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Bravo's Weekly Anime Lineup #16

This week's anime screenshot is Hand Shakers! 

We are still just getting into Winter anime! This week we should be getting another batch of shows! So as always make sure you're caught up with this week's anime so you don't get spoiled! Then we can get right into it!

January 10th, Tuesday:

Nobunaga No Shinobi:

This was pretty cool! A new character was introduced this time around and he's supposed to be a delinquent sort of guy. I liked the interaction it was fun! Hideyoshi is much more capable than we thought in a weird way! I liked this! I think next episode will be the actual castle building. I look forward to that! 

ACCA: 13-ku Kansatsu-ka:

This is a little boring. Not to the point where I want to drop it but I'm still kind of interested. The first episode may have just been a setup. The next one might have cool cop and detective stuff! The only character I'm really interested in is the main character and the character's that were trying to shut down his division. That and maybe the girl. Either way as a set up this works fine but it moves slowly. If it picks up the pace the show will get better, definitely! 

Hand Shakers:

This show has a bad rating already. I can see why the sudden 3D animation is distracting when mixed with the regular animation. Still, the story is really interesting to me! It raises so many possible stories! I really am already invested in the plot and the characters. I want to know more about them and how Hand Shakers work! The animation is both a plus and a flaw to me. The show is cool at least to me I look forward to me! 

Kemono Friends:

Well, this is interesting. Another one a lot of people don't like though I don't completely understand why. The animation is a bit awkward but other than that it's a cute show! All the girls represent a safari animal I think that's kind of cool! I like the ones we have so far and I look forward to more. I also like the soundtrack it fits all the scenes so well! This is another cutesy one, maybe that's why? Either way, I like and will continue watching this! 

Nanbaka (2017):

This was a pretty cool episode! I loved seeing Hajime's sister come back. I didn't think she ever would! I'm glad we'll be seeing more of her now. If she learns the ropes she would make a really awesome prison guard with everyone else! The funniest bit was when Hajime basically used her as a hammer, I think that was one of the hardest laughs I had at this show so far. 

They also introduce a character on a darker note and address that this is a comedy while doing so which is funny as well. It definitely caught my attention and made me interested in this newbie! The way they cut him off built some suspense as well as being funny so they did a good job! I enjoyed this! 

January 11th, Wednesday

Akiba's Trip The Animation:

We have a bit more background on everything. This episode was getting acquainted with the city and the ropes of fighting these monsters. If every episode is them just fighting some new monster, I have to say this show will get boring quick. With the exception of a few, I tend to not like anime as much when it has a repetitive formula. That's why I hope this anime isn't banter and comedy first half, fighting a new boss next half. Still, I liked this! My favorite bit would be the beginning where the main character is completely disinterested in what he got roped into. 

Piace: Watashi no Italian:

I was hoping for better with this one. It was still good and cute and made me laugh a few times, but not as much as a handful of the others on this list. Her not being able to read the menu right was the funniest bit from this. I like the characters they're really cute! The fact that it's about Italian culture is nice as well! I'll stick with watching this show see where it goes it looks like it'll be cute and sweet! 

Kobayashi-san Chi no Maid Dragon:

A lot of people were making fun of this when the trailer came out. I watched the first episode and don't see why. I think it's funny and cute even if it is a bit strange. I want to see the two main character's bond they have a nice dynamic going for them! I love supernatural creatures so the way it works here is really nice to me as well. I can't wait to see a more serious parts of this show bubble up since they seem to be having that on the back burner as well. I wonder if this show will pull a Madoka. I would like that a lot~. 

One Room:

This is not what I expected this show to be about, to be honest. I thought the whole show would take place in one little apartment complex that all 3 of the girls lived in. That and each episode would be a memorable moment they spent there. Instead, it seems kind of like Anitore where they talk towards what is supposed to be you. I liked it since I enjoyed Anitore but this one seems more relaxed than it. I look forward to more but I can't help but see the wasted opportunity you know? 

