Monday, August 29, 2016

Shokugeki No Soma Ni Sara Episode 9 Thoughts: The Suspense Continues!

So we still don't know the winner yet actually! This entry will probably not be as long since not much went on this episode. It was more of a build up if anything but I hope you all enjoy regardless!

No one is really impressed with Soma's pacific saury. The audience is completely floored and seems to assume that Soma is being an idiot again. I wonder why they do this though because Soma has proved his worthiness time and time again in Shokugeki's and in class.

Akira and Ryo are also unimpressed. They immediately figure out what method Soma used and think Soma's fish still can't compare. Denying until the end, a typical episode of Food Wars.

The contest begins and the roof is opened. It's apparently tradition to open up the roof during the finals, every contestant always stares at the same moon. Because it takes 2 hours for the full moon to be visible and then be hidden again, that's how long our 3 contestants have to cook. They all start and we jump right into this contest.

An interesting to note is that episode is kind of quiet. The epic music that plays actually isn't nearly as prominent while we watch them cook. In fact, it's almost nonexistent in certain parts.

Ryo is cooking a dish with Italian roots which is interesting. The judges babble particularly Alice's mother. We get a flashback to when Ryo met Alice. He refused to leave with her because he liked where he was and was already the head chef at the restaurant anyway. Alice challenged him to a duel and won. Ryo refused to loose and kept challenging her over and over. He keeps losing but eventually Ryo wins.

Ryo becomes fond of Alice after this and agrees to go with be pretty much her butler but I digress. When Alice talks to her Mom about taking Ryo with her I noticed her Japanese was a lot better, but more on that later, though. Ryo finishes his dish first and gives it the judges.

The judges love his dish and everyone goes naked for it, in Food Wars fashion. The director grins which is apparently is so rare it's called "The grin". When tasting the other parts it even gets Alice's mother's special ability to unlock. Apparently when she tastes something amazing she can articulately describe everything about the dish in perfect Japanese...and glow while doing so!

....Um...Oooookay. Random. Funny, though, it made me laugh because of how out of the blue it was.

Akira finishes next and presents his dish. Ryo seems insulted by the dish and starts yelling at him but Akira pretty much ignores him and just presents his dish. Akira's dish is an unimpressive looking but after spraying the top with a blow torch, the smell is what sells the dish.

No one can resist and the judges eat it. The judges seem like they may be even more impressed with Akira and we get a little sword fight fantasy. Akira points a sword at Ryo which is pretty epic! Akira proved himself a good cook even without relying entirely on spices like normal. The director has gone shirtless for Soma's dish and Soma is running out of time.

Despite this, Soma is wearing that cocky smirk on his face like normal and continues along at his own pace. He finishes his dish in time and brings it the judges. They set the mood really nicely here! We just hear footsteps.

Soma's dish is very simple. even more so then Akira and Ryo. Despite that the judges love it, but not as much as the other two. The director doesn't have a big reaction like he did to the other two dishes! His dish can't compare to Akira and Ryo.

Soma isn't done however and before the results can be announced demands that they have seconds revealing an extra thing he's going to pour on the rice. As it turns out his dish has a twist and isn't quite complete!

Then the episode ends before we can see exactly what it is. Which is infuriating because you can tell they're going to milk this as long as possible. I'm enjoying Food Wars don't get me wrong but it isn't exactly my type of show. Ecchi comedies aren't my favorite per say. I have to be in a particular mood to tackle it ya know?

I hope you enjoyed the episode, though! Since Food Wars will only be 13 episodes, we only have 4 more episodes now! Getting really close to the finale and I'm wondering how this will end!

I bid you adieu until D Gray Man on Wednsday and hope you had a great weekend!

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