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Rapid Fire reviews, with some Tumblr references.

Hi! My name's Mimi and here's my reviews for; The Flash season zero #11, Red Skull #2, Ms. Marvel #17, Guardians Team Up #9, Giant Sized Little Marvel Avengers VS X-Men #3, Civil War #2, This Damned Band #1, Outcast #11,  Robyn Hood #13 and Dark Corridor #1!

Ms. Marvel #17

The Flash season zero #11 Barry feels, I feel them already.
Well I don't know about you but this filled me with Barry feels. Almost as much as the TV show, so nice job writers! The art threw me off a bit but I did like it. It's just now what I expected. I found it cute that it had Captain Cold and Heat Wave in it, because it's not like we don't already know these boys are going to star in DC's Legends of Tomorrow. But I digress.

''Sorry Snart. Heater's broken.''
''The cold suits me just fine.''
Also an ice cold beer for Captain Cold and a fireball whiskey for Heat Wave. Har, har, har. You can't resist the puns can you team?

I love that this was a two part thing. I love that I didn't have to wait for part 2. As someone who is really bad at Math I appreciate characters that are so calculated as Captain Cold.

Over all these two piece gave me a lot of Legends of Tomorrow feelings. It made me more pumped for the TV show even though the wait is for a lot longer than The Flash's return in October.

What I liked most: The crazy art style, it really did grow on me. It was very simple.
What I disliked: So. Many. Puns. I loved it but also was tired of it at the same time.
Rating: 3.5 out of 5


It's also so ironic that Red Skull and Magneto were working together this issue. And how many times Magneto said he should have been left to die. I kind of wanted to take a shot of my morning water every time he said that. You know I'd be pretty damn hydrated by the end of the issue if I did that. No pun intended for hydrated I swear.

This issue was a good 2nd issue. It lived up to the high stakes that were set in issue #1 last month and really high lighted Red Skull in an interesting light. It was however, hard for me to take him seriously thanks to that freaking guy who chopped off his nose to resemble Red Skull back in February. So, minus that horrifying image inside my head most of this issue, I throughly enjoyed it. It lived up to my expectations but I really hoped my favorite's wouldn't die. Silly me for thinking that. I'm thinking they will be back, somehow throughout this series though. I mean come on, it is Marvel.

The coloring and overall art in this issue still fills me with glee. I hope that continues throughout this series!

What I liked most: Magneto's badassness returning.
What I disliked: Kind of cliche ending.
Rating: 4.5 out of 5

Ms. Marvel is a comic I've been meaning to pick up for awhile but haven't been around to it. Seeing Kamala Khan fangirl over Carol Danvers aka Captain Marvel, was adorable. I would've reacted the way Kamala did to be honest.

Favorite Quotes:
For a minute I am not okay. No duh, Carol Freaking Danvers is standing in front of me just like I always imagined her, only approximately a foot taller. 
You can still help them. You always have a choice. You can't stop what's coming, but you can decide how you meet it. The fate of the world is out of our hands. It always was. But your fate-- what you decide to do right now-- is still up to you. That's what I came here to tell you. The airlifts and the heroes and the money-- they're not coming to Jersey City. You're it, Ms. Marvel. Today is the day you stand up.  
What she's saying weirdly, it makes me think of one of Sheik Abdullah's lectures. We all face the end alone, he said. And we alone have to account for our time on Earth. The good and the bad. ''What will be in the book of your life?'' He would ask. ''How will you be remembered?''
I'm not short! I'm petite!  
I love that Ms. Marvel and Captain Marvel had a heart to heart with saving the kittens and wanting to save everyone. That scene on page 15 really touched me.
I know our job sucks sometimes. Sometimes we have to choose between a bad thing and a worse thing. But you have to remember to take care of yourself. You're important. People need you-- people love you. More than you probably realize.
Who is she?That's Kaboom. Another one of Lineage's little henchpeople. We must be in the right spot.
Well, she's officially ticked me off with this nonsense.
That's her other super-power. 
I really loved the girl power of this comic. Ms. Marvel and Captain Marvel were a great team, especially at the end of the comic. I'm really excited for issue #18 and I really hope it isn't the last issue. I know it's Last Days of Ms. Marvel but I hope it's not within the next few months. I'm hoping it's more than say 20 issues? A girl can dream right?