Kono Subarashii Sekai ni Shukufuku wo! 2:

This was popular last Winter if I remember correctly! I liked it enough but sometimes it was a bit much for me. I think this season is a little better than the last one, though! I think it may have gotten a bit funnier. It was funny albeit sad how no one defended poor Kazuma. The reason I tend to have a short fuse for this is mostly because Kazuma doesn't deserve all this bad stuff at least not to the degree the writers put him through. He almost got EXECUTED this time around for god's sake! 

 It's not that funny to watch him go through stuff and never get what he wants every single time, in every single episode. When his party is full of idiots that also makes it a bit more annoying. The way Aqua is voiced also gets on my nerves. I like Wiz, though and wouldn't mind even more new characters! I hope we see more of her next season I would be happy with that!

 Still, despite my grievances, this is a funny show and I recommend you guys watch this and go back and check out the first season if you haven't already. It is funny and the lines are delivered really well and it's structured in a really iron clad way! Even though this one isn't my favorite I can see this is a quality show! 

January 12th, Thursday:

Kuzu No Honkai:

This one is...quite interesting. It's a psychological series so it's one of those shows that have a really screwed up concept but for whatever reason, we like it anyway. This series is really interesting. I'm not sure what type of ending it'll even have! Two people voluntarily using each other as a replacement for a person they will never be able to have. It's without a doubt a concept we haven't really seen explored in anime, at least as far as I know.

I love the art style and am without a doubt interested in these characters...even though one of them's pretty gross considering who she secretly wants to be her boyfriend. This is definitely an interesting one! You should check out simply out of interest to see what happens to these characters and I enjoyed this a lot! 

ChäoS; Child:

I have never really seen Chaos Head. I saw the first episode awhile back so I was thankful for the recap of the universe they were in. Then when we got into the actual thing I really liked it! I didn't like Chaos Head a lot back then, but I think I'll check it out again now. I love the character's and their design! The color and animation in this show is something I really enjoy! The story is already interesting to me. I love the psychological anime's and this one delivers, maybe even a little more Kuzu No Honkai! This was awesome! These characters are already well done and it's only episode 1, this is great! I look forward to more! 

Masamune-kun no Revenge:

Oh, my god! So many good shows today! I love this one even more than the last episode. I adore Masamune. Yes, he has that ego but as a person, I really like him and want to see him succeed. and I really love Yoshino. Even though she's shown herself to have psychotic tendencies. I think out of all the girls she's the cutest. I'd want to date her if I were Masamune. I don't get why people put up with Aki, or why Yoshino likes her as much as she does. Even if they were friends from childhood Aki is rarely nice to her at all! I look forward to seeing where this goes next since Masamune has her number now! 

Marginal#4: Kiss kara Tsukuru Big Bang:

I kind of like this. These animes with cute boys are my one weakness haha. One complaint, though. All of the main 4 character's look pretty much the same face wise. I know that can be a problem in any anime but it stands out really bad here thanks to all of them having similar hairstyles. Still, the character's are cute at least and this anime looks like it'll be fun and colorful, everything you would want out of a show like this. My one gripe is that the idol scenes are animated in part CGI which I hate. It's one of my pet peeves for this genre. I think this will be a pretty good series despite that and I'll continue to watch! I look forward to more! 

Super Lovers 2:

Of course, we had to have one season 2 of a show I hated. I occasionally check out yaoi and Shoujo Ai. This was one I checked out since it was only 10 episodes. To be frank, it sucks. Yes, the animation and art are nice and production wise the anime is quality but no matter what, I just can't like this. The characters are either kind of plain and formula. That and the relationship between to the two main character's is so...ew.

If you weren't here for the first season, the two boys in the main couple are adopted, siblings. That and the bigger one tried to force himself on the smaller one which made me incredibly uncomfortable. The relationship to me is still incredibly uncomfortable even after not seeing it after so long. I'm not looking forward to watching this but at least maybe my immense hatred for it will amuse you guys. It was gross as per usual but hey at least we have a little bit of cuteness. That cuteness being the dog...and that's it. That's the only good thing about this episode. The suspense of the going back to Switzerland thing fell harder than an anvil being dropped from a window. This sucked. Don't watch it. 

