Monday, August 1, 2016

Shokugeki No Souma Ni Sara Episode 5 Thoughts

Damn you cliffhanger episode! Who the hell gave you permission to stop everything and not show us the contest. Just because I'm pretty sure of what will happen doesn't mean I don't want to see it! Well, to be honest, I personally don't think there was a lot to discuss this episode per say, but I will do my best to make my post fun to read as always, but expect shorter because in my opinion, not a lot of significant stuff happened this week. Not significant to the contest anyway. Let's get into Shokugeki no Souma Ni Sara Episode 4 without delay!

We start off where we left off last time. Soma not only has high stakes but actually tells Subaru what he's going to make much to the dismay of the other characters. I also think this is a poor choice on Soma's part. I know he's the main character and everything but that was an incredibly arrogant and stupid move. It's one of the reasons why I don't like Soma as much. Subaru accepts the terms of the Shokugeki. 
After the opening, we start off with Erina (ugh). She reads a letter from Hisako. She is too ashamed to face Erina after her loss and has left. Erina is sad because Hisako didn't even ask what she thought of the dish. I know every time I make one of these posts I mention a ship...but they are so a couple even the show heavily implies it especially during season 2. 
Cutting back to Soma we actually get a new character. His name is Sotsuda Mitsuru and he is in the journalism club. He wants to be the one that has the scoop on Soma and his match against Subaru since it's the buzz around the school. Soma isn't into the idea.
We get a short funny sequence of Sotsuda following him around all day basically begging him. Soma relents. I like Sotsuda, he is pretty cute and I hope he'll be in more episodes. I would definitely enjoy that! 
Soma explains beef stew as he makes it and Sotsuda enjoys it. No real food gasam from it, though it's pretty damn suggestive looking. Damn Food wars, making eating suggestive looking. They want to test if the dish is really worthy for this contest so they go to Erina....(sigh)
There is a pretty funny scene with her, I will give it that. She is reading shoujo manga in her room. She turns to ask Hisako for the next issue. She reminisces on the fact that Hisako was always the one to get things for her. When she hears the doorbell she runs to it assuming that it's her. It turns out to be Soma much to her anger. 
It turns out Alice was the one that let her in. Erina refuses to help until Soma notices the Shoujo manga. She agrees to help as long as they get her the next issue. She tastes it and of course doesn't approve saying while it's good enough for a diner it isn't for the contest. 
Then we get a completely random sequence of Subaru in Soma's place. Him wearing his outfit, working at his diner, the works. It came completely out of nowhere and I was incredibly confused when it came up. To confused to even laugh as much as I wanted to. Unfortunately, the joke was a miss for me, but I hope it at least made you guys laugh. Subaru was just pretending in the kitchen to be Soma while that weird glasses guy was listening outside the door. He is definitely the villain and I wonder what will happen next. 
As it turns out the judges from season 1 during the training from hell are coming to judge the dishes. Soma works on perfecting his stew, and then we finally get to see...part of the contest. Yup, only part. We have to wait until next week for the results. 
His dish seems like it will be successful since Soma found out a solution but Subaru also has a twist in mind. He presents his twist...and the episode ends...DAMN IT
I'm so annoyed with cliffhanger endings but this was still a pretty good episode!  I hope you all enjoyed this. I would also like to announce that I have seen Evangelion (part of it anyway) for the first time and had a great idea for a fanfiction that I think you fans might actually like! If you guys follow Evangelion I would love commentary on this. Keep an eye on Frontline fiction for that! 
I bid you all adieu for now and shall see you soon for D Grey Man as always though! 

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