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Bravo's Weekly Anime Lineup #17

This week's anime screenshot is Piace: Watashi No Italian 

Wow, I'm already at 17! I'm doing really well at this! Since last week was so awesome we have a lot to look forward to this week, at least most likely! So as always catch up with everything so you don't get spoiled and let's get right into this week's anime!

January 17th, Tuesday:


Not a brutal episode and definitely not AS boring. It had a plot going for it and would have never suspected the lady to be the thief. I can only imagine what they'll do to her. I don't think she really deserves that harsh of a crime considering what happened and all but it still did. I'm also still having trouble recognizing characters. Oh well, this wasn't so bad. Just meh I guess.

Nobunaga No Shinobi:

This was funny! I'm pretty sure they are just stealing and already existing castle this time around. Some of the jokes were most definitely funny. I love when Nobunaga fell in the hole and it just cut to Chidori with a bunch of enemies cut down and her all confused. This was funny and I definitely liked it a lot! Hideyoshi got promoted as well which is nice! I like seeing the character achieve a goal. 

ACCA: 13-ku Kansatsu-ka:

This episode was again kind of quiet. I like the new blond guy that appeared even if he's a bit over the top. I wonder if he likes that girl that would be cute if they became a thing. I thought this would be a lot more exciting maybe it's still building? I have a feeling the blue-haired girl is the bad guy she has that look about her. It's still kind of too early to tell. 

Hand Shakers:

This show seems to have a lot of religious themes. I wonder if any of them will actually talk to god. I'm surprised everybody fell for the transfer student from Brazil bit. Most people from Brazil don't look like that, that's for sure. The family is really nice to her though which is nice. The scene that I assume was supposed to be fanservice was super awkward. I liked this episode! I look forward to seeing the new group fight against our main characters. They have a huge height difference! That's not important but I noticed. 

Kemono Friends:

We still aren't sure what type of animal Bag is. Imagine she winds up being human in the end? That would be fun. I loved the designs and personalities of the other animals! The Elephant girl was surprisingly cute. I expected her to be a lot bigger though she was only slightly taller. This was cute if nothing else I love seeing the anime characters as different animals. 

Nanbaka (2017):

This was pretty cool! I'm always kind of surprised that this is a comedy. This was one of those episodes that were more serious, not that I'm complaining of course! This episode dropped the backstory of Mao and his older brother killed an inmate. That guy we saw was the older brother. I feel bad for Mao! I hope he can prove himself and rise above his brothers legacy! I definitely look forward to seeing that. I also love the new characters especially the gentler guy that seems more spiritual he's cool! 

January 18th, Wednesday:

Akiba's Trip The Animation:

So this show will definitely be following that Sailor Moon esque pattern. I don't mind that it doesn't seem like there will even be a dull moment in the show. The girls honestly should have figured out it wasn't serious idol stuff. I hope that idol girl the boy was obsessing over becomes part of the group, I like her a lot. The idol bit at the end was nice though I can't help but think this episode was intended to be some big advertisement for that particular idol group. Still, I liked this episode it was nice! 

Piace: Watashi no Italian:

This was funny! I laughed more than I should when the knife got thrown at the wall. I shall from henceforth be calling the head chef the tomato guy. He was a funny character I liked him, I like how the boy who invited the main character is starting to have a crush on her. They would be adorable! I wonder who that new guy is? I look forward to next time! 

Kobayashi-san Chi no Maid Dragon:

This episode was cute! We got introduced to a new dragon and she is adorable! I thought that she would be the mature tiny kuudere but turns out she's the little kid of our little dragon group. She's adorable and the two main characters are a lesbian couple that adopted her. I like the reaction where they both transformed and she saw them from her window. I'm excited for the angst they are keeping under wraps as well and look forward to more! 

ChäoS; Child:

I find the voice in the beginning bizarrely soothing. I know it's meant to be creepy but I've heard. it before and have a weird fondness. That blond girl may be the murderer but I have the feeling they may be misleading us on purpose so I won't take the bait just yet. I'm surprised the main character shuffled off the mortal coil so soon. I can only imagine the reaction the other students have when they find her! A good episode for sure!

One Room:

In this episode, we saw the continuation of last time. We (The main character) tutor her and hang out with her. She was nervous about Tokyo and we made her feel more secure about the whole thing! I'm surprised the other sisters haven't been introduced yet! Either way, this was a cute episode and I liked it well enough! 

Kono Subarashii Sekai ni Shukufuku wo! 2:

I already knew about Megumin's sister! I watched the OVA awhile back! I'm sad with her backstory being shown! There's no reason for her to not have friends! I hope that she gets them now she deserves them! The birthday part was so depressing! The beginning part with them freaking out over Darkness was funny as well especially when the main character mimicked her voice. This was funny I laughed at it a few times! It was a great episode and bringing the frog gag back was a great move! That was one of the funniest things in this show. 

