Friday, July 31, 2015

Comic Related: Live Long And Prosper

Comic Related is closing shop. I found Comic Related through Dark Avenger Inc, when I was just a viewer. From there I met Brant Fowler one of the co-owners of the site and I am proud to count him among my friends. I never had the pleasure to meet John Wilson or Chuck Moore yet, but I have gotten to know them through their articles, Zone 4 shows, and Brant.

Comic Related and the 3 wise men behind it were always supportive of not just Comic Frontline but other sites and reviewers in the community giving them a vehicle to let their voices be heard and by the article that have been popping up all over where people say farewell to a site in a day when the net has become so cold and impersonal, that these people took time to write a farewell, upload a video goodbye, tweeted, posted on Facebook, and all the other social medias out there show that Comic Related is far beyond other cold corporate sites. It was a place where friendships and even family ties were forged and will forever last.

But as Star Trek: The Next Generation taught us, All Good Things End, so must Comic Related. But one ending just opens up for a new beginning and each one of these gentlemen are entering new exciting chapters in their lives.

Chuck Moore did an awesome job with his Comic-Con International:San Diego this year for CompleteSet. But that will be the least exciting adventure he is about to embark on as he will also be getting married. Chuck is about to enter a new journey of which I wish him the best in both professional and personal lives. 

John Wilson though has said goodbye not just to Comic Related but also to Zone 4, where he will be missed greatly. His contributions to both were substantial, but again he too is moving on to another passion of his, writing. John is the talented writer behind Last Ember PressPneumatic Cases, and co-writer on Fireside Tales. I have reviewed both books on Comic Frontline and I loved them. John has an amazing talent that I look forward to seeing more.

Then there is Brant, the one man for whom I know personally. Brant Fowler is quite possibly the best person I have met in a very long time. The guy is humble, polite, and generous. He actually makes me want to be a better person. It is no surprise though that the busiest man online will not be moving on from Comic Related without other projects to fill that void. Professionally he has his lettering and various comic duties he does as a freelancer. But for the same heart and soul you got to witness through Comic Related and even Comic Frontline Brant, along with Lisa Moore, and John Wilson are launching a brand new comic studio, Last Ember Press. Now we have promoted them and you can find links all over the site for it, and we do that not because Brant is a friend but because we honestly believe and enjoy the work coming out of LEP. Brant will be doing lettering for a lot of the titles out of the company as well as writing a few titles himself.

I have one request for anyone who may come across this article, that is please go check out them out, follow them and watch these three men who through comics became friends and brothers in their future endeavors.

Whether you were a staff writer or contributor, Comic Related treated you all the same, like your voice was just as important as anyone else and that is why those voices are uniting to say, so long, farewell, auf wiedersehen, goodbye, but I will let my Star Trek Geek out once again and instead say Live Long And Prosper!

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  1. This was a great article Jay. Truly from the heart comic Related will be missed.

  2. This was a great article Jay. Truly from the heart comic Related will be missed.