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At the Movies with Jay and Kat: July 2015 "Ant Man Shrinks into Theaters"

Kat and Jay are both TV/Movie junkies, and wanted to team up on a feature every month to share their thoughts on upcoming movies. Check out Kat and Jay's thoughts on the key movies coming out in July. July has some big movies coming out like Ant Man,  Terminator Genisys, and Paper Towns.

July 1st

Terminator Genisys

Kat's Thoughts: I'm not a huge fan of the Terminator franchise but after watching the first trailer I became pretty excited to watch the movie. I have been staying away from spoilers because I want to get the fullest from this film. I think this can be a fun summer blockbuster. 

Jay's Thoughts: I saw the 1st trailer and was excited, saw the 2nd and was pissed so, do not watch the 2nd trailer. It spoiled the whole big twist for me. But after seeing Arnold on Jimmy Fallon I am somewhat excited again and decided to see it in the theater. 

Magic Mike XXL

Jay's Thoughts: Really Kat? Ok for those that don't know some behind the scenes info Kat usually preps these articles and puts in her comments on certain movies and the rest she leaves to me. So again Really Kat? I mean the girl with the shirtless guy behind her leaves me with this movie? And no I will not be seeing this movie LOL. Nothing against the actors, directors, etc I just have no interest in seeing a stripper movie. But for the Ellen fans out there Twitch and Nick the Gardner have roles in this movie. 

July 10th


Kat's Thoughts: The first Despicable Me movie was heart warming and cute. The second film left less to be desired. A Minions movie might be milking the franchise a little bit too much, but I want to give this film an honest try so I am going to probably see this in theaters.  

Jay's Thoughts: I love the Minions I am going to see this in the theaters and will most likely do so with my nephew who also loves them.

The Gallows

Jay's Thoughts: I am really over the horror franchise. The "found footage" style is the worst. I want something new and original, or at least something good. I love horror movies but they are usually a Halloween thing for me, but all of these out of season horror movies for me need something to bring me in to the theater and lately none have.


Jay's Thoughts: This movie is interesting to me. In a world where everyone is obsessed with looking younger, living longer, being immortal this is a cool twist on the costs of that. I will see it in theaters.

July 17th


Kat's Thoughts: I haven't heard much about this film, but I thinks its great that Amy Schumer is becoming more popular. If this gets good reviews I might give this movie a try. I haven't seen a good comedy in awhile. 


Kat's Thoughts: Of course I am excited to see this movie it's a Marvel superhero movie, but I know a lot of fans are skeptical about this film ever since Edgar Wright left. But I am still excited to see Ant-Man. I am a sucker for an origin story and we haven't seen one in a while from Marvel. I also think there is a lot of possibility for great girl power in this film. It's been confirmed that Wasp will be in the movie and I still have hopes that Cassie will take somewhat of an active role in her father's origin story. I want to see hints of Stature DAMMIT! 

Jay's Thoughts: Hell yeah! This is a no brainer. I have seen every comic book movie ever made! I know I am still a bit iffy on the execution, but they made Guardians of The Galaxy badass so I can't wait to see what they do with Ant-Man. I just wished it was Hank Pym

July 24th


Kat's Thoughts: This movie has a really cool concept. Video game characters coming to life and destroying New York City. So the best gamers have to save the day. Even though this is a fun concept, I am worried about the cast. Adam Sandler hasn't made a good movie in a while and neither has Kevin James

Paper Towns

Kat's Thoughts: I really enjoyed Fault in Our Stars last year and I really like John Green's work. So I am very excited about Paper Towns. It looks like a great teen mystery and all I have heard is good things about the book. I will hopefully be seeing this opening weekend. 

July 31st

Mission Impossible: Rogue Nation

Kat's Thoughts: I have never really seen any of the Mission Impossible movies, but they look fun with cool stunts. But probably will skip this one. 


Jay's Thoughts: I am a sucker for a good family driven drama, and a good sports drama, so this is a double punch (pun intended) score for me. I have been a fan of Jake Gyllenhaal ever since Donnie Darko,which I own like 4 different copies of. The guy is a phenominal actor that is often overlooked by most. This is an in theater see for me!

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