Wednesday, December 24, 2014

The 12 Days Of Media Mad-Mas: 11th Day - T'Was The Night Before Christmas!

Every week Kat and I do the Media ((((Madness)))) Vidcast, and we are always asked about music, but music if very genre specific, except Christmas music! So I thought I would do an article a day, for 12 days on some of my favorite Christmas songs, but it didn't seem enough, so I thought I would go full Media  ((((Madness)))) on it and explore some of my favorite Christmas Songs, Movies, TV Episodes, and Animated Specials! Each day from now until Christmas I will be sharing some of my favorites, some will be fun, some will be classic, and some days will be sentimental. Also keep an eye out for Chibi Jay, and enjoy The 12 Days Of Media Mad-Mas: 11th Day - T'Was The Night Before Christmas!

For the The 12th Day of Media Mad-Mas I decided to go across the board with some classics, and some modern enjoyments. I hope you enjoy my picks today!

Santa On The Rooftop – Trisha Yearwood & Rosie O'Donnell

This song is one of my favorites, the fun upbeat playfulness of it screams the joy of a child at Christmas. How many kids "heard" Santa on the roof? We all had that moment where we stayed up to catch him. This song is great to bring back those memories.

Single Santa Seeking Mrs. Claus
Meet The Santas

This movie is about a woman whose husband dies leaving her a single mom, and her faith in love dies with him. She dives into her work. Her son still believes in Santa and magic despite her trying to convince him the opposite. He writes a letter to Santa asking him to help his mom find true love again and it just so happens that St. Nick's son Nick is about to take over as Santa but has to find a Mrs. Claus by Christmas Eve, and she has to believe. As a bonus I am posting the sequel Meet The Santas.

The Big Bang Theory – Season 6 – Episode 11 – The Santa Simulation

Sheldon doesn't like Santa, and never got into the Christmas Spirit. Leonard decides to host a game of Dungeons and Dragons, and to get Sheldon into the spirit he makes it a Christmas themed one. The guys are surprised by Sheldon getting into the game, but then we find out why he doesn't like Santa or Christmas. I love this episode it is fun but heart touching

Santa Claus Is Coming To Town

This is a classic animated special telling the story about Santa Claus using a lot of the historical facts about Saint Nicholas. This also explores a lot of the other traditions that center around Christmas. 

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