January 19th, Thursday:

Masamune-Kun No Revenge:

This was cool! Aki is an interesting person. She seems to be a complex person maybe not the typical tsundere like I thought. If she let go of her high and mighty complex she may be a nice person to be around. I hope Masamune doesn't fall in love with her. The competition on who could tutor the best was funny and the brief yaoi bit was fun too. How do I keep running into shows with these themes? Either way, the date was cute but I still don't want them to be a thing but this was still a good episode I liked it! 

Marginal#4: Kiss kara Tsukuru Big Bang:

I don't know what to say entirely. It made me laugh but only because of how absurd it all was. Get a load of this. The redhead wants to find out how to write the perfect meaningful lyrics and nothing is quite clicking. Then the redhead loses his lucky underpants and in the EPIC CHASE to catch it from the wind he solves his problem and writes perfect sincere lyrics.

You can't make this shit up,

The plot is absurd but I assume it was met to make me laugh and yet..it was still so absurd. I guess it was good in a subjective sense. I didn't necessarily dislike watching this but the words coming out of these characters mouth...who wrote this!?

Super Lovers 2:

Oh please god let this show end nice and fast. This dragged in forever and all the "sexy scenes" are so hard and clingy to watch. There is fighting within in the family and our two main characters being like, "I KNOW ITS WRONG BUT I LOVE YOU". The school uniform thing was especially uncomfortable. I'm going to need to find a good actually sweet and romantic yaoi to watch after this. That might be hard but god I need to brain wipe myself whenever I watch this. Didn't like this much like the pilot but whatever. 

All Out!!:

This episode actually focuses's on a side character named Natsuki and Etsugo. Natsuki's brother is kind of an asshole. He does care but he pretty much abuses poor Natsuki for no reason. I'm glad Etsugo basically pointed out he didn't owe him anything and for Natsuki to keep doing what he loves. I hope we see him with the rest of the group next time him crying like that was pretty heartbreaking to me! I hope we get to focus on Gion and Iwashimizu again, though. The show tends to lose focus a lot these days, it hasn't been about the title characters in quite some time now. 

Kuzu no Honkai:

It seems like each episode will have a sex scene sort of. I don't mind it though since it's for the story not for the fanservice. We were introduced to new characters and each of them have a forbidden love thing going for them as well. The blonde is in love with the main boy and the main girl is cold and frigid as hell towards her. The other redhead is as it turns out in love with the main girl and appears to be either bisexual or a lesbian. I honestly saw it coming from a mile away. I liked this episode the new characters are interesting! I look forward to seeing how this new love rival thing develops! 

January 20th, Friday:

Urara Meirochou:

In this episode, the girls went and did some work and learned a bit more in the process. That bit was fun but the interesting bit was learning more about Chiya and Koume which we did. That part with the snake was depressing I'd never want to cut my hair again either. It was a cute nice episode! I liked seeing the one girl with the short hair when it was long as well. Her design is my favorite! 


This show really does have a slow pace. I keep noticing that whenever I watch it drags a lot but that's really the shows only flaw. I like this whole pixie dream girl trope this show tends to follow. The boy is falling more and more in love with her and I love the part in the hot spring with the teacher that was funny. This was a pretty enjoyable episode! I liked it! 

Youjo Senki:

This was the second part of the main character's past. I enjoyed it, I'm convinced this god character is satan. I mean he wants to be blindly worshiped even he has to literally manipulate everyone into doing so. That's a pretty satan thing to wouldn't you say? It was a cool episode, either way, I enjoyed watching it. All the scenes where she was in the sky were particularly well animated! I enjoyed this part and this was a great backstory drop for our main character and really interesting. 


This was a great episode as always! I was a bit worried they were going to do a love triangle plot but that misunderstanding didn't last very long. I still ship Fuuka with the main character the most. Nothing will stop me at this point. They might still try and shove that love triangle plot but the band thing is starting to get together which is good! I look forward to seeing how the band thing winds up looking in its final form! 

Minami Kamakura Koukou Joshi Jitensha-bu:

In this episode, all of our characters get together. The cycling club isn't official yet, we saw the girls trying other clubs. It didn't work out and it turns out the grandmother had a cycling club back in her day. She lets the girls use their old clubroom. I assume next episode will have them cycling and such and I don't mind that! That should be fun when it happens but still, the show is kind of dull. 

Schoolgirl Strikers: Animation Channel:

In this episode, we see how the group of girls got to be at this school and met each other. It was an interesting episode but them stumbling into this seemed to happen so quickly. I have no clue what's up with the leader, either way, she is a really shady person. I look forward to seeing what's up with her next time if they cover it! 

