Wednesday, July 20, 2016

D Grey Man Hallow Episode 3 Thoughts

Yes, another doozy of an episode! I loved this one so much as well, and my love for D Grey Man just gets bigger and bigger everytime a new one comes out. That and this is getting a dub to which means I might get to see Todd Haberkorn play Allen again. That would be amazing! I'll stop rambling though now. Join me on the hype train that is D Grey Man Hallow Episode 3!

We start this episode with a flashback. It's revealed that Timothy even though he seemed to dislike the orphanage actually loves it there. He is still caught by the Akuma and Allen promises to save Timothy. It is revealed that Timothy used his power to steal because he wanted to use the money to keep his orphanage afloat. Allen calls him low because his power screwed up the lives of so many people. This makes Timothy realize he was wrong. 

Allen saying that feels somewhat out of character to me. Allen can be harsh yes, but not really so harsh with kids like that. I feel like it would be more in character for him to be more understanding. I understand why it was written that way but still, feels off to me at least. 

Timothy decides he doesn't have the right to ask for help and pretty much completely gives up and thinks he deserves it. Emilia winds up shooting at the Akuma. This causes the Akuma to try to attack her and this gives Timothy new resolve. His innocence activates in a different way this time. 

Oh my dear god Timothy's power is one of the most amazing Innocence powers I've seen on D-Grey Man. He can possess Akuma and transform them into innocence. It's amazing and my jaw absolutely dropped when I saw it. 

They run away and we get to see his innocence in a recognizable human-like form. It basically looks like how Timothy would as an adult or at least how he wants to look. That was the other super amazing thing about his innocence. If this is actually what Timothy will wind up looking like as an adult? Then damn what a lucky bastard. I wish puberty was that good on me haha. 

We get a brief comedic break from the drama going on. We see the finders get rescued from prison by Reever. They are absolutely thrilled to be rescued and I laughed at the overreaction they had to it. There are also some new interesting guys that have their faces covers and wear robes with Reever. We'll get back to him later. 

Back to the fight, Allen, Kanda and the other exorcist with them (I forgot his name I know I'm awful) see Timothy's power. As cool as his ability is it has its limits. He can only successfully attack and possess level 3 Akuma and he can only possess an Akuma once because it gets destroyed if he leaves it. 

Timothy's body almost gets destroyed but Link saves it just in time (told you he was alive) and starts to fight alongside the others against the Akuma. Link is an awesome character, I hope I get to learn more about him as time goes on!

Meanwhile, Reever those weird hooded guys and the father of Emilia go into the orphanage. One of the weird hooded guys opens up this weird purplish thing revealing a barrier of sorts? I think that's what happened that part confused me slightly but either way these hooded guys are weird and probably a bad guy just saying. 

The green haired one in the robes manages to stop the level 3 Akuma from punching with only one extended hand. He then sucks up the Akuma in pretty much the machine from ghost busters but attached to his hand. Link recognizes him and turns out his name is Madarao and he shouldn't be able to do what he did because he's just a crow. I have no idea what that means but I'm interested regardless. 

This leaves us with Allen and Kanda up against the level 4. He manages to defeat it by stabbing it and himself with his sword. Allen says it can only hurt evil things so he will be fine...but he starts bleeding from the mouth instead. He starts to scream and then...the 14th Noah possesses him, his first line being "Good Morning" said in the creepiest way in the history of mankind. 

We get a brief somewhat pointless cut to part of the Noah family. The Akuma recognizes Allen as a Noah right before being stabbed by Kanda. He calls him a beansprout and both him and Allen kill the Akuma. It seems that Kanda calling him that brought Allen back. The scene was still creepy and completely unexpected though at least for me. 

The barrier is broken but the orphanage is pretty demolished after the fight. Everyone is allowed to go inside now. The red hooded guy walks off without answering any questions thrown his way. Meanwhile, these 3 skull dudes wearing robes see him as a threat and are going to report him to the Earl. I know they're the bad guys but for some reason, they reminded me of the Utroms in the first season or so of TMNT. Tell me I'm not the only one that saw the resemblance! 

This gets a happy ending! The person Timothy considers his Mother, a nun seems OK if not a bit injured. Everyone needs to go to the hospital for injuries but Timothy decides to join up with the order and become an exorcist. 

Though unfortunately for the order they will be the one paying for the damages by the Phantom Theif. Emilia will also be joining much to her father's worry and dismay but that scene was cute and funny. They will need a new place to stay until the orphanage is fixed so Mother and the kids are going to London. We see a sweet tender scene with Timothy and her crying and hugging each other while they watch the sunset. 

The last scene is Allen watching the sunset and it's pointed out how Timothy is like his younger self and that he can now discuss Mana without feeling so much pain since this is the first time he opens up to Mana about it. Allen walks off with Kanda and Link and the episode ends on a peaceful happy note. 

I loved this episode a lot and am really excited for next week. I'm really enjoying this show so far almost as much as the original. There are a lot more mysteries that need to be solved and we shall get into those next week. 

I also finally posted something to Frontline Fiction this week! It can be read here! Feel free to comment and let me know what you think. Though bare in mind that if you don't know my OC's or Amnesia you will be horribly confused when you read it. 

With that, I bid you Adieu for now. 

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