Saturday, October 3, 2015

Kat's Pull List for 10/7/15 "NYCC 2015 Week"

Kat talks about all the comics she is getting this week. Check out what Kat is excited for in this week's pull list.


Jughead #1
After reading Archie #3, I am pretty excited to read a full issue dedicated to Jughead. He seems like a cool character and I love his friendship with Archie. 

DC Comics

Batman and Robin Eternal #1
Batman Eternal was the only weekly series I didn't regret getting last year. It was far from perfect, but it did have an interesting story with the Bat Family. I am very excited to read Batman and Robin Eternal because I am sure we will get even more interaction with the Bat Family and excited to see the introduction of Cassandra Cain in the New 52.

Detective Comics #45
I dropped Detective Comics a little while ago, but I am picking up this issue because I am curious of how they will introduce James Gordon into the Justice League. (Exclusive To Comic Uno Episode 116)  

Green Arrow #45
I still think this Green Arrow run is forgettable, but I am hoping the series will get better. (Exclusive To Comic Uno Episode 116) 

Green Arrow Annual #1
Wow I am kind of surprised this is the first Green Arrow Annual, but yeah I guess we are getting a double dose of Green Arrow this week. (Exclusive To Comic Uno Episode 116)  

Injustice Gods Among Us Year Four #11
This volume of Injustice started out well, but then as it continued kind of got repetitive. I hope it will have a solid ending. (Exclusive To Comic Uno Episode 116) 


Codename Baboushka #1
This story seems to have a really cool premise. It's about a privileged Russian spy. (Exclusive To Comic Uno Episode 116) 

Copperhead #10
I read the first arc of Copperhead in trade and really liked binge reading this series. Reading it issue by issue feels a little slower, but still really like this word building story. (Exclusive To Comic Uno Episode 116) 

Paper Girls #1
I am so excited to read this book! Image hasn't released a lot of information on the first issue and that's what makes me really excited to read this series. It's a mystery book where even the promotion has an element of mystery.  

Pluntona #2
The first issue of Pluntona established a really original story. Looking forward to seeing where it goes. (Exclusive To Comic Uno Episode 116) 

Saints #1
I thought the concept for this book was pretty cool. What happens when God gives up on us? Three people who have chosen to be "saints" have to save the world.  (Exclusive To Comic Uno Episode 116)

We Can Stand on Guard #4
I still love the concept of this book and I hope we get more from our main character in this issue. (Exclusive To Comic Uno Episode 116) 


All New All Different Marvel Point One #1
This is the week where All New All Different Marvel titles finally start launching. I know the Marvel Point One's tend to be expensive, but I think they always give you a good sample of the new books coming out.  

The Amazing Spider-Man #1
I can't say I am excited about this new direction of Spider-Man, but I do think Dan Slott will give us something original and that I am excited for.  

Invincible Iron Man #1
I am really excited about this new creative team on Iron Man! Dave Marquez has quickly become one of my favorite artists and I can't wait to see how Bendis will handle Tony's character.  

Journey to Star Wars Force Awakens Shattered Empire #2
I thought the first issue of this story was okay, but I hope with the second issue the new main character will become more interesting to me. (Exclusive To Comic Uno Episode 116) 

Secret Wars #6
When will Secret Wars be over? We are already up to the relaunch and we still have 3 more issues of the main event.  

Spider-Island #5
I am excited to see the last chapter of the Spider-Girl back up story, but could care less about the ending of the Spider-Island story. 


Heroes Vengeance #1
Even though I am not loving the new Heroes Reborn series I am excited to see Heroes in comic book form again.   


Survivors Club #1
Some of the new titles coming from Vertigo look really interesting, including Survivors Club. This has a really cool horror concept of finding out what happens after a person deals with a horrific event that you may see in a horror film. (Exclusive To Comic Uno Episode 116)   


Grimm Fairy Tales 10th Anniversary Cinderella #1
I am not a huge Cinderella fan, but I have been enjoying these one shots. So I am going to give this one a shot. (Exclusive To Comic Uno Episode 116)  

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