Ao no Exorcist: Kyoto Fujouou-hen:

This was interesting. They seemed to recap a few things before getting to the point. I suspect that the sisters are the traitors. I think the show is misleading us into thinking the father did it. There is no way he did! I do still like the sisters though her father should have defended her a bit better. There is also still a lot of tension with Rin and the group. I feel bad for Shiemi when she cried and that insult was oddly comforting! I liked this a lot I look forward to more for sure! 

January 21st, Saturday

Granblue The Animation:

This one was a surprise to see! I knew about this show but didn't expect to come out until Winter. Turns out seems we're getting to see it earlier than planned. I'm glad, though because this is a good show! I like the art and style it's really pretty to watch! I want the two main characters as a couple and love the knight girl. She is really cool and I like seeing her fight. I think this is the best fantasy anime running we have at the moment! I recommend checking it out the early release was really appreciated! The best part was the part where he almost died and she gave him her life force. I think it was animated the nicest. Great first two episodes, I can't wait to see even more characters as their journey continues! 


In this episode, we get introduced to the antagonist. The main character in this show in typical yaoi fashion seems to be surrounded by women constantly. The other main ghost boy is funny when he tries to fight on his own but fails. Seriously at this point, I'm more interested in the antagonist and their backstories, especially the history they have with the main character. It was a pretty cool fighting scene, I liked this episode well enough but the show is still meh to me. 

Time Bokan 24:

This episode was irritating. At first, I was OK with the rapping though I have no idea why Galileo would be a rapper, let alone how they even made that connection, to begin with. They rapped throughout pretty much the entire episode and the fight scene before the typical mecha bit was literally a rap battle. Not the fun kind like on the Youtube Channel either. It was pretty lame here. I very meh episode if you ask me.  

BanG dream:

Another one which is kind of late to the Winter anime party. This one is a bunch of high school girls forming a band because we haven't seen that done or done better before not in any show at all. K-on? What's that? Never heard of it. (Sarcasm guys, of course, I've seen K-on)
I'm normally not that way when it comes to shows like this but this one was so cliche and done into the ground. The characters are cute but the show is very bland. I don't really look forward to it very much except for when it comes to seeing how the band forms. I saw a music video for this a while back, I don't know why I expected much of an anime based on just that. 

Rewrite: Moon and Terra:

Another crazier and kind of confusing episode. Definitely not as puzzling as the last one, though. The other characters appeared this time! I hope in this show they show more of the other worlds that the main character went through. It would be really cool that way but yet at the same time, I wonder how they'll save everything without going with either of the options they did in the past. I look forward to more, I really like this franchise a lot! 

Sengoku Choujuu Giga:

This was funny. Completely ridiculous but funny regardless. I love how them arguing and the whole dance thing was apparently enough to make them surrender. The insistence on that praying mantis dancing the whole time was funny and I don't know about you guys, but the mice just sitting there watching the whole time was one of the funniest parts of this whole thing. I liked this episode a lot it was one of the more funny ones! 

3-gatsu no Lion:

This was interesting. The main character took loosing awful hard. I think he'll go down in history as the worst taken loss in an anime. Dude came home and slept for a bunch of days and almost killed himself from not eating or drinking. That's a pretty extreme way to take any sort of loss wouldn't you guys say?  Either way, I liked the episode, though I wonder why his adopted family didn't get worried and check on him. 

Demi-chan wa Kataritai:

This episode was cute! It focused mostly on the succubus girl! I like her a lot she gave a lot of mature advice. The part where she told the dullahan about becoming an adult was the best. I should consider that more. The whole part with her at home was nice I love her she's a cute character. I'm interested in the Yuki Onna I feel bad for her! There's no reason to be so mean to her! She never did anything wrong to anybody she's just reclusive. I'm sure the teacher will be really nice to her, I look forward to seeing that next time! 


Oh wow, this was awesome. This episode was more focused on Ren and Nora but there were some other bits which I will cover! Ruby and Jaune only found the abandoned old village of Ren and Ruby had a self-blaming moment. With Ren and Nora, we learned a bunch about them and their past! We get to see Ren and Nora as children which I didn't expect! I loved the story! I was hoping Ren and Nora knew each other at birth but that would be a bit far fetched and this was better than I even hoped! I wonder exactly what Ren's semblance is. I think maybe it's invisibility but I'm not 100% sure. That lily pad gave him his power, which was interesting. 

