Monday, July 25, 2016

Shokugeki No Souma Ni Sara Episode 4 Thoughts

Well...that was something. We have quite a bit to talk about this episode. Lots of stuff went down! Let's get right into the second season of Food Wars Episode 4 without delay.

Everyone is pretty shocked by this Subaru vs Takumi fight. It did come out of nowhere but it was so stressful to watch! Subaru continues to trash talk and Takumi. Takumi handles it all with a poker face in the beginning. That's good because I feel like Subaru would be able to take even more advantage of Takumi if he expressed fear.

The theme for the contest is dessert and Takumi makes Semifreddo....and so does Subaru. I didn't expect that honestly. It's revealed that Subaru has one 99 other shokugeki's like this. He takes the favorite tool of the loser along with their dignity. I'm...starting to not like Subaru as much at this rate.

A big portion of the episode is them cooking. For some reason in this episode they showed the cooking within a more realistic time frame I guess. No matter what Takumi seems to do, Subaru already has a minor improvement in mind making a better version of the Semifreddo. I'm a little pissed Takumi didn't seem to catch on quicker. He could have started changing his dish around earlier. I like the Aldini brothers I really do and I'm sorry but...Soma would have caught on and done something to defeat him way quicker...just saying-.

When time is almost up Takumi finally comes up with a way that he can change his dish to make it better than Subaru. He uses a lemon curd to make his different and uses olive oil as well. Typical Italian trick. When in doubt use olive oil. Works every time.

Or at least it would if this show knew Italian glory when it saw it. Yes, I know I'm being biased but just...listen to this bull that happens next.

Subaru somehow predicted this and made one last twist on his dish making it better than Takumi's. The judges don't feel this is fair and hate to admit it, but his was better. There was one pretty hilarious rap from one judge but still Subaru one over all the judges. He takes one of Takumi's most prized cutting tools, his match with Soma and his dignity all in front of his poor brother to top it all off. Then I flipped the table in absolute rage because Subaru...that god damn underhanded slimy little-

Remember when I said I liked Subaru? I take it back he's an asshole. That was the most underhanded duel I've ever seen and I'm with the judges. There should be a rule against that for sure.

The after credit scene involves Soma and Subaru. Soma is pretty calm and collected like always. The next match will be those two and Soma says if he wins he has to give back all the tools he took and if he loses he'll quit being a chef.

This...was a poor choice in my opinion. They should have had another character challenge him. Making it Soma is nice in a poetic justice sort of sense, but we know he'll win because he's the main character. Or at least he'll most likely win. Either way, though I can't wait to see that so it isn't a horrible move.

That was pretty much the episode. I really enjoyed it but also almost flipped my desk. It was so irritating to see Takumi loose for me. I do look forward to next week, though! I have been spending a bit more time writing so you should also see more of my stuff on Frontline Fiction as well, hopefully, this week!

I bid you all adieu until Wednesday for D Grey Man!

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