thoughts: High School Football is HUGE in America, and depending on the area it can be a great past time with enthusiastic fans to something bigger than any religion throughout history. This story is inspired by true events and tells about a team that faces their first loss in 12 years the impact that it has on the team, and the community. I'm going to go see this movie for sure I like these movies.

  August 29th

As Above, So Below

Jay's Thoughts: This movie on the surface looks like the typical shock movie but I think it is more of a psychological thriller because these people are in the catacombs of Paris that are hundreds years old and seem to have entered the "Gates of Hell" and it seems like their own personal hell as each one seems to be experiencing something from their past. It has me interested.


Kat's Thoughts: This looks like another generic Grudge like movie to end the summer. I am tired of these type of movies. Their purpose is to scare thirteen year old children with pop up scenes. I will be skipping this one. 

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