The creature that attacked their village and the one I assume destroyed the one Ren and Nora found after the flashback might be special. This is the first time we've seen some scary thing RIDING a Grimm and the sound at the end made me jump! I'm excited to see them fight that thing. There was also a brief moment with Oscar and Ozpin. My heart jumped into my throat when the villain appeared I was scared he would hurt him so there were two creepy tense moments. I loved this episode though it was amazing! 


This episode was really cute! I loved all the characters at the culture festival. If they ever came to my school I'd want to be friends with all of them, they all brighten it up there so much even Chopin in a weird way. I feel bad for poor Sousuke, though. He deserved a little better than that! I'm sure he can do great music as well, I don't see why he wouldn't have the potential. Seriously though loved this I think this was one of my favorites thus far! 

Chain Chronicle: Haecceitas no Hikari:

Oh, the plot thickens this episode! I really enjoyed this! We are getting more and more people showing up. I'm really surprised and kind of sad the character I liked went evil! I figured he would learn more about the other characters and bond with them. Then again when they showed that one character having issues with the darkness and with all the hinting I shouldn't have been surprised by this. Either way, this was a really good episode I enjoyed it. I'm worried about how the princess will take him betraying them, though. She'll probably be really upset. 

January 22nd, Sunday:

Tales of Zestiria the X (2017):

This was a good episode! It was weird that my favorite girl and the dude with the top hat were an item. Imagine all the fluff fanfiction that will come out of it, though. It was a cool episode but it sucks that dude is bad. I'm surprised they didn't kill him or anything. I was wondering about the girl from last season as well, the princess  I mean. Thank god they answered the question of where she was. She's still as cool as ever! This was a good episode, I enjoyed it! 

Idol Jihen:

In this episode, the idols and a few new arrivals try to solve the case of some missing cats on an island. The person who didn't like them has a very unfortunate haircut for not liking cats. I loved the new idol girls it's a shame we probably won't see them again. Especially the kuudere since she wasn't on the shows cover art. I liked this a lot though it was cute! 

Nyanko Days:

Speaking of cute, however, nothing comes close to comparing to cute then this episode. I had no idea you could take cats for walks but it turns out the girl from the first episode likes cats as well! She has one as well we saw it in her bag but she didn't speak much to my dismay. We need 4 cute cats as soon as possible! I will not accept any different! Either way, our main character has a friend now and this was cute I liked it a lot! 


This was pretty cool! Of course, the main character can't use his powers in the normal human world thing comes to play. There were a few funny fanservice bits as well I enjoyed this. I'm surprised there wasn't already a big to do behind him joining the space patrol thing. It was sweet how he gets inspired by the thought of protecting his aunt. That's very sweet inspiration to have! The villains also popped up briefly I have a feeling the main one is related to the main character somehow. Either way, I look forward to seeing what goes down next! 

January 23rd, Monday:

Little Witch Academia:

Oh, this episode was great! It featured a broom race which was animated so well! I love this show so much! I'm so upset Atsuko lost, though! After all that determination, she literally chained herself to the broom but she still lost! Diana really seems to like her even more after that. I'm so excited for Atsuko to find out her teacher is Shiny Chariot. Either way, I really loved this episode, it was really awesome! 

Gabriel DropOut:

This was honestly really funny. I love the bit with Gabriel working at the coffee shop. That poor owner he is too kind for his own good, bless his soul. Everyone in the coffee shop, the two other demon girls at least was funny and cute as well. I loved this episode a lot and I hope the owner appears more honestly. He is the sweetest old man in an anime.

Trickster: Edogawa Ranpo "Shounen Tanteidan" yori:

This was incredibly boring. It was supposed to have tension but I almost fell asleep during a bunch of scenes. Even the Kensuke getting with a bad crowd thing was boring. I don't like this show very much at all, it has nice moments sometimes but it is so meh and soul-crushing to watch. It could have been good and yet it always is just, "Just enough" it never goes above and beyond! Ugh...I wish it was as good as last weeks episode. 

Chiruran: Nibun no Ichi:

This episode was the Shinsengumi sleeping. It was absolutely ridiculous but it was funny seeing how some of them sleepwalk and the poor guy just trying to sleep. Especially when one of them had a nice rest because he just slept somewhere else. It was just ridiculous but I thought it was really funny and liked this! 


This one was actually kind of good. The villain was interesting he was a dude that killed people but he was scared of blood and the scent so he used really nice perfume to cover it up. It's a shame they didn't keep him around he was a much more interesting and unique character to me. It was an interesting episode because of that! I liked this, I hope they show and keep more interesting characters. The show's quality might improve if they do. 


A really good week! We had some really nice stuff this time around! This week my favorites were Little Witch Academia and RWBY! My least favorites were banG dream and Minami Kamakura Koukou Joshi Jitensha-bu. 

I bid you guys adieu until my next post! Let me know what you thought this week's anime in the comments! 

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