Friday, April 3, 2015

At The Movies With Jay And Kat: April 2015 "A Lot Of Period Pieces"

Kat and Jay are both TV/Movie junkies, and wanted to team up on a feature every month to share their thoughts on upcoming movies. Check out Kat and Jay's thoughts on the key movies coming out in April. April has some big movies coming out like Furious 7, The Longest Ride, and The Age of Adaline.

April 3rd

Furious 7

Kat's Thoughts: I have only seen 1 or 2 of the Fast and Furious movies and that's been enough for me. This franchise is a bit repetitive and if you've seen one of them you've seen them all. But with the sad death of Paul Walker I am interested in seeing how they will honor him because he was such a big part of the franchise.  

Jay's Thoughts: This movie looks really good from the trailer, and like Kat I am curious how they work the death of Paul Walker into the movie. 

April 10th

The Longest Ride

Kat's Thoughts: The Longest Ride is another Nicholas Sparks movie that looks exactly like his other books turned into films. I've seen a few Nicholas Sparks' films in the past but the only one I really like is A Walk to Remember. I am tired of his stories at this point because they are all the same, and they have pretty passive female characters. The only positive thing I see with this film is Britt Robertson. I think she is a pretty good actress and she may be able to hold this movie. 

April 17th


Kat's Thoughts: Unfriended is a horror movie using social media to tell it's story, which I have seen a couple of TV shows do in the past, most recently Modern Family. After watching the trailer I think the format of the film is unique but the story seems to lack substance. I am going to skip this movie. 

Jay's Thoughts: I agree with Kat on here while the cinematography is something new to film, the overall feel is lacking. Plus don't we already have a social media psycho with "A" from Pretty Little Liars? I think that is far better acting and execution than this. 

 Child 44

Jay's Thoughts: This movie looks intense, and interesting. I am a sucker for a mystery and a thriller and this seems like it might be both. I am going to give this movie a shot, but Gary Oldman in here keeps throwing me off in that uniform it reminds me of him in Friends, and I keep waiting for him to spit when he talks LOL.

Paul Bart: Mall Cop 2

Kat's Thoughts: I loved Kevin James in King of Queens, but in most recent years he hasn't picked the best movies to star in. Paul Bart: Mall Cop did pretty well in the box office, and that's why it's getting a sequel. But from what I've seen of the film series it seems pretty childish. I am going to skip this one.  

Jay's Thoughts: I agree with Kat that this is childish, but so was American Pie, sometimes you need those dumb movies that just make you laugh and this trailer had me laughing. Him fighting the bird, and even him punching the old lady had me cracking up. I am going to see this one.

Monkey Kingdom

Jay's Thoughts: I am not a National Geographic, or Discovery Channel guy, I know a lot of guys that are, but I am not. I am also not the type of guy who goes to a theater to see a documentary, so I am skipping this just as I did the previous Disneynature Documentaries.

April 24th

The Age of Adaline

Kat's Thoughts: I saw the trailer for this movie when I saw the Duff and it intrigued me. Blake Lively plays a woman who can't age and she finally wants to find love. This looks like a fun supernatural romance movie. I am going to try and see this in theaters. This is probably the only movie I will see in theaters this month.

Little Boy

Jay's Thoughts: This movie looks really good. I am a sucker for those inspirational movies, especially if it is about a boy and his father. I am going to see this one.

The Water Deviner

Jay's Thoughts: Another father son movie, and Russel Crowe is an actor I really enjoy. I will check this one out as well.

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