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Bravo's Weekly Anime Lineup #15

                             This week's Anime Screenshot is Chou Shounen Tanteidan Neo!                                        

Well, guys! The fall season has ended and we are kicking off Winter season! The new shows are starting up! It's time to be introduced to some new stuff and I'm excited! So as always make sure you're caught up so you don't get spoiled and get right to it!

January 3rd, Tuesday: 

Nobunaga No Shinobi:

This episode was pretty cute! We got another little bit of Hideyoshi and Nene. They really are a cute couple and that comes from someone who isn't particularly fond of tsundere. If these characters are literally going to build a castle I would love that, that'll open up some funny antics. The first joke was the funniest, though, I love the delivery this show has! I look forward to next time! 

Chou Shounen Tanteidan Neo:

We have had the honor of being introduced to the first anime of the Winter season! How was it?...Mehhhhh-

I know you were probably hoping for something better. The show has some funny facial expressions but it isn't very funny at least not so far. It's supposed to be a comedy but it doesn't quite hit the mark. Don't get me wrong it tries but its sense of humor is very... cringy to me I guess? That and the plot is basically Sherlock Holmes or Tin Tin or something, but Japanese. It's about a genius detective guy with a boy who idolizes him plus some girl he's friends with. It's not off to a good start but then again how many jokes do I expect from your first episode being about killing a bug? Oh well...

Nanbaka (2017):

The second season has begun! It was funny as always! My favorite thing was definitely the great hair color switching crisis. I don't know about you guys but I thought they looked good with different hair colors. That was really funny especially everyone's reaction especially when Hajime wasn't affected since he isn't bald. The other characters are really cool as well! I hope we get to meet more this show has so many awesome characters with big personalities! It's the best parts! 

January 4th, Wednesday:

Akiba's Trip The Animation: 

Our next new show this week is Akiba's Trip The Animation! People are giving it a lower rating but I want to give it a chance. I know of the video game this is based on so I didn't expect a whole lot. I mean it's silly, to begin with. So far it's kind of like Kill La Kill and Konosuba mixed and created this. It was pretty funny albeit kind of ridiculous and I think I can grow to enjoy it more! Right now though my feelings on it are very "Eh, OK" but it's only the first episode, it could definitely get better! 

January, 5th, Thursday:

Masamune-kun no Revenge:

The next anime of this week is this! So far it's honestly the best one. The animation and art are really pretty! I love the colors in this show and the main character has motivations and is a person I can get behind. I don't find him to be a narcissist I still think he's overcompensating for insecurity. I also want to see him screw over that bitch. I don't like title male love interests who act like this, why would I like a girl who acts all high and mighty like them? I have a feeling it will end with him in love with her. I don't like that, what about the other two girls? They both look so adorable and so much more worthy of being this guys girlfriend! Maybe this show will surprise us?  We shall see but I really enjoy it thus far! It has a premise I definitely enjoy! 

All Out!!: 

This episode was actually pretty good! Must be because of the lack of the dumb old man. It focused on Takuya and Mutsumi in the past and how Takuya started playing rugby. This was funny and Takuya was so adorable when he was younger he looked so different! Now he's a big muscle guy haha. The part with the love letter made me laugh pretty hard. The next episode will most likely start the summer camp...that won't be very good, to be honest. I liked these episodes without that coach. Oh well...also the characters they focused on this time will be leaving the club this year...oops. 

Idol Memories: 

We had a beach episode this time! To be expected honestly, what anime doesn't have a beach episode! It was cute and pretty laid back if you like these sorts of episodes, you'll like this as well. The scene that really interests me is that ending bit. Why is everyone authority determined to stop this group of girls from being idols? Literally, everything is getting in their way? It can't just be "because the idol world is cut throat and we're preparing you for it!" that would be pretty lame and preachy. I guess we'll have to wait and see on that but still, everyone is trying to stop them I can't help but wonder why! 

January 6th, Friday: 

Youjou Senki:

Lots of new anime's introduced this lovely Friday! Our first one is this...interesting thing. I didn't really have high hopes for this show at first. It reminded me of another show that came out that I found to be kind of dull. I was wrong! This is actually good so far! Not super good or anything but definitely pretty cool, I think it will get better as we go! 

It has an interesting newer concept! It's a mix of magic, military, and action. The one flaw is the title character. She is completely evil and pretty hard to root for in any way. On the other hand, we have the other brunette girl! She is voiced by one of my favorite female voice actors and she is the opposite so yay! I look forward to seeing where this goes and this is definitely one of the Winter anime's we should give some attention too! The animation is interesting looking, and the plot moves at a good pace! When people start going after this crazy little girl, I bet we'll get more action scenes and I look forward to that as well! Also, that one guy with the glasses at the beginning and end has really weird hair! Not important but...I noticed it. 


