Saturday, July 26, 2014

SDCC: Comic Uno Roundup - Day 2

Kat Comic Uno couldn't make it to Comic-Con International: San Diego this year, so she decided she will do what she does when she can't, which is roundup all the news each and everyday and give her thoughts on everything that came out. So welcome to the SDCC 2014 Comic Uno Roundup Day 2

Comic-Con News:
  • Kraken Main Villain for Agents of Shield Season 2
  • Mockingbird will be in Agents of Shield
  • New Angela Series
  • The Amazing Spider-man #8 will have Mayday
  • Mighty Avengers Relaunched as Captain America and the Mighty Avengers
  • Firefly Cast will reprise their roles for Online video game
  • Joaquin Phoenix in Talks with Marvel to be Doctor Strange
  • The Walking Dead Season 5 Trailer
  • Scarlet Spiders Spider-Verse Mini Announced With Ultimate Jessica Drew, Ben Reilly, & Kaine
  • Arrow Season 3 Trailer

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