What I liked most: Badass lady team up and Ms. Marvel fangirling frequently.
What I disliked: AAMIR'S SITUATION!
Rating: 5 out of 5

Guardians Team Up #9: I'M HOOKED ON A FEELING! 
So, the Team Up of this issue is Peter Quill aka Star-Lord, Gamora, the most dangerous woman in the Galaxy, Drax, the destroyer, the mysterious warrior Angelica, Venom, Captain Marvel, Rocket Raccoon and Groot.  Also It's Peter Quill VS Peter Parker. I mean why not?

Nothing like reading a New Years themed comic in August. This was a cute comic that was seriously just Spiderman, Starlord and some Black Cat. Along with 'Sydra' Spiderman based Hydra agents.  I liked the weird gritty, very Mark Waid Hawkeye style art. I think this is a fun comic and will enjoying following it until it's completion. It honestly must be fun for Marvel after a movie is successful they probably sit around and go ''OKAY NOW WE PUT HIM/HER IN EVERYTHING. I DON'T CARE, PUT THE GANG IN THIS SCENE.''

One thing that I seriously enjoy the 'crazy' things they do that's different than other people.

What I liked most: Starlords internal monologue during the ending scene.
What I disliked: It was too short.
Rating: 4.5 out of 5.

Giant Sized Little Marvel Avengers vs X-Men #3 aka LET THE CUTENESS COMMENCE!
I want to own the thing. I want to own key-chains of all of the characters. Seriously, just take my money and let me own key chains of all of the characters.

I'm seriously enjoying this series. The fact both teams were giving the Twins tours was super entertaining for me. The crazy things these kids go through because of the teams is something that would be really funny for an animated movie in my opinion. I love that Tony is just in his little Iron Man suit instead out out normally, Hell, I just love that everyone is in the token costumes they are known for.

Logan/Wolverine popping up inside The Avengers tower to experience Peter's bouncy room of webbing was funny. The ''eye sore'' comment was on point. I usually don't like stories like this but this just makes me so happy while I read it I can't help it but love it. Steve's work out room and being patriotic  also made me smile.

What I liked most:  The way both teams are trying to convince the Twins to join them. Oh and that great ending!
Rating: 5 out of 5.


Like Civil War #1, this comic was chopped full of drama!

Tony and Steve are each trying to figure out who tried to kill the oh so sweet woman from issue #1 that wanted a peace conference meeting between The Iron and The Blue sides of the war. Tony is sleeping with She-Hulk, Steve's trying to keep Peter from infiltrating The Iron, basically, battle lines are crossing, the lines have already been crossed, now the lines are blurring together.  MATT MURDOCK IS DEAD AND I AM SAD. Things are crazy over all and I'm loving it.

I'm still catching up with the original Civil War thanks to money. So, it's nice to get to read this new run at it. I know it's all so Marvel can gain even more money and more promotion for Captain America 3 Civil War, WHICH WE ALL KNOW, DOESN'T NEED ANY PROMOTION. But if RDJ and Chris Evans have a STRONG URGE to do a Dubstep War like Hayley Atwell did with Chole Bennet and Clarke Gregg, NO ONE WOULD COMPLAIN.

What I liked most: Steve being awesome and wanting to keep everyone safe, Tony being sassy and STORM.
Rating: 4.5 out of 5.

This Damned Band #1, Rock and roll man.
''We take our darkly majestic religion very seriously.'' 

