Wednesday, August 3, 2016

D Grey Man Episode 5 Thoughts

Oh, my god, this was amazing. Yet another amazing episode I swear to god this show gets even more impressive every time I look at it...but more on that some other time. Let's get into D Grey Man Episode 5.

We begin our episode with the scientists in Allen's exorcist branch looking over the Akuma egg that created these new exorcists we've been seeing lately. We see alma the source of it all in the Akuma egg.

This older man is absolutely heartbroken. I think he was probably Alma and Yu's father figure, It was really sad to see him cry. I was right about that dude who appeared from episode 1 um...the one with the Hitler Esque mustache? Being a villain, though. Him and the leader of the American exorcists, I called it they had that evil vibe and I had that pegged the moment they showed up. Go me haha.

The worst part is that they think they're being noble on top of everything else! I hope Kamui or someone grows a pair and kicks them out! Hitler stache didn't even have the decency to tell Yu that Alma wasn't even dead! They're all freaking sociopaths!

We are also shown that both Alma and Yu were childhood friends. Yu was the success but Alma was the failure, went berzerk and killed the entire research team staff members. In the end, Yu was the one to defeat him and put Alma in the comatose state he's in now.

One of the scientists throws up at all this putting the exposition to an end. Poor guy, though, He was one of my fav supporting cast members.

Then we get to see something I've never seen before! I was so floored by it, but we get to see that ridiculous appearance the Millennium Earl has isn't his actual appearance! That thing is just a costume! The real Millennium Earl looks well...normal. He has the skin color of the rest of the Noah family's weird and incredibly creepy to see him like that. Even creepier than the costume.

I dunno he looks way more threatening when he's normal at least for me. He's here because he heard Alma was here and is going to attack the exorcists base directly...again...oh my-

Meanwhile, the scientist from before and the rest of the group are in the bathroom talking. One of them is mad he threw up because he "ruined everything and he wanted to hear the rest" but everyone else is more forgiving. Though the scientist is wondering why he was even called in (poor guy-). Before the discussion can get to deep, an alert sounds off that an attacker is near, but it isn't an Akuma.

The Millennium Earl slowly and ominously starts to approach. He and Road briefly reminisce on the 14th and how they fought even though they trusted each other. We see a scary demonstration of his power as he summons a shit load of level 4's at the tower that's trying to defend the base.

He says something interesting. That as the first apostle he isn't allowed to stop until he "summons god to darkness" and "digs the hearts out of all the exorcists"  Why isn't he allowed to stop? Does even the Millenium Earl answer to a higher party!?

Meanwhile, the people inside the base are freaking out. Johnny (I forgot his name thanks for reminding me episode-) has a flashback to their last invasion. He's pretty much traumatized from it. Reever (That's his name right? Why am I so bad at names, this time, I'm so sorry-) encourages him to be brave.

Johny agrees they need to survive because he vowed to do his best for his colleges and the other exorcists. Take notes Evangelion, this is how to properly write a character and make them ya know...likeable.

Right after this they get caught by Tyki and everyone is lead silently back into the room with the Akuma egg. He somehow takes control of their bodies and forces them in there. They placed Yu onto the egg and he's completely passed out. It looks like everyone is pretty much screwed. It seems they're trying to awaken Alma using Yu. I guess they want him to wake up and kill everyone again? That's what I'm guessing.

The Noah family acts goofy as the situation gets more and more dangerous by the second. If you watched Bungou Stray Dogs or at least read my review, you'll see why I compared the two. The whole switching from serious to goofy style very quickly.

Luckily, Allen shows up literally under them like a badass (GOOOOO ALLEN) and starts kicking ass demanding they give back Kanda. All the Yu/Kanda shippers squealed with delight. Link deals with one of the half-Akuma exorcists who claims she had a vision of killing Allen in the meantime. That Allen killed her two comrades and that she killed Allen next. Link because of this demands that she stay within his sight on the way back since he doesn't trust her.

While this hostage situation is going on, the other half-Akuma exorcists are fighting another member of the Noah family back from where the fight from the last episode took place. This is where another big thing happens.

Millennium Earl tackles Allen down and this causes the 14th to awaken again. This time for way longer! He talked to the Earl through the Akuma when he first changed as it turns out. No wonder I found it so creepy haha.

I'm really liking the 14th truth be told. I love Allen but the more they tease us with the 14th, the more I want to know more about him damn it! The 14th swears he'll kill the Earl and take his position of power. Allen comes back and freaks out. His insides start hurting and he gets a flashback of how he'll have to kill someone he loves if the 14th takes over. Through willpower alone, he breaks control which is amazing...and headbutts the Earl which was hilarious.

Allen repeats that he is Allen and an exorcist and demands they don't drag him into their stupid fight. I love Allen...he's great...cannot wait to see this whole scene in dub form...the first ep of that came today on Funanimation by the way. I'm so happy to see Todd as Allen again ah-

Back to the episode, though. Kanda wakes up and starts fighting as well. They rip Alma from the egg. Kanda doesn't recognize Alma and they tell him he isn't actually dead leading Kanda to almost kill Road and Allen having to calm him down. Road somehow triggers...something??

Before they can do anything else Allen is basically stuck in a flashback of when Alma and Yu first met which was very sad and cute so far...and then episode ending.

Drat! I was getting so into it too but that's it! I hope you all enjoyed this post.

I bid you adieu for now! Until next time for...whatever I do!

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