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Evil Eye Comics Review: Savior #1

Savior #1 Review
 By: Chris, Evil Eye Comics

After reading the solicitation for Savior before it was published, I knew it was going to be a series that, if done well, I would not only immensely enjoy but would also have to take a good amount of thought to fully understand.  About a person of unknown origin who shows up on earth with powers that resemble something from the Bible, Savior asks the question, what if God comes to earth but he’s not who he’s supposed to be? He doesn’t know who he is or how he got his powers, so what exactly is he? I found this to be an extremely interesting premise and my expectations were sent sky high.

After reading Savior #1, written by Todd McFarlane and Brian Holguin and drawn by Clayton Crain, I’m convinced that this story is going to be a fun ride. It begins with a scene in Kansas where we see a news reporter setting up outside of a courthouse, surrounded by a crowd that seems to be divided between raucous protest and solemn support. Divided as they may be, everyone is waiting for one man in particular to arrive at the courthouse. When he does, we realized that he, in particular, is the sole source of both the crowd’s ire and support. As the man makes his way into the courthouse, with insults and requests being thrown chaotically all around him, the news reporter is trying to ask him a question when suddenly, one single gunshot rings out through the air, blood smears the reporter’s face and the scene ends. We are then thrown six months back into the past, where we see the disastrous event that brought the man walking into the courthouse to this small town in Kansas

The first thing I noticed after picking up this issue was Clayton Crain’s art. Simply put, it’s amazing. Hyper-realistic, with just a hint of cartoonish-ness, the art style is perfect for conveying this particular type of story. It’s bright and crisp in the beginning to provide you with a feeling of safety yet dark and hazy to truly convey the sense of disaster when needed later on. There’s not much else to say other than you need to see it for yourself, it is truly a sight to behold.

Interestingly enough, Savior #1 didn’t seem to contain many of the topics brought up in its solicitation. I’m still not totally sure who the “savior” is, nobody had special powers, and there wasn’t evidence of any divine elements. If I had any complaints about this issue, it is that I would have liked to have seen at least some allusion to these aspects promised in the solicitation. That being said, I’m sure they will come to the forefront and be fleshed out in the future. For the time being though, Savior #1 was a very good set-up for the series and I will be eagerly awaiting the next issue.

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