Wednesday, September 21, 2016

D Gray-Man Hallow Episode 12 Thoughts: CALLED IT

Woohoo, things I predicted are getting called left and right, or at least implied even more than they were before! We are approaching the finale and I can tell it's gonna be an epic one! This episode didn't have a whole lot going on but as far as setups go it was amazing! Let's get right into it!

Starting back where we left off everyone's main goal is to capture Allen and do god knows what. It's obvious if he's captured it absolutely won't be good for him, maybe even worse than before. They want to capture Allen so much they don't even care about the Noah's. No matter what they want him captured before he can leave the island. This shows that Allen is in huge danger, to an even greater extent than before.

The science division is freaking out much like everybody else. They are now divided. The majority seem to think that Allen got fed up with The Order and left and only one thinks that he wouldn't do that. Johnny is just overwhelmed and wondering why all this happens. Poor Johnny, he just wants everyone to get along.

The director goes looking for Link, pushing his way past security to do so despite the danger. He finds what I assume to be Link's dead body and pushes everyone out. Everyone is horrified at the bloody sight. Apocrypos is able to sneak out in all the chaos, though I can't help but think, no one noticed an odd creepy dude being unnervingly calm with blood on his hand? I don't know there are a lot of people there. Someone must have noticed something!

Lvellie makes all the personal leave to report the death of Howard Link. As it turns out they seem to know about Apocrypos. Two others leave leaving Zuu alone with Lvellie. Zuu is very suspicious of him. Lvellie seems to have other motives and is using the official ones to hide what said motives are. I think for whatever reason he has a personal gripe with Allen and is gonna use this to bury Allen even further if that's possible.

Not only  is Allen being pursued by Apocrypos but Lenalee is also looking for Allen. She has a flashback to when she first met Allen and showed him around the Order which strengthens hers resolve and she continues her hunt. Back with Allen.Tyki and Road they think they've gotten away a safe distance. They aren't sure how Road was so badly harmed by Apocrypos but their goal now is obviously to somehow leave this island. Tyki senses something and wants to leave as soon. He's hoping the Earl will open up an escape and tells Allen to take care of Road. Allen objects saying he is an exorcist, not Noah.

Before he can finish he's going back the feathery appendages grow on his arm again and it turns out Apocypos is using it basically as a homing beacon so he won't lose Allen. Tyki realizes this and in a bit of an extreme reaction tries to actually cut it off. Allen goes crown clown and jumps away from Tyki in response. Allen is still talking about how the Noah are worse then Apocypos in his eyes but Tyki points out that Allen is basically one giant gray area and has two monsters living inside him. Basically that he is the worst monster here.

Allen obviously has never thought this before and seems very upset but before the argument can continue an explosion happens somewhere else. The thirds are killing members of the order and Allen's friends even though they fight their hard and give it they're all seem to be losing. They do well against the Akuma but the 3rds trap them in a pentacle shaped barrier made from the flame feather charms. They are now trapped like rats and while they do their best against the 3rds they open up this insane Akuma cannon thing and it's looking really bad for them.

Back at the order with Kamui, everyone thinks the 3rds betrayed them and the exorcist that was infected with a parasite wants to help but can't. In frustration, he cries about how they should have never trusted Allen. Kamui commands Lenaelee to go after Allen/The 14th but she refuses saying she knows that Allen is good because of all he's gone for people and how he always puts himself first. She's saying the obvious but Kamui doesn't seem impressed nor satisfied in my humble opinion.

Lenaelee's conversation gets cut off by her being ambushed. Out of everyone she handles herself the best and even when Tokusa shows up. Tokuasa tries to tell Lenalee to give up on Allen and says the Earl made them realize that both the 3rds and Allen was defiled and couldn't save anyone before backing into the portal again. She goes back to looking for Allen after this.

Back with Tyki and Allen Apocypos appears and Tyki tells Allen that if he wants to stay an exorcist he should stay away from the order until he gets the monster inside him taken care of. Allen begins to fall into despair calling himself the worst because all he's done is cause confusion. Road wakes up and repeats the words Mana told him when he was young. "Never stop walking" and says Neah worked for Mana before turning into a light green/turquoise dust.

Timcampy turns small again before Allen can even say he can't take him with him and the two go. Allen opens the arc for what he says will be the last time. He says that from here on neither the order or Noah won't interfere but before he can go Lenalee finally catches up to him. She says he'll be scolded for using the arc without permission in tears and she yells that if he goes she'll have to fight him. It's a very emotional scene.

Allen hugs Lenalee to comfort her and says he'll always be an exorcist no matter what and that he loves her and everyone else in the order. That it's his home and always will be. He goes into the arc and Lenalee screams out his name as it crumbles and disappears. The episode ends on this depressing note.

I loved this episode! It was really awesome and I loved seeing the exorcists and thirds fight! I'm also excited to see where Allen is going and what he intends to do until he can take care of things. I'm going to be resisting the urge to peek ahead to the manga to see what happens. That's how excited I am about this! I also called Allen having to fight the other order members/Lenalee and leville being corrupt in some fashion. Called it! CaaaAAAALLLEDDDD It. Let me know if you guys did as well!

That is, unfortunately, it for D gray man this week, though. For those of you who didn't see my Food Wars post next week most likely on the 30th, I will be putting out my watch list for Fall and announcing a new format for writing these for when the Fall season starts! I hope you all like what I have in mind!

I bid you all adieu for now!

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