All Out!!:

Huh...this was actually really good.

Turns out the coach does have a heart and he is starting to show a kinder side to him. We also now know that one of the 1st years in the club was the one that hired him. We knew that kind of but I guess now it's confirmed and will be important at some point. The coach for a second actually seemed sad that they were scared of him. Why he didn't act more like he did this entire episode to remedy that situation until now is beyond me. Beyond all of us really.

Still, I don't hate him as much anymore. It's a well-written character in the very least. I feel bad for the poor character that quit because he was getting sick from everything and how the captain cried. I'm surprised the Captain was so nice to him. I wonder what was up with that last part...either way I sense angst coming that's for sure. 

January 13th, Friday:

Urara Meirochou:

This was good! It seems like even though this show is the cute one of the season, it has serious rules as well. The episode was in 3 parts pretty much. Focus on Mother characters and how to find them, the one rule to never break, and another fortune telling training session. The animation for the last part was really beautiful! I love the girl with the shorter hair that acts as the guard. She's really cool! I really want to see them reach their goal of being 1st class fortune tellers and the motivations were written well! I liked this episode, definitely! 

Youjo Senki:

Well, that was interesting. I didn't expect a backstory drop this early in the show! That and for the whole first half, I was honestly wondering if I landed in a different show entirely. A reincarnation plot is interesting and unsurprisingly this girl this crazy little girl has kind of a tragic backstory. She was literally reincarnated at the hands of Satan himself. I don't really feel bad for her, though. Even with what happened to her, that doesn't warrant exactly how much of a sadist she is! Still, it was cool knowing what she's about. Gives us an idea as to where the show will go from here. Good episode, even though I'm not fond of the main character. Then again, I liked Hellsing so I might have no right to talk, haha. 


I adore this show. I didn't think I would but I love it and I loved this episode as well! In this one, they start to discuss doing a band and we have a beach episode. Normally I roll my eyes when these come around but I think this may very well be my favorite beach episode from an anime in the history of ever. I love the dynamic of this relationship and it really shows in its full glory here. It's sad that his insecurity with himself is his reason for not wanting to be in a band and it was great when they rescued each other. This was great and I'm excited to see them bond more and start this band thing! 

Minami Kamakura Koukou Joshi Jitensha-bu:

OK, I'm starting to see the reason for the lower rating. They completely rushed all the bonding and new character introductions and stuck it all in this episode. Already they can all ride bikes pretty well and we have been introduced to everyone. It wasn't bad per say but we have way more episodes coming! What are we going to do except boring stuff now that the show presented pretty much everything it had in no time flat? It wasn't bad per say but when it comes to bike stuff Long Riders is way better. Where did that show go? 

Schoolgirl Strikers: Animation Channel:

This was pretty good! We had a bit of development for our main characters! They were training to be better so they could be more like the other team who defeated that thing really quickly. It was fun to watch them train and pretty satisfying to see it work. I wonder if next episode we'll focus on another team and its characters? I look forward to it! 


This show is slow paced but still sort of fun to watch! The boy in this show is bonding with the main girl. It was still weird, though, especially that dream bit. I won't get on the show too much, though. A lot of dreams I have are weird and out of the blue so it's an accurate representation of dreams in the very least. The other girl is kind of odd when she spouts random curse words but I like her! I enjoyed this to an OK amount! Pretty good, but not as good or as strong as the first episode! 

Ao no Exorcist: Kyoto Fujouou-hen:

This was great! We got to see a few parent characters and I love those little mental pictures of  Ryuuji's parents. He has nice parents I like them! Shima's Dad is nice as well, I don't get why they are morally against hair dye, though. It was a funny interesting theme. I thought all those girls that looked the same were guys when I watched the opening so I'm a little surprised by that. Rin being reminded of his Dad because of Ryuuji's Dad was depressing but very sweet. Everyone is at the shrine now and we are going into murder mystery territory! I'm not sure who the traitor in the group is. I suspect those girls, though, it feels like that would be the obvious choice! I'm looking forward to next time! 