Basically it's 1974, a band trips out on mushrooms and they see demons. It was weird and I kind of liked it? The art was very psychedelic and I enjoyed that. It was funny and a super weird comic. I'm not sure if I'll be reading the series every month but I might end up picking up a trade when it's finished. I think it has potential to be some super crazy comic as the series goes on. The band was cool, I thought it was funny about how many groupies they had. It was funny to see the drummer was married and that one of the head groupies kept everyone 'happy'. The comic seemed like a stereotype for the craziness of the 1970's era that I've seen through films and television.

What I liked most: The fact the band is filming a documentary and the lead singer is freaking out about being in character.
What I disliked: The manager.
Rating 3.5

The 'someone' isn't who I thought it was going to be actually. It got WAY WORSE for the lives of the characters in Outcast. SERIOUSLY NO ONE CAN CATCH A BREAK. I know this series is like walking into Game of Thrones, you know it's not going to be a pleasant ride for anyone involved but you watch and read anyways. Because you care for the characters. And the graphics are amazing. For Outcast, it's the same thing. I care for the characters of Outcast even though I am horrible at remembering the names of everyone but Amber the adorable baby girl with a really messed up family to deal with.

This is a comic that I'm really happy Kat got me into many months ago and I'm happy to get to review this series.

What I liked most: The person I thought from issue #10 that would die, didn't die. Yet.
Rating: 4.5 out of 5.

So, I've put off reading this series for awhile. Not Robyn Hood but the Grimm Fairy Tale's series mainly due to me being really sad at how sexualized the ladies are drawn. DESPITE THAT HARD CORE FEELING, I did enjoy this comic. The art kind of won me over in the color aspect and the use of social media in this comic. Seriously a vampire used Instagram to put a photo of someone he killed on the first page.

Nah, you two do your thing. Post-party Robyn is Sleepy Robyn.  If I wake up before the clock strikes noon, I'll turn into a pumpkin. An angry pumpkin intent on killing everything in sight.
I like that it's a gender bent group of Robin Hood and his Merry Men. That made me happy.

She's cute. Marian's squeeze.
And look at you. Shacking up with tall, dark and tyrannical. Helsing and Hades. I guess it has a ring. 
 Robyn's yellow eyed ''I see things looking at people'' thing is cool. I also like that Marian is good at being a witch but apparently made a phone turn into a slug once.

Also liking the fact Helsing is with a vampire named Hades. That just makes me inner Goth very happy. I actually really enjoyed this comic a lot more than I thought I was going to. I went in with super low expectations and came out loving it.

Holy water arrow, pretty cool. Actually, really freaking awesome. Nice job writers/artists!

Also liked the succubus twist. ''I may be a succubus, but I'm also a business woman.''

I kind of really want to either cosplay Liesel Van Helsing or Robyn Locksley. The costumes are stuff I could so piece together.

''S&M Jane Austin.''  Nice nickname for Van Helsing.

What I liked most: The plot twists the comic had throughout it.
What I disliked: Did Marian and her girlfriend really have to be in just bra's and underwear to do the spell? I think not.
Rating: 4.5 out of 5

This comic took me by surprise. I didn't know what I was getting into and I ended up loving it. I love crime stories, I love dogs, therefore this was a great combination. I am a sucker for characters that aren't 'good' people. I just love the weirdness and mystery of this comic. The art style is something I think I'll grow to love. Anything involving dogs instantly makes me happy both in real life and comic life. 'Killer' was an adorable dog, even when he was covered in blood on the first page.

The comic involved a nice murder mystery. It looks like it'll be one great comic to see grow as time goes on. I simply can't wait for issue #2 next month!

What I liked most: Biker girl. She will be a fun character to see in future issues.
Rating: 5 out of 5, I can't give it lower because I'm not a fan of the art style just yet.

Ranking for the week:
10) This Damned Band #1 
9) The Flash season Zero #11 
8) Outcast #11 
7) Civil War #2 
6) Red Skull #2 
5) Giant Sized Little Marvel Avengers VS X-Men #3 
4) Robyn Hood #13 
3) Dark Corridor #1 
2) Guardians Team Up #9 
1) Ms. Marvel #17
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