Tuesday, January 3, 2017

Bravo's Weekly Anime Lineup #14

This week's Anime screenshot is Flip Flappers! 
Not nearly as many anime for this week's post! Despite that though I hope you guys will enjoy it regardless! Soon enough the Winter anime season will be starting! We'll be starting to see some new shows and such! In the meantime make sure you're caught up and enjoy what I have here!

December 27th, Tuesday:

Nobunaga No Shinobi:

This episode was fun! Technically Hanbei is gone. He kind of betrayed his old masters and retired from his work. Nobunaga should have no reason to kill him, now that he isn't in the picture at least for now. I hate to be that person but had this been real Nobunaga would without a doubt have killed her. That would most likely be considered a betrayal in his eyes based on what I know about the guy. Still, a good episode I liked it! 


Last episode of this! I expected a bigger reaction to Elf's appearance. Like Juugo trying to kill him on sight. The way it was done was good, though! It was awesome I loved it! The part where he tried to escape was good as well. I still don't entirely see how the guy can be happy in prison but this world works on its own rules.

Overall I give this show 8/10. The art is very pretty and eye-popping, the characters are really colorful and fun to watch and the music is pretty good as well! I think the flaw is the story pacing. The tone change doesn't bother me, I like shows and stories that have a lot of genre's going for it but it could have been executed way better. We will be getting another season of this as part of Winter anime! I look forward to it because I do enjoy this show plenty! I think if you can look past the show's awkward structure you will like it a lot! 

December 28th, Wednesday:

Hibike Euphonium 2:

Last episode of this! It ended on a solemn note since the third years are leaving the club. I'm surprised the shorter girl is the club president. In essence, it makes sense since she has a lot of presence in the show! The last episode was actually really nice and peaceful and I enjoyed it. I have a feeling we might possibly get more of this. I wouldn't entirely mind if we did.

I give this a 6/10. The art, music, and character designs are really nice. This show without a doubt knows how to do a lot of things right. In my opinion, though it does a lot wrong as well. This season got better then the last one I'll give it that but I find it to be really callous a lot of the time with how it handles more serious stuff. I don't find myself getting super attached to characters either. The two other mains that should be in the show way more are also shoved to the side. I'm in the minority with this, though, a lot of people do watch this show and if this seems like something you'd like you should watch and enjoy! 

Brave Witches:

Last episode of this as well! It ends exactly how you expected. Hikari swoops in and helps save the day when things get too tough for her sister and the gang. Her sister never apologizes directly but everything is still somehow beautiful and fine and Hikari gets to be with the group. The end! 

I give this show a 6/10. It was good and kind of cool at some bits! Still, you wouldn't be missing a lot. It isn't necessarily bad at all but in my opinion it's kind of bland honestly. The character development episodes were really nice, but I didn't feel like they had a real bond with Hikari by the end even after everything. I would have overlooked it but then that sister thing happened and just...I'm sorry that's too much to overlook. If you think you might like it, check it out! It's definitely something a few of you might like! 

December 29th, Thursday:

Flip Flappers:

This was a great finale! For a moment I thought we would never get to see Pure Illusion again! The show made me worry a bit but when everything was OK, I let out the biggest sigh of relief. The show pulled a bit of a fast one which was a good move! The fight scene with Cocona's "Mom" was awesome as well. I loved this finale and Im going to miss this show a lot of truth be told. 

I give this show a 9/10. Everything is near perfect. The character's, animation and everything was near perfect! I do have a few things that bugged me. I feel like this particular show would have been better had it been longer. A lot of stuff gets thrown at you in a short amount of time so some of the twists feel super sudden and not even hinted towards at all. Still, I loved this! It was one of the best Fall Anime's and I highly recommend watching it! If nothing else it's an amazing visual experience! 

December 30th, Friday:

No Anime I'm Watching Came Out Today So Instead...:

Nothing came out for Friday! So I figured I'd take his opportunity to list what I'd be reviewing weekly for Winter Anime Season! Bear in mind guys, I can't review everything even if I do watch everything that comes out. It's just so this article doesn't take forever to make! Don't worry, though, you guys won't miss any of the good stuff! I will review a show I may not have mentioned in my list if I checked it out and I feel it's worth talking about! Anyway here is my Winter Review List!

Lots of good stuff coming up for Winter as you guys can see we are gonna get some interesting shows! Personally, I'm excited for Rewrite Moon And Terra, Little Witch Acadamia, Kuzu No Honkai and Gabriel Dropout!

December 31st, Saturday:


Oh wow! This was awesome! We got an episode that was 20 minutes and that was the best part honestly! The last two episodes were on the short side so this made me happy! We got the background of the RWBY world and how it was created. A deeper story on the maidens and the relics were introduced!

I should have seen the school secretly training hunters and huntresses for this coming, RWBY was obviously going to be much more complex and big here we are haha. What actually caught me off guard was Qrow's semblance. Bad luck was not what I would have thought at all. I wonder if he might die because of the poison, it took awhile to activate itself and he looks in bad shape. I'm curious about the other headmasters and Jaune as well. He isn't taking it well at all I wonder if he'll betray them somehow out of spite.

Then there was Blake and her conversation with her Dad almost made me cry, to be honest. It was so tender and emotional and well done and I loved it! I was so angry when Sun interrupted and I wonder who that ninja girl is! Sun summarizing everything that happened and then going off after Blake made me laugh, though! I loved this episode! 

January 1st, Sunday:

No anime was released today! Sorry about that guys! 

January 2nd, Monday:

No anime was released today! Sorry about that guys! 


This week was kind of sparse when it comes to anime! My favorite this week was RWBY of course for obvious reasons but my least favorite was actually Brave Witches. Hibike Euphonium actually managed to be good this week! 

I bid you adieu until my next post! Let me know in the comments what you thought as well if you would like! 

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