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Mimi's Rapid Fire Reviews for: Lucifer #1, Silk #2, Batgirl #46, Huck #2 and more!

Hi world, my names Mimi Schweid and here's my reviews for: Lucifer #1, Silk #2, Batgirl #46, Huck #2, Ms. Marvel #2, The Mighty Thor #2, All New InHumans #2, I Hate Fairyland #3 and Red Thorn #2.
Lucifer #1

Lucifer #1
As someone who has been diving into the Vertigo side of comics for the past few years I thoroughly enjoyed this comic.

Lucifer was once upon a time a spin off of Neil Gaiman's Sandman so I eagerly waited this reboot written by Holly Black, it was once written by the almighty Mike Carey and  Peter Gross. Despite the fact Mike & Peter weren't apart of this story didn't bother me. I love Holly's writing style and I can't wait to get her in monthly doses.

A former artist of Loki did the art for this issue and man did I love it. The wings, the rooms, every character looked beautiful. Lucifer was more of a back character in his own series so it was nice to see him more in the centerfold in this issue. I

What I liked most: That Hellblazer reference & the old font being back.
What I disliked most: While I loved that it felt like the old series but had a shinier new look to it, I also wished it felt different and new.
Favorite quote(s): ''Because no one gets to kill God but me.''
Favorite page:  Lucifer & Gabriel's fight.
Rating;  5 out of 5

Silk #2
I have a feeling that Silk and Spider Gwen are going to be the reason why I make my way into the Spiderverse instead of the beloved Peter Parker. Don't get me wrong, Peter is fabulous but man do I love Gwen and Silk. 

I love that Cindy Moon is pretending to be a villain to get more info from Black Cat but no one else knows. I love that she has a token New York crap apartment, that her coworkers are pissed she isn't hanging out with them or that she's not sleeping etc. I think she's great and I can't wait to see where the rest of this series goes on so I can own a trade for it and an eventual omnibus.

What I liked most: The art style.
What I disliked most: The fact it ended. I really liked it.
Favorite quote(s): Maybe I'll do that after a nap. Wait. The sun is on the wrong part of the world, right? It can't be- what time is it?!
Favorite page: That beautiful ending.
Rating; 4.5 out of 5

 Batgirl #46

Okay to be honest this felt very much like the Matt Fraction gang stuff that I loved for Hawkeye to deal with. Don't get me wrong, I liked Babara calling out Dylan for being a punk little shit. 

Over all, I liked Babara and Spoiler, I really enjoy the team behind this series both in the art department and writing but this wasn't my favorite issue. It was OK, nothing mind blowing and I'll still totally read next months but I'm hoping I like next months more.

What I liked most: That bottom left panel of Babara in front of her motorcycle that made it look like she had wings. 
What I disliked most:
Favorite quote(s):  Young lady, what option do any of us have when the people with money decide our fates?
Favorite page: The Red card, blue card scene.
Rating; 3.5  out of 5


Huck #2

Huck is a comic that I want everyone I know to read. Huck has amazing art work and a sweetheart character that I wish I could draw on my own. I want to hug the writers and artists and thank them for making such a beautiful comic.

I love how Huck makes lists of all the things he has to do before he goes out and does amazing things for the world.

What I liked most:  Huck going out to the news reporters because people needed his help.
What I disliked most: CLIFF HANGER
Favorite quote(s): Favorite page: Huck saving the missing husband.

Rating;  5 out of 5


Ms. Marvel #2
So I'm emotionally attached to Bruno way more than I need to be because of a dog that I know named Bruno. But I digress, this is a great series that I eagerly read every month it comes out. I love that Kamala's opening monologue was very similar to Tony's in Iron Man 3.

 I thoroughly enjoy the diverse styles of Kamala's family heritage. I love that she is more modern than her brother but she's still willing to help her brother with the girl he's interested in. It just makes me happy to see the diversity being shown. 

What I liked most: Kamala's comments about the warehouse.  
What I disliked most: The ending because of Bruno.
Favorite quote(s): ''Ammi! You scared the cr-- the heck out of me!''
Favorite page:  The entire 2 pages of Ammi and Kamala.
Rating;  5 out of 5

The Mighty Thor #2
I honestly don't really care for Loki, I'm invested in this story for Jane Foster but I did enjoy Loki talking about how he fought his 'fathers' best giants with words alone. As a writer I can't help but love that line.

Overall, this felt more like a fight scene fueled filler issue. Nevertheless, I hope that next months issues for the new year is more plot driven or at least will feel less filler issue-e. The art was just as beautiful as last months but story wise I wasn't as invested this issue as I was last months.

What I liked most: Jane's reference of her father. 
What I disliked most: Loki actually being a part of the plot again... Favorite quote(s): Loki's part on words.
Favorite page: Loki's 'father' seeing his soldiers all beaten up.
Rating;  3.5 out of 5

All New InHumans #2
I'm a sucker for group dream sequences.  This is a series I'm enjoying reading but I'm not 100% hooked. I know I'll read next months issues and the subsequent months after but I also won't mind letting it pile up three or four months to binge read to see where the rest of the story arch that's going on continues to well, go.

I like the characters in this series even though I don't really know everyone's names, I like the political drama and I like the whole 'we're not Mutants but we kind of are' situation.

What I liked most: Daisy's brief cameo. 
What I disliked most: 
Favorite quote(s): ''If I were you I'd get that fucking tattooed across my forehead.''
Favorite page: Dream scene! Rating;  3.5 out of 5

I Hate Fairyland #3
I love this comic, I get really happy when it comes out and it is usually one of the first things I read when I can because it is so crazy and colorful and just fun. Its stupid and violent and 'censored' curses in the funniest of ways. I just love how twisted this comic is and how brutal each cover has progressively gotten.  The fact little old Gertrude always kills random people is fabulous. Her montage of being knocked out and getting a beard  than the beard getting removed was fabulous to me.

What I liked most: The Queens plot to get rid of Gertrude. 
What I disliked most:  The fact I have to wait until January 16th for issue #4 after that dramatic ass ending!!
Favorite quote(s): ''The password is pizza'' 
Favorite page: When the Queen went to the Tree for the meeting.
Rating;  5 out of 5

Red Thorn #2
I love reading accents, I love reading Scottish accents most of all and this series gives me that. I LOVE the art of this series, I think Thorn is fabulous and Isla is a great character. I'm all for sassy, smart, artsy women going on missions to save family. It makes me think of a darker The Mortal Instruments so it doesn't hurt that the world is all kinds of old mythology and demons. I am so pumped to see Isla and Thorn's relationship get romantic, though I will also miss her boyfriend because they were super cute. I hate waiting for the next issue but damn is it worth the wait!
What I liked most:  Thorn's driving sequence with the adorable old trucker.
What I disliked most: That the comic isn't one of those awesome random 60 page issues all the time and I have to settle with 31 glorious pages instead.
Favorite quote(s): Just ta be clear- when I said 'Hello gorgeous,'' I was talking to the lassie there.''
Favorite page: The one with Isla's boyfriend walking by Thorn.
Rating; 5 out of 5

My Rankings for the Week
  1. Lucifer #1
  2. Huck #2
  3. Ms. Marvel #2
  4. I Hate Fairland #3
  5. Red Thorn #2
  6. Silk #2
  7. Batgirl #46
  8. The Mighty Thor #2
  9. All New Inhumans #2

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