January 14th, Saturday:


This was kind of depressing. Tchaikovsky and Badarzewska were more the focus this time around! It was a good episode but I don't really understand why they're together as a group. They both seem to want to be in the spotlight exclusively and said such awful things to each other. Badarzewska especially! Maybe it would have been better if Tchaikovsky had just stayed with the group. It was nice that Kanae got to try being an idol. I figured she'd back out by the end but it was still fun to watch her train, she would have been good! Great episode from this I just don't get why those two hang out, there is always tension between them. 

Time Bokan 24:

Fun fact. I have a few words I just can't spell no matter how hard I try. Pythagoras was the focus of this. I would have never thought of writing that so congratulations Time Bokan. You surprised me again. It was pretty fun, honestly, the episode made me hungry. Which was odd I didn't expect this would bring that out in me. It ended how you would expect it to end, like how a lot of them do. I think this is the most scantily clad one of the characters have ever been in this show thus far. Not really a big deal but since this show kind of drags, I notice very small details that don't even matter. A typical episode from this. 


This episode was actually good! I love the fiancee she's adorable! I didn't expect that I would like her either. She winded up being such and adorable cute nerd. I feel bad for her especially when she got possessed by those dark things and we saw her past. She doesn't deserve to suffer like that. The powers they have here are cool I'm glad they saved her! I'm definitely liking this more with more characters showing up. I'm more interested in the bad guys then the main character in all honesty. 

Rewrite: Moon And Terra:

I loved the first season of Rewrite! It was so fun to watch so I was happy to hear we would get more! It doesn't seem like a sequel to me. I'm not sure how to describe it, this seems like a big mix of all of the routes the main character went through in the game. At least his memories give off that impression pretty strongly. The show is more serious though and I like that! The last part was so sweet and the first part was so intense. My only complaint is that this was a little confusing but other than that I'm looking forward to more. Especially if it's as good as last time, I don't mind a little confusion at first! 

3-Gatsu No Lion:

This episode was a bit more drawn out. A big chunk was dedicated to the blond dude that played shogi getting ready to go out and actually playing Shogi against the dude Rei was mad at last time. At least I think so. Meanwhile, Rei went up against Nikaidou's older brother. That went pretty nicely, I had no idea who it was until the end. Seems they're delaying that face off for a bit but I enjoyed this it was good! 

Demi-chan wa Kataritai:

This show is so awesome and charming. This whole episode was just so well thought out and they put a lot of effort into making a good character that I can tell. This whole episode was all about our favorite (Sure as hell my favorite) Dullahan, Kyouko. She was crushing on the main teacher dude and we learned more about how they work in this universe and all that fun stuff as she goes on a kind of date with him. It was very innocent though so it wasn't some creepy thing like it is in a lot of shows. I don't want to describe it, to understand you should see for yourself but it was handled so well and I adored this! I look forward to the next one and the vampire has a nice batman parody shirt so...that was cool as well! A nice touch to a great episode! 

Sengoku Choujuu Giga:

This episode was another song thing. Again a very pretty song but with very odd and silly lyrics. I just enjoyed the little animation with Toshiie pining after Nobunaga and the little song. You can skip this one if you want nothing really significant happened but this was nice I liked it!. 

Chain Chronicle: Haecceitas no Hikari:

Wow, I just noticed how nice the animation was! I know we had a fight scene before but the one here really lets it show as well it's really nice to look at! I'm excited to see how this new party fares against the bad guys with the new addition. My favorite character is bleeding and might be dying, though. Whoops. Still, this was really cool I enjoyed it! I'm excited to see them all fight the dark king again! 