Oh my gosh! I love this show already! The moment I saw Fuuka I had high hopes for it! The main character is adorable and Fuuka is cool too! I love this dynamic, a girl that's a bit off the wall but not to an obnoxious degree and a more withdrawn shy guy, but not to over the top. It's really fun to watch! I love all the characters thus far and they feel very human to me, they emotionally touch me in a way you know? I love everything about it!The music, animation, art, voice acting and everything is really high in quality! I look forward to more for sure!

The best part was I was able to watch 2 episodes! As I already said love all the characters. The girl who sung on stage in the second episode was really nice! The blond dude being gay surprised me a lot as well, and I can't wait to see even more characters! Everyone that's been introduced has certainly been great so far! 

Minami Kamakura Koukou Joshi Jitensha-bu:

Huh. Another anime about biking.

I figured I would watch even though we already have Long Riders for that! I don't regret it, it's a little on the blander side but it is cute! I love the two girl's we are focused on so far they are an interesting duo, albeit a formula that's kind of common. The other girl seems pretty cool as well! I don't get how you can forget to ride a bike, I don't know anyone that has had that happen to them, and I never do whenever I haven't in awhile. Pretty cute and nice pilot, though! 


This show is somehow related to Amagi SS apparently. I recognized it immediately but I'm not sure how it's related. Either way that assures that I need to watch that show soon haha. This was cute, though! All the girls are nice if not a bit weird. The ending part makes me wonder if this will be a supernatural series and pull a plot twist on us. The main boy is also cute! I can empathize with him and his plight! This show seems to be good as well but the pace is a tad slow but I'm willing to overlook it since everything else is nice. The art is a little plain but charming as well! I like it so far but I hope we get more developed for the other girls! 

Schoolgirl Strikers: Animation Channel:

I like this show so far as well! Typical all girls school that secretly teaches fighting extradimensional creatures that want to destroy the world! I dig that, I like magical girls! The character's we've gotten to know more in depth are cute! The whole thing with the sword made me laugh. Again it's still a little bland despite definitely having some good qualities, but I think it will get better and I'm giving it a chance! I like it enough so far so I may as well right?

Ao no Exorcist: Kyoto Fujouou-hen:

Oh, my god! This was definitely one of the most highly anticipated anime's and I totally get why! I watched and absolutely adored this series! I was so happy when I heard we would be getting more and I'm satisfied with this! Rin and everyone else was just as awesome as always! The new plot is really interesting and suspenseful!

 I just remembered how much I hate Yukio, though. He was always a huge turd no change there. Too bad he's too useful and important to the story, we'll never get rid of him haha. I love Rin, though he's my favorite character in this show and still is! Everyone is not taking Rin being the son of satan as well, to be expected. I'm excited to see how that develops as we go and excited to get introduced to the new character's we will be seeing!

I'm excited to get a dub again the most! I watched this series and dub so it just isn't right especially without Sam as Mephisto! Looking forward to next time for sure! 

January 7th, Saturday: 

Urara Meirochou:

The first new show this Saturday is this! I already like it! Some of the characters are kind of plain, 2 of the ones in the main group but the rest are cute and charming and everything is well drawn! I love the guard character even though we probably won't see her much.

How the main character apologizes was also pretty funny I laughed at that bit and how the gag went on for a bit! I'm excited to see the stuff these characters do and the supernatural elements in this show! I hope we get a bit more adventure to make things interesting but right now I'm satisfied with this and enjoy it! I look forward to learning more about this world and it's characters but this show probably won't be for everyone. The cutesy nature might turn a few of you away! 


This episode was another weirder thing from this show. Bach is playing a bit more of a role but thankfully not too much. Turns out their music ability can get unstable and out of control. Schubert changes to a fish the whole episode. He almost gets eaten quite a few times but actually almost accepts his fate when he figures Beethoven might eat him. That's some crazy...and a slightly scary amount of admiration there. Poor Schubert can't catch a break, though! Even at the end, he got smacked around. They chose good fish to represent each character, though. A pretty good episode but not the best. 

