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Mimi's Rapid Fire Reviews! Salt & Burn #1, Spider Gwen #2, Constantine #6 and more!

Hi world, my names Mimi, here's my reviews for  Slash and Burn #1,  Superman American Alien #1, All New All Different Avengers #1, All New Wolverine #1, Spider Gwen #2, Robyn Hood #16, Constantine #6 and All New Hawkeye #1! 

Superman American Alien #1

Awww little Clark is so adorable. I want this little Clark to talk to Kara on Supergirl and be buddies. Now I don't normally read Superman related comics. I like him more as a character that pops up in other series than someone I need to read every month but this was a great issue and I really want to read 2-7. I like that it is a seven part run but if it keeps up like this and keeps me interested I know I am going to end up wishing it was a longer series. It is simple but enjoyable. 

What I liked most:  It was an adorable take on a part of Clark's life.
What I disliked most: It ended? I could have read an entire omnibus of this and be just fine. 
Favorite quote(s): You can't just break things when you want, that's what a jerk does.
Favorite page: Clark, Jon & Martha's kitchen talk after the plane scene. Super cute.

All New All Different Avengers #1
Holy crap I need that Girl Scout scene in one of the many future Marvel movies to happen. Badly. Really, really, badly.  This was an awesome team, all of the characters were done really well and I'm pumped to see Thor and Vision in the next issue. I thoroughly enjoyed Ms. Marvel and Nova's first meeting, very nicely done. Tony & Sam's relationship is a lot like Clint & Tony's relationship is the Mark Wade Hawkeye run, it made me want to hug them both. It ended on a weirdly dramatic note but in a good way. Very excited for #2!

What I liked most:  The art & the covers!
What I disliked most: The guy that worked with the alien looks to similar to Tony.. 
Favorite quote(s): Hey look, it's trademark infringement kid!
Favorite page: The bonus area!

All New Wolverine #1
I'm all for lady power so Laura Kinney, you go girl! You go kickass. I will be eagerly waiting for issue #2!

I am new to Wolverine based comics. I've seen all of the new stuff like the Death of Wolverine but didn't pick it up. This however was freaking awesome. Laura is an awesome character, I liked her relationship with Angel and her over all Logan-esq bluntness because of how she was created. I like the mystery of this series and hope it lasts for more than 3-5 issues. Keep up more All New Wolverine please!

What I liked most:  The art, it was so pretty.
What I disliked most: Ending, I want #2 now.
Favorite quote(s): ''Well apparently he had a bazooka.''

Favorite page: That adorable flash back or the 'Drop Me' page.

Spider Gwen #2
Can I please get a comic of Samantha Wilson now? I want more than just that brief flash back and that awesome file they had on her. BUT ANYWAY, BACK TO THE ISSUE AT HAND. This was yet another super cool and fun issue of Spider Gwen. Or as Samantha called her Spider Woman. Poor Gwen's dad, not an easy time being him now is it? I feel like he'd get along just great with Gordon in the on going Batgirl series. They'd drink and bond over there little girls going out, saving the world and date some people. They'd probably be great friends too. Think of all the AU head cannons!

What I liked most:
What I disliked most: The Ending.
Favorite quote(s): Everything Sam says.  
Favorite page: The scene with Falcon saying he wanted to shoot DeWolffe. 

Robyn Hood #16
I love the world of Robyn Hood. I think it would make a fabolous mini series of sorts on HBO or STARZ. It could be a constantly changing show with a bunch of cross overs. In my head it'd just be Grimm Fairytales and than each season we'd get new series IE, Robyn Hood, Van Helsing, etc. But enough about that. This issue was darker in a different way than last months issue. It was fun and the cover was a entertaining as always now that I'm reading the series. Marion and Robyn's friendship is grand and Robyn's take no shit attitude is a personal favorite of mine..

What I liked most:  THAT VILLAIN. 
What I disliked most: Okay transitions from the Robyn & Marion fight to Genrich fight. 
Favorite quote(s): You're gonna wanna get the fuck out of my apartment.
Favorite page: The one with the Rosie the Riveter poster. 

Constantine #6
I want a trade for this series ASAP so I don't have to keep on reading my single issues all the time. I truly love the writing of Ming & James together. It is the perfect combination of the old Hellblazer snark and fixes where the New 52 went so very wrong. I loved the opening few pages of John dealing with the 'monster in the basement'. Jesus Christ it's just written so well. It makes me so happy. I just love the fact John's building has demons living in it and he just keeps them in check.
What I liked most:  The perfect coverage of John's package with his mail.
Favorite quote(s): ''Walter, what the hell are you wearing, you were an arch-duke of Hell!'' Also ''Whatever strange force in the universe wants me to shag this bloke needs to fuck off.''
Favorite page:  Page 8 because Kregslist, hell, all of that montage is just perfect and needs to be put on my wall, framed an signed. ESPECIALLY THE TOTALLY POSSIBLE WTNV reference. 
All New Hawkeye #1
So I really enjoy Barney, Clint & Kate together but Jesus Christ, Marvel needs to stop rebooting Hawkeye and just make a run that is more than just 3-5 issues than reboot it again a few months later. You already have a fan base, we are going to read it, just stop this shit.

This is an okay series? I'm not all that impressed but I am invested in Clint and Kate's relationship. The Hawkeye Squared/Team Hawkeye is one of my favorite duo's and I'm always worried about what the writers will do with them.

What I liked most:  The present stories, the future ones are okay.
What I disliked most: I wanted Barney & what did i get? No Barney. 
Favorite quote(s): Okay team Hawkeye, here we go!Time for our next mission. Who's excited?
Favorite page: Kate kicking ass & talking to the cops. 

Slash and Burn #1
I read about Slash and Burn in the DC previews book I got at NYCC. Man, I am so happy I didn't have to wait long for this book. IT WAS SO AWESOME!  The art was as beautiful as the preview showed and everything else was just a lot of fun. I enjoyed Rasheen's monologue's and fire lover sequences. Rasheen has such an interesting way of thinking and I am hooked. I think the writers and the artists did a great job with this comic. It had a good balance of back story without over doing it. I am very excited to see her play out in future issues and hope to see many, many more comics in this series!

What I liked most: Lady friendships over romance!
Favorite quote(s):  Was that a come on, in front of a corpse?! 
Favorite page: All of it? It was a really freaking cool starter issue with a great character that I am excited to see fleshed out as more issues come out.

Here's my rankings & ratings for the week

  1. Constantine 5 OUT OF 5, I loved 1-5 but holy shit I need to throw this issue at everyone to read. 
  2. Robyn Hood  4.5 out of 5 Yes to everything in this issue.
  3. All New, All Different Avengers  out of 5 Now this is how you assemble a team.
  4. Superman American Alien  5 out of 5, cute everyone, go buy it!
  5. Salt and Burn 5 out of 5, beautiful art, beautiful story, give me #2 now.
  6. Spider Gwen 4.5 out of 5. I just want Gwen to be safe & happy damn it.
  7. All New Wolverine 5 out of 5, awesome badass lady, go buy it!

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