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Shokugeki No Soma Ni No Sara Episode 8 Thoughts: If I Have To Type Pacific Saury One More Time-

Here we have another build up episode to the contest! This episode was really cute so let's discuss Shokugeki No Soma Ni Sara Episode 8!

I actually really love these episodes that don't have the contest. At least I enjoyed this one. Probably because it has one of my favorite couples in the series! Soma, and Megumi.

 Soma is sitting in his room preparing to go to the fish market so he can experiment for the next match. Megumi hears him and it's early in the morning but Soma invites her to go with them. This part as insignificant as it is I really liked. Anything with Megumi and Soma together I like a lot. I think that he should be with her, it's annoying the series seems to be leaning towards Erina and Soma instead.

They arrive at the market and Soma finds pacific saury pretty quickly. As it turns out at his diner Pacific Saury was always on the Fall menu so he feels very confident about it and thinks experimenting will go very well and be finished quickly.

The two run into the other Food Wars power couple, Ryo, and Alice. Ryo has been coming every day and Alice happens to be tagging along this time. This is honestly an amusing thought since I keep picturing Ryo lurking around the pacific saury in a quiet stalkerish way and the salesperson getting all nervous and uncomfortable.

The two begin to debate about how to choose the best pacific saury. Soma going for which one looks the freshest but Ryo goes for a different approach on it. The two are pretty much fighting now and they tie the bandanas around their foreheads and start making sashimi right then and there. Megumi apologizes but no one really cares since they're from Totsuki students.

This is funny because I wonder if this applies in all food related places?

"Huh? Are they knocking down the sauce display and starting a shokugeki right here? It's OK they're from Totsuki!"

"What? They just took over the Elementary School bake sale and are now figuring out who has the best cupcakes? It's alright they're from Totsuki!"

Just something we should think about.

Megumi is the one who taste tastes the sashimi. As it turns out Soma's is less firm and Ryo's is the one that's better. As it turns out Saury can easily become less firm over a few hours even if it seems fresh so Ryo actually chose better. This was actually a little stupid, though. Why would Ryo and Alice try and help him!? If he doesn't know what he's doing, Ryo has a better chance of winning.

As it turns out Akira was also there too and chooses saury based on the smell. He's good at choosing much like Ryo so Soma is actually the one at the disadvantage. You know what they say, though, pride goeth before the fall.

Akira's sense of smell is insane. It made me start thinking what hell it must be for the poor guy when something is STARTING to go bad in his presence. If his sense of smell is that good then anything too strong or anything that smells gross would be 10x worse for Akira then the average person. On a more important note though Akira looks more creepy since the last fight. Like very dark and within himself I guess. I wonder what's up with him?

Megumi tries the way Soma cooked the saury and likes it but Soma knows he'll have to choose an even better fish so he'll have a higher chance of winning. Based on the flashback we see of Soma and his father at the fish market, Yukihira has trouble choosing the good fish, even to this day. His father just got good at it after a long time and Soma only has 10 days until the match. It's looking bad for him since he doesn't even know what to make either.

Akira gets interviewed by the newspaper club. The teacher he hangs around is nervous but Akira is calm and collected and seems to be acting normal again. Ryo at first is OK with being interviewed and very indifferent. When he puts the bandana on he has one of his meltdowns and kicks the club out. They can't get an interview with Soma since he isn't done figuring things out. No one has any confidence in him winning or even being evenly matched to Ryo and Akira at all. Akira and Ryo are being super intense about the competition swearing that they'll beat the other one as they cook.

Meanwhile, Soma and Megumi are being driven home by Fumio. She can see she hit a wall so he gives advice saying salt could actually help make the fish better. Soma is in the back looking emo as he tries to come up with a solution. He eventually thinks of something and calls all his friends over even if they're in the middle of changing....:coughs: Great another random fanservice scene-

Soma decides he'll buy the perfect fish a few days before the match and have Ibusaki and Ryoko help since they're both experts at the aging method. Nikumi was brought to since she is very good at meat. They all cheerfully agree to help him since Soma can win if he finds the perfect way to utilize the fish!

They all prepare and there is a brief montage of Soma learning about the methods from his friends. Also, him going to the market when Ryo and Akira are there. When the tests are done they try the 3 pacific saury experiments. No foodgasms this time.

Megumi still thinks that the one Ryo made tasted better. They are all disappointed and go to bed or home for the night.  Soma is still unsure of what to do and starts walking away from the kitchen. He sees what she's eating and gets an idea and tackle hugs her, which was pretty funny!

We cut to the morning before the contest. Ryo and Akira are suspicious because Soma isn't in the fish market. We see him testing something and smiling which piqued my curiosity honestly. I wonder what he made but I think it was probably some kind of sushi?

They all walk on stage, Akira looks really exhausted. There are 3 judges, the Director of the school, the executive chief of the Totsuki resort and a new woman. It turns out that it's Alice's mother. She looks very beautiful and elegant and it turns out that she is kind of a nerd as well much like Alice. Her Japanese is spoken really badly and I laughed but also cringed very hard.

Her name is Leonora and I love her honestly. She's great and I'm a little annoyed because I know next episode she's going to be used as a product of fanservice...sigh. Alice walks on stage all embarrassed that her Mom can't speak the language correctly and such. Leonora sits in her judging seat. It seems she has it in for Yukihira since he defeated Alice. She gets all yandere looking and creepy saying if it isn't good she'll get mad. They all present their fish and Soma's is covered in some brown stuff...maybe fried? Either way, I'm definitely confused.

The episode ends here! Overall this was a really great episode and I'm looking forward to the results of this competition. Though I know Soma will probably wind up winning. Main character syndrome and all that. You shall see me again on Wednesday for the D Grey Man Article!

I have already been looking into Fall Anime choices and have some interesting stuff already planned even though Summer is only a little over halfway down for most shows. I may even be doing 3 because so many good Fall shows are coming out, even better than Summer! We'll have to see what happens with that, though. Fall will be busier with school starting up again and me wanting to start writing more for my projects. I'll set it up for a vote when the time comes!

I bid you all adieu for now!

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