Time Bokan 24:

In this episode, our main characters find out a famous ninja was actually an illusionist. Kind of predictable especially if you think about it, a lot of anime ninjas are illusionists. The part where it almost focused on the bad guys was funny. If I'm being completely honest, they are a bit more interesting to me than the main characters. Even with the search for the boyfriend and all. A regular average episode of Time Bokan! Nothing really to see or say about it. The new opening and ending are nice, though! 

Spirit Pact:

It's fine. A lot of the anime's this company makes tend to get a collective "Meh" from me. This one is no different. It could have been better than the other shows. I had hope in it at first. Then the main character died and down the hill, we went! Why?

Why do all the yaoi couples have such big age gaps? It doesn't make any sense and isn't appealing. The story seems somewhat appealing but this has been done like 50 times over. I can name like 3 different anime with an almost identical or very similar premise. I know ideas can often be similar since there are only so many ideas out there but come on! This one seems to take what was good from those stories and water it down into some dull formula. My opinion on it is still meh until future notice. It isn't bad at least not yet but it is...dull and sort of formula. 

3-gatsu no Lion:

This came back today! A new opening and end theme and all! Unfortunately, our poor main character kind of had a relapse when it came to illness. He winded up staying with his family for awhile. He has obviously softened up to them a lot since the beginning. For once the more interesting bit to me was the part where he played shogi. He almost strangled the dude abusing Kyouko! I'm surprised he did since he shouldn't really care too much about her. I'm excited to see them face off later on. This was a great welcome back to this show and  I liked it a lot! 

Demi-chan wa Kataritai:

Yet another newbie to the anime ring, we have this interesting gem. I like it a lot more than I expected to. It's about monsters and fantasy creatures living in modern society. How they fit in now that they are accepted by normal people and such. 

I love the world and I love how monsters work in. The characters are the best! I love them all so far and the succubus was really well thought out. A succubus that doesn't want be flirtatious is a fun concept! It will be fun to see her more! We became more familiar with Hikari and Kyouko this time around and they are cute as well of course! I feel like I'm getting to know new friends when watching out which is a feeling I love to get from shows like this! Awesome pilot and I like this so far! I'm looking forward to more! 

Sengoku Choujuu Giga:

Another show we're welcoming back! This episode was funny but incredibly morbid. After a battle Oda had the other character's play a game where they guessed what was in a box by touching it. The thing in the box was the skulls of the enemy they killed. The disgusted faces they made were amusing but the whole concept was morbid which took away from the amusing bits of it. Still nice to have this back, though! 

Chain Chronicle: Haecceitas no Hikari:

Another new show has been introduced to the ring! This one already has some movies for it but I've never seen them. I might take some time to check them out since I enjoyed this. The show actually starts on an interesting note with the main character and his party being defeated by the dark king and how they deal with that. 

I like this interesting way of telling the story and getting to know their characters when their down instead of at their best makes the whole thing more interesting to watch. I have no one I hate so far! Everyone is written well and has their own distinct personality and I like it! This is a good show so far, it might be one of the higher quality one's this Winter season! I'm looking forward to seeing more! 


This week's episode was awesome! Even though it was shorter they fit everyone into 15 minutes so let's get right in!

First the most important arc, the Yang arc. Yang got battle advice from her Dad and it is true Yang uses her semblance a lot. I like how he teases her but she takes it so well. I should strive to be more like that! No matter what just water off a duck do your own thing! The fight was really cool, it's great to have Yang back! That and some information about Raven is coming up! We are going to see her again very soon, possibly with Yang!

Then, of course, we had Weiss who used her semblance successfully for the first time! We as a fandom are very proud of her of course. I want to smack Whitley he's like the world's most obnoxious little brother. Klien, of course, is going to help Weiss but we all knew that, he is the one that should be Weiss's Dad he understands her personal needs better than her Dad ever could! AU where Klien adopts Weiss guys, MAKE IT HAPPEN.

We get back to Blake and the person attacking her is someone she knows and turns out she's really cool! She's a freaking Chameleon Faunus! I never would have come up with something like that and it's just as cool as it sounds! Blake also cares way more about Sun or is more showing that she cares now! I like that!

Meanwhile with Ruby things aren't looking good. Her Uncle could very well die especially with all the infighting going on. Ren and Nora are hiding something huge and the tension is getting worse and worse because of it. I hope things will be OK but with that last part? Everything look not good. Not good at all.

I loved this and look forward to more! I always want more RWBY whenever I can get it and this just made me even more hyped! 

