Wednesday, July 27, 2016

D Grey Man Episode 4 Thoughts

Ohh yes, another doozy of an episode! Tension is high now and they are answering questions but then adding more and just...I love it I really do. This episode did reveal a lot and throw a lot at you though so I hope I don't make any mistakes in this post! Let's see if I managed to keep up and get right into D Grey Man Hallow Episode 4!

We start off the episode with Allen waking up in the infirmary after having a weird dream about Mana. For a brief moment, he becomes the 14th again yellow eyes and all. He also has  The 14th looks interesting and part of me is getting more and more curious to see Allen as the 14th Noah fully. I love Allen but...curiosity is killing me. He's snapped out of pretty quickly though when Lenalee talks to him and Link yells at them for being in a room alone together on top of that.

I have a feeling we'll be getting a few more of these almost 14th scenes and we'll see the 14th in full by the time the series ends. I like the way they're doing it, though. It's a good way to build suspense and very clever in execution!

After that, we get some news on Timothy. We probably won't hear about him for awhile but he is now studying hard on becoming an exorcist. I'm glad to see he's doing OK! Kanda is also wondering what the heck happened with Allen like Lenalee was earlier. This is pretty bad. The two other main characters are already suspicious of poor Allen. Only Lavi seems to fully trust him right now.

Then this big busted blond lady walks in. To which I cried out, "BAD GUY" immediately. If there's anything I learned from anime the blond busty one with THAT smile on her face? Bad guy. Always.

They even already have a rivalry. It turns out she's the boss of the North American Exorcists branch and those dudes in the red are her exorcists. She basically forces them upon Kamui saying they'll be working together for awhile. I don't like her guys, I'll just get that out of the way right now. She's like every female character I don't like, that whole "I'm higher and mightier than you" complex again just like Erina.

We cut to Allen training with another character. He's thinking about the other exorcists and wondering how they did what they did, wondering if the Akuma souls are OK. The other exorcist says that he and Kanda are actually more similar than Allen thinks. He also says it would be better if Allen didn't care as much about Akuma souls because it would be better for his own emotional well-being in the end.

I don't agree, though. What Allen is doing is ultimately for the greater good. Why should he stop just because no one really gets it? He should stick to his own way of doing things, it's one of the things I like about Allen. How he does what he feels is right and doesn't care about what others think. He is a true hero, selfless but also with a lot of integrity. Everything you'd want in the main character!

Allen gets punched into the new arrivals...who then slam him on a column just because he crashed into them. Allen's Akuma eye activates but even though he sees traces of them he can't see an actual Akuma. They reveal that their bodies are basically fuzed with Akuma and they themselves are half akuma. Link also defends Allen from them. The ship art is about to become way more prominant.

 The higher ups at Allen's Exorcist headqaurters don't approve and have no idea how they even got the egg to begin with. They don't seem to have a choice though and are forced to work with them. For the "greater good" I guess.

We then see a new odd boy. The police find him and he turns out to be one of the Noah reincarnated again. He has 3 other eyes which is why he's wearing that bandana thing to cover a few of them up. I don't see the point though, He's still keeping one uncovered so if he's trying to hide his other eyes he's doing a terrible job.

It turns out the Noah's have been doing this big reincarnation cycle thing for a long time. This confused me a little but I figured it was because all of them together can only bring about those 3 days of darkness thing. I loved seeing all the Noah's again, the new animation makes them look gorgous!

We then cut to to the exorcists fighting akuma. A really big hoard of them as well. It's a pretty epic fight but then one of the exorcists from the North American branch absorbs a bunch of Akuma and this is where the troubles start. Allen sees all their souls turning into basically mush. It must be traumatizing for Allen to have to see things like that. I wish someone else came along that could see souls like he could.

Allen needless to say is not pleased but the exorcist who did it but before anything to serious happens the Noah show up and injure the one from the North American Branch pretty badly. He has regeneration abilities like Kanda does. It's revealed that the North American branch doesn't actually view themselves very highly. They absorb each other when they become unable to fight, much to Allen's horror and disgust. It's also revealed this experiment started with someone named Alma and everyone in this half akuma experiment has his blood in them.

Before he can be absorbed like he wants however, Tyki and a few other members of the Noah family show up. Tyki whispers a name and this causes the exorcist from the North American branch to basically contort and spurt blood everywhere. I wasn't expecting that, though I knew something bad would happen. Jeez...that was pretty savage.

The new member of the Noah family that first appeared in this episode asks if Kanda knows Alma and this makes Kanda freeze up. He falls over as well blood coming out of his mouth to. The Noah family seems to be especially fond of that move...

Aaaaand then we get a cliff hanger. Marvelous.

This was an awesome episode! I enjoyed it and I think I did pretty well in explaining it and keeping up so go me! I'm excited to see Kanda get a bit more emotional since his world was just rocked. I look forward to all these plot points going forward really.

That was it for this post! I will be recording Anime Weekly tonight so this technically won't be the last of me you'll see this week!

 I bid you all adieu for now!

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