Saturday, July 26, 2014

SDCC: WWE Past Experience And Inspiration Brings A Comic Book To Life

By: Michael Ventura

SDCC: WWE Past Experience And Inspiration Brings A Comic Book To Life

From Comic-Con International: San DiegoShane Riches is going to be working a comic book arc he is calling Legends. Drawing from inspiration of the 80’s Marvel Secret Wars and cooperating with WWE (World Wrestling Entertainment) Hall of Famer, Mick Fole. Riches is joined by artist and veteran comics illustrator, Paris Cullins.

CBR Reported in an interview with Shane Riches that since the debut of the comic book series WWE Superstars, (which debuted last December) He had talked about a new comic book he is working on that is related to a current WWE based comic. Riches spoke about how it will appealed to fans.  His intentions for writing this comic book series started when he was a little kid watching WWE Wrestling and how he watched live matches and met wrestlers at those events.  He goes on to talk about how he compares this comic book series to the classic 1984 Marvel Comics event Secret Wars, which he read about a year ago. When he read Secret Wars it made a really huge impact on him, inspiring him to do crossovers in comic books.  With the suggestion of Mick Foley to do a WWE Legends storyline he took a big leap of faith to write this comic book crossover event. 

The biggest part of the news for me is when Mr. Riches wanted to add dream matches to the comic book that never happened in real life WWE Wrestling  saying, “The dream matches are the main reason for this book’s existence.” That really stood out to me. However, it’s not just fighting each other, it’s also WWE superstars working together and how they found themselves on a “Battleground” planet as well as how to get out of this mess.  Mostly, Mr. Riches wants to add his personal WWE favorites (and he has a ton of them), but the hardest part for him to do is to put everybody in.

In my opinion, I feel, after hearing what he is going to add to his comic book, that it’s going to be a promising event. With so many different directions Mr. Riches is planning on going on. I want to read this comic book for myself (since I grew up watching WWE also) and see how this series goes.  Not only that, but this will get a lot of people interested in buying and reading this comic book just as this Secret Wars has inspired him to write this.  It’s just amazing how so much past experience and inspiration can get a person to bring a comic book to life that they possibly would never have thought possible.  He hopes to bring a lot of entertainment and a lot of other stuff to the comic book fans in the community.  With that positive attitude and motivation, I’m sure he will do just that.

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