January 8th, Sunday:

Tales of Zestiria the X (2017):

This was a great pilot! I watched the first season and enjoyed it a lot and now that the whole party is together it looks like we'll be in for a lot of fun again! The best scene was honestly where they killed that guy at the end. No one seems to know she's some secret assassin but that's pretty cool! I think she's my favorite female character in the cast! She's so cool! I have a feeling Sorey won't take them doing that well regardless, though. Even if they are right to do so. I look forward to more for sure! 

Idol Jihen:

This show is fine. I really want to give it more but this show doesn't seem like it's even going to try being unique! It just mashed a bunch of other idol anime and then gave us a dull and more boring execution of it. I like the character's and the animation is pretty nice, and this whole episode as a pilot was structured and done well. 

I am interested to see how this idol partnership between these two girls go but the plot is so formula and even worse, very very VERY predictable which makes it less enjoyable. I hope it gets better, though, I would like to see that. Also if Japan is dystopian and needs money why are they paying idols to do stuff instead of like actual politicians and all that? Just a thought. 


This interests me and catches my attention. The art style is a little weird and certain things fall into "been there and done that" category. Aliens are however one of my biggest weaknesses and the main character's are interesting! I expected an alien being the cause of him hearing voices in his head. I wonder if they'll get along now that he's out of his head and such. The romance is pretty predictable as well but I might grow to like it! I'm kinda liking this so far! 

Nyanko Days:

Yes, I know this anime is literally lonely high school girl with cute Neko girls. I don't care I like it! I love the art and character design but the cats have already stolen my heart. I would without a doubt want to buy all 3 if I found them in some box. I would jump at the opportunity! I'm looking forward to more even though this is just a short little series! 

Ao Oni The Animation:

The last episode of this and it actually ended on a funny albeit really morbid note. It showed everyone there as old people which made me laugh. Them dying and then showing the cycle continuing was creepy but to be expected of Ao Oni!

Overall I kinda liked this show! The morbid humor is a bit much for me but it was still a solid 6/10! It was fine and I did get some enjoyment out of it despite how incredibly odd and out there it was. I hope we get an actual horror Ao Oni thing soon, though. I would like that more! 

January 9th, Monday:

Little Witch Academia (TV):

Yes! I loved this! I loved the first two short films of Little Witch Academia and this was amazing! I loved seeing how everyone met! I never thought I would get to see that happen! The whole thing in the forest was really nicely animated! What surprises me was the male character in the opening. I honestly thought there weren't any dudes in the wizarding world here. I'm excited to see the witch that the main character idolizes show herself if she does. The show might end with that never happening! I'm also happy that this show will be over 20 episodes! We'll get to see this world and it's details and I look forward to this the most by far! 

Gabriel Dropout:

This was also just as good as I hoped! It's really funny showing demons and angels in a very casual normal world. The characters are all really fun for me and my favorite is still the white haired girl, Rafael! I love her design the most and her personality will give us some amusing jokes for sure. I can't wait to see more of this it's another one I really like this season! 

Trickster: Edogawa Ranpo "Shounen Tanteidan" yori:

Oh great. This one is back. Not. 
I still don't like it. In fact, I think that it somehow got even more annoying compared to last time.  The main character is having this weird need to redeem himself that's oddly extreme. The white haired dude is more annoying and the only interesting person Twenty Faces is supposedly arrested and nowhere in sight. There was something with invisible paint if that's something you think you guys would like but I was bored to tears so...yeah. 

Chiruran: Nibun no Ichi:

I have seen a few anime focused on the Shinsengumi. Most notably a dating sim one but this I actually liked more than I thought! It was one character being annoyed that he had a bad/nonexistent nickname and the other character's annoying and teasing him with it. The slightly mean sense of humor actually worked and made me laugh this time around! I enjoy this and will keep watching! 


I...don't like it to be honest. 

I'm giving it a fine for now but I don't think I'll enjoy this. The series has a very plain more realistic look. It doesn't work for it and the pace is very slow and yet has more stuff in it that'll make some viewers cringe. I think they may be going for a historically accuracte sort of thing but either way, the art bores me, the character's aren't interesting and I can't even tell who's who since a lot of them look very similiar and RAPE IS NOT A YOUTHFUL IDISCRETION. I would stear clear of this one but out of morbid curiousity, I'll keep looking. You guys stay away, though. Save yourselves while you still can. 


A great first week! I'm mostly enjoying the new selection thus far! My favorites this week were RWBY, Fuuka, Little Witch Academia and Gabriel's Dropout! My last favorites were SpiritPact and Onihei, ESPECIALLY ONIHEI. 

I bid you adieu until my next post, though guys! Let me know what you thought of this week's anime in the comments! I would love to hear what you think as well! 

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