Monday, December 1, 2014

Kat's Pull List for 12/3/14 "Gail Simone Returns to the New 52"

Kat talks about all the comics she is getting this week. Check out what Kat is excited for in this week's pull list.

DC Comics

Batman Eternal #35

Over the past couple of weeks Batman Eternal has improved tremendously. Last week issue 35 was actually in my Top 5. The art is more consistent and the story is getting more momentum. Lets hope the series can stay at this pace. (Exclusive to Comic Uno Episode 75)   

Detective Comics #37

I have been a bit disappointed with Detective Comics. Francis Manapul and Brian Buccellato is one of my favorite creative teams, but I don't think they have found their footing with this series yet. Hopefully this story arc will change my opinion.   

Earth 2 #29

I am pretty excited to read this issue. The last issue of World End promoted that this issue will focus on Barbara and Dick's story. They are a group of people that I am really interested in learning more about in the Earth 2 universe. 

Earth 2 World's End #9 

Worlds End has been lacking for the past couple of weeks. Hope we can see an improvement with this series. They need to spread out the stories a bit better. (Exclusive to Comic Uno Episode 75)    

Green Arrow #37

I love the new creative team for this series! All we need is Roy and Black Canary than this would be everything I want in a Green Arrow series.

Injustice Gods Among Us Year 3 #5

Injustice Gods Among Us Year 3 has been a pretty solid series, and I can't believe it took me so long to pick up this series again. 

Futures End #31

Just like Batman Eternal, Futures End has also been improving. The series has been spreading its stories better. (Exclusive to Comic Uno Episode 75)   

Secret Six #1

I never read Gail Simone's original Secret Six run, which is still a regret I have to fix, but I am excited to read her New 52 run. Ever since Gail Simone left Batgirl I have felt there has been something missing from the New 52. I hope Secret Six can fill this void.


Weapon X Program #3

Weapon X has some potential. These characters have sparked my interest. I want to see where this series goes.   

Hulk #9

This is another series that I regret not getting from the beginning. There hasn't been a good Hulk series in years, but I am glad that this series is changing things. An added plus is that Kitty Pryde is guest starring in this issue. Very excited to read this!  

Legendary Star Lord #6

Legendary Star Lord has been a bit bland. The only reason I am still picking this up is because Kitty Pryde has a recurring role in the series. But I am still debating about dropping this soon.  


Tales of Terror #5 

Tales of Terror is one of Zenescope's creepiest series and it works. I like that every issue is a one shot so you don't have to be dedicated to the series. (Exclusive to Comic Uno Episode 75) 


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