January 15th, Sunday:

Chou Shounen Tanteidan Neo:

This show it's strange. Quality wise it is far from being even slightly better than average. Still the facial expressions and delivery of some of the lines are hilarious. I laughed really hard when the landlord lady showed up. I wonder if the 20 faces guy is what Trickster got it's inspiration from. That's a pretty interesting thought. I enjoy watching this for the laughs, not anything serious. I'm also not sure if the one with the glasses is a boy or girl or not. I'm hoping girl but I don't know really. It could be either way. 

Tales of Zestiria the X (2017):

This was really cool! The more action filled at the end were the best. I cannot handle how pretty the art is in this series! I didn't expect that dude to be so powerful. I wonder if Sorey knows that she's the one that killed the priest guy. He saw her come back the next morning. Either way, this was a setup episode but the next one will be great I look forward to it a lot! 

Idol Jihen:

This surprised me! This may be a pretty good show after all better than just fine! There was another idol group that was basically trying to get trash cleaned, but that man wouldn't let them! The way they solved it, in the end, That slap was pretty intense. I like the other idol group they are really cute! I hope we see them again! This episode was nice I liked it a lot! I'm actually looking forward to seeing more of it. 


I like this show. The art style on the faces is weird, yes but the concept is really cool and this episode was good! It's the one where the main character proves himself to the one skeptic of the group. He did well for it being his first time and the girl has a really sweet transformed final form! I'm excited to see what else they do with the alien law enforcement thing! I think the girl may have had something tragic happen to her due to the system! I look forward to next time! 

Nyanko Days:

This one is cute. Yes, story wise it's probably a mess but screw it! Cute is fun! This is cute! I feel bad for the one that can't draw and can sadly relate. Not sure if it's safe for cats to eat chips so I'm glad they didn't seem to get their hands on any. I'm pretty sure the cat ruining the phone game is accurate to real life cats as well. I look forward to next time and hope we see the main character make new friends! 

January 16th, Monday:

Little Witch Academia (TV):

I love this show! In this episode, we see how Atsuko met Diana and how Atsuko earned her respect. This had really nice animation this time around. Especially when the butterflies showed up in the last part! I loved how Shiny Chariot saw Akko defend her and was all reassured by it. It was the sweetest thing I love her as well! The funniest part was all of them in classes. I love the designs on the characters especially the teachers surprisingly enough! They look a lot like Layton character's I appreciate that and seeing the main 3 in class and their reactions were cute and funny. I look forward to next time a lot! 

Gabriel DropOut:

There were a bunch of funny things in this! My favorite part was the bit with Raphiel and Satanichia. Raphiel totally turned the tables on the whole apprentice thing. The thing with lunch was cute as well. I'm surprised by how cruel the angels are. I kind of wish some boy characters are in this show to it would make things interesting. Boyfriend characters would be really fun! I am bizarrely fascinated by the machine they use for lunch. I wish my cafeteria had one! 

Trickster: Edogawa Ranpo "Shounen Tanteidan" yori:

This episode was actually good! If the show focused on this adorable guy as a protagonist I would watch it! He's a cute character I like him way more than the two annoying idiots. That one clip sums them up entirely as characters they're irritating! I was so happy when he got the detective badge but I was surprised by who was stealing the clothes. I'm not the only one who assumed he was doing it for pervy reasons right? I mean come on that's how it would work in real life!  The dude would be a news headline and in Top 10's of creepy people for years! I actually liked this a lot! I hope we get more about this guy in the future! 

Chiruran: Nibun no Ichi:

This was funny! The premise was all of the other Shinsengumi being jealous because one in their group got all the attention. It was really funny and over the top. It had a roadrunner feel to it. No matter what they did they couldn't throw the one off his game. I have no idea why they liked the sadistic one but I enjoyed this a lot regardless! 


This was a great week! We had a lot of awesome stuff it was really amazing and rewarding to see so many good episodes! My favorites this week were Demi-chan wa Kataritai, Little Witch Academia, and Fuuka! My least favorites were Akiba's Trip and  Minami Kamakura Koukou Joshi Jitensha-bu! 

That's it for now! I bid you adieu until my next post! Feel free to comment and let me know what you thought of this week! 

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