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D Grey Man Hallow Episode 10: I'M STILL SAD

Ok, so it cooled the physical sense of the word. It's just still very emotionally intense. I'm so angry with Link right now, angry beyond measure. This one, it'll just make you even angrier if I'm being completely honest. Let's get into episode 10 of this festival of pain.

So we start up where it ended. Link pretty much forces Allen into submission. Allen struggles but Link is too powerful for him. Allen literally BEGS Link to be let go but Link with Neville's coaxing keeps Allen bound. Even though Allen clearly shows he wants to save A LIFE they don't give a damn. Bastards.

The female third exorcist that was with Link finally succumbs to her own Akuma cells and attempts to kill Allen. Timcanpy defends Allen but he has turned really big for whatever reason, and the characters just noticed even though he already looked like that last episode.

Tokusa also attempts to attack Link but disappears and the female third exorcist gets sucked into the arc. Link who knew them before is completely emotionally destroyed by them disappearing since they were basically his family. I really don't care, though. I know I should but not really.

His tragic backstory doesn't suddenly make me feel bad for him. He screwed Allen over, even after being with him for so long, he still listened to authority instead of what he saw with his own two eyes. The fact that Allen is a good person worthy of being respected and I have no respect for characters who betray their friends for authority like that.

The Noah family leaves through the arc as well, saying they will use the thirds as pawns to win the war and that they will return. It is also very clear Allen won't be living with the order anymore.

Allen and Ticampy are both being held prisoner by the thirds. This absolutely INFURIATES me. You might not get why if you're newer to the show and just started watching at this season. So I'll explain why this is such a huge kick to the face.

The first D Grey Man series was about 100 episodes long. The show starts with Allen first joining the order. If you watched from that point, you will see all of Allen's loyalty to them. How much he's done for them since joining. Now because some snobby asshole came to stick around Allen is being treated like nothing more than common trash even after everything he's done and after proving his loyalty to the order MORE than enough.

We get to see the Noah's and the Millennium Earl was apparently crying in his sleep. Road seems to think he was afraid that apparently, the Millennium Earl wants to be by his side. Despite that the Noah's have pledged their loyalty to him no matter what and they reiterate that.

One of the people that work for the Millennium, I think he's part of the Noah family but I don't remember honestly. As it turns out Bookman knew the previous Earl and a connection to the 14th. Lavi seems to be ill-being he's sweating and looking down but he might just be nervous.

The representative of the Noah says they won't welcome him and intend to kill him. He wants to know why the Millennium is so eager to welcome the 14th and be with him but Bookman plays the "I don't know." Card. I'm interested to see what the Bookman's connections are for sure. Was he maybe a bad guy for sure?

They want to check through the bookman's memories to figure out what's going on and threaten him with Feedra's parasite which is actually in Lavi's body and Han's as well. Bookman despite the threat keeps a poker face.

In the hospital, they are trying to figure out the parasite in Han's body but can't cure him. They are trying their best but it isn't looking good. Lenalee comes limping into the infirmary asking about Allen, Kanda, Lavi and Bookman looking very sad and worried.

Now HERE'S a character worthy of pity. Those were pretty much all her closest friends and now she has no idea what's going on with them. Or what happened to them. Someone should hug her like...immediately.

Meanwhile, Link gives a report to the higher ups about the incident. Link has a flashback to what happened when they were both captured. It really upset me because we see Allen in tears telling Link he wishes that Link had trusted him a little longer and apologizing to Tokusa.

While Link hasn't completely lost his soul, his higher ups don't even have one. All they want to know is Allen's condition and if he has disclosed where Alma and Yuu went. Allen has refused to say a single word and he won't eat either, probably because he's afraid it has a truth serum. We also aren't sure about how the 14th is progressing. He will only drink water.

The higher ups still treating him like a villain want to "make Allen understand the position he's in" and "Get tough with him" the priest shows them mugen. He explains that Yu and Alma are most likely dead and Allen is just trying to respect their last wish and that they should have mercy on him. They command him to be silent despite the fact that he was being respectful. We get another shot of Allen in prison.

The show then gives us a small break from the doom and gloom and we focus on Lenalee and the other exorcists. Jeryy is trying to get them all to eat. They are all naturally to sad too, however. Jeryy quite literally forces them to eat, though and the mood lightens and they start talking. It's a very sweet scene.

The science division reveals that they have a plan. They want to get clearance from Neville to investigate Allen and remove the 14th's personality. Lenalee is really moved and reminded of her friends and she eats with tears in her eyes as well.

People that overhear treat them like a joke and say that a Noah should be executed. They get mad and one guy throws something at a guy he thought said it only to hit this scary guy with glasses, one of the higher ups. They apologize to him and offer food but he turns them down, cleans off his glasses and says Allen will not be harmed.

This dude is creepy and reminds me of that one dude who mixed his daughter with a dog in Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood. He'll screw them all over you'll see.

Link comes down to the cafeteria and asks for something. From now on I might call him "Central Watchdog" because god damn that's brilliant Jeryy. Another awesome line from one of my favorite supporting characters.

We cut back to Allen being imprisoned and central watchdog comes and gives Allen food. Link tells him that Jeryy cooked it and to prove it is definitely authentic Lville is shit is written on it with...some red stuff? Allen (and me actually) is surprised Link even let him do that. Link doesn't respond but Allen now feels comfortable eating it.

I'd like to point out that had no one did this for him, Allen would have starved to death. That's how devoted a character he is, and he deserves wayyy better.

Allen actually apologizes for making Link feel bad and that he didn't mean to blame him (Even though I do and will until the end of time). Link clearly feels guilt but I don't care, I really don't. Link actually seems upset the first thing he says is an apology but Allen just shrugs it off and keeps eating much to Link's annoyance which was funny.

Link explains his backstory and how the other 3rds are like family to him. How they were taken in by the churches bad side and all that and as it turns out HES THE ONE THAT FOUND DARK MATTER TO BEGIN WITH.


:clears throat: Anyway...

Allen looks saddened by this being the great guy he is, and even calls himself an idiot and saying he wishes he had learned about them like that so he could have gotten along with them better and maybe saved Alma and Kanda as well. He tears up and everything. Allen is just...he's my favorite character. He is such a good person that I just...cannot even.

Allen also thinks about the 14th saying he hates him but knows nothing about him. He thinks about maybe his opinion would change if he figured out why he does the things he does. I mean if he is Mana's younger brother that would make the 14th Allen's adoptive uncle's something to think about.

Allen suddenly starts to change back into the 14th. He feels his own consciousness slipping but the creepy glasses guy (at least I think he is) says not to let him sleep because if Allen does he'll be eliminated and that'll be the end.

The guy uses what looks like innocence to "heal him" but Allen starts screaming his head off. The dude also killed guards on the way in showing he really is a suspicious person. The Millennium wakes up all afraid now realizing the 14th will die. The heart is also mentioned which is a huge peace of D Grey Man lore.

The episode then ends on that note.

I loved this episode. It was super emotional and I was able to get really invested which is typically the way a show gets a 10/10 from me! I look forward to episode 11 for sure!

That ends today's post! I shall bid you all adieu for now!

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