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Bravo's Weekly Anime Lineup #23

This week's screenshot is Spirit Pact! 
Last week was amazing as you all know! I'm hoping next week will be just as good. A lot of anime's we've been following are actually getting to the point where they'll be done soon. It's sad to see them go but let's hope they all do well in the final quarter or the end for the ones that have gone on since Fall. As always make sure you're caught up so you don't get spoiled and then click read more so we can get right into it!

February 28th, Tuesday:

Nobunaga No Shinobi:

This episode was so funny! All the overprotective Nobunaga was the best. The "Don't take back that part" was the funniest bit, that and him hiding and watching Akechi was funny. Nobunaga is surrounded by...interesting people. In the next episode he's going to be checking on his sister and her new husband. That's going to be cool, I look forward to it! 

ACCA: 13-ku Kansatsu-ka:

Well, right back to being more boring I see. We learned of that photographer guys past, and saw new royals. The new royals were cool character's  I guess. The backstory was nice as well but...other then that the episode dragged it's feet yet again. I didn't really appreciate that, it was interesting last time what happened!? Well at least isn't as bad as it normally is this time around. I appreciate that much. 

Hand Shakers:

A new challenger has appeared! This one is an idol girl and her manager. She does't seem to have him do much in the fights, if anything at all. In fact she disinfects her hand whenever she touches him which is kind of rude to be honest. She also likes to quote people which is either cool or cringy, I'll let you all decide. The main girl is also caring a lot more for her brother then average. I hope they aren't going an incest way with this. I really wouldn't like that but it doesn't seem to be so...good. This was pretty good I as OK with it! 

Kemono Friends:

We met a new wildcat and the penguin idol girls this episode! Bag and Serval helped them out with the performance along with the new wild cat. I've never heard of this cat before! It was interesting to actually learn a bit about it! I really enjoyed it! I don't understand why the cat touched the ground if it doesn't in real life. Turns out those two other animals are just looking for Bag because she's a hat thief apparently. It should be interesting when they meet up again. This was a good episode!

Nanbaka (2017):

Oh my god this was so funny. I laughed so hard at that joke when that one guard showed up and they all cried. The other one yelling at him from inside the cage was so funny as well. I love both of these character's but the fight scene is going to be happening next. Still though, this episode was funny, a nice little comedy break from the more serious tone that I appreciate it! This was a great episode I loved it a lot, it was one of the best ones so far I laughed so hard! 


An OK one. Someone stole the main characters silver pipe. It was kind of quiet other then that. I don't have much to say about it other then that. The only thing I have to say is that at first I thought the main character was pretending to be sick. Other then that the episode was pretty average. Not bad, just kind of quiet and average, a lot of it was a boat ride with the thief character that stole it to begin with so...yeah not much to see here this week. 

March 1st, Wednesday:

Akiba's Trip The Animation:

This episode was about trading cards! To be honest I'm surprised we didn't go here way sooner. They parodied Yu Gi Oh a big chunk of the episode. Now that I laughed hard at not going to lie. I haven't gotten around to watching any of it yet, but I knew immediately what it was. Now that's a parody done right! This episode was pretty funny and enjoyable! Definitely not one you should miss if you like this show or it's genre! It's definitely one of the better ones from this show! 

Piace: Watashi no Italian:

In this one Morina and the girl from before work together to impress a blogger and Morina's friend that comes to the restaurant. The food looked delicious in this episode. I don't even blame the Grandpa for trying to steal her from this place! I'd want her to cook for my business as well! Obviously she isn't going to go but there will be tension in the next episode for sure! Also no kid don't encourage employment thievery- 

One Room:

The last episode with our little sister character! She was cute, it's sad to see her go. I'm glad they made it seem like she has a little crush on her brother she'll outgrow. Full blown incest would have been gross but a kiddie crush I can tolerate and that's what they seem to be doing. The last scene was so solemn but very sweet. I hope he treats his sister after this...or I guess we since we're in first person in this show! I liked this arc even though I didn't really see it as romantic. I'm excited to meet the next girl next week! 

Kobayashi-san Chi no Maid Dragon:

Oh this episode was good! Not as good as the last one but some good stuff happened! There was a "who can make a better lunch for Kanna" off. Tohru in the end did better of course because it's her specialty. That whole segment with the judges and all was funny. We also got introduced to the other dragon. She acts the most normal out of all of them and was acting like the rival at first. Tohru got jealous and blasted her to kingdom come. Poor girl...the only thing I didn't like is that little kid and the female dragon it's really weird and awkward. I wish they'd stop shoving it down our throat now whenever he appears...still a good one though! 

Kono Subarashii Sekai ni Shukufuku wo! 2:

Oh my god this was funny. They went on a chase away from running turkey...chicken things in a wagon. Like an old west chase scene. The tied Darkness to the end of it and just...the fight was cool but was very funny at the same time. The other part with Darkness and Kazama in a new area together was funny as well. Everyone trying to sell them stuff was the best but the end bit was the funniest. Even the kids are brutal in that town! Great episode from this definitely, I enjoyed it a lot! 

March 2nd, Thursday:


This episode was good! I didn't see that twist coming at all! That pink haired girl is Nono! That explains so much though, she was so adamant that the main boy not look into this case any further especially! I'm happy pink haired girl was still alive but that backstory was brutal. The person who killed the sister was brainwashed we have no idea what's going on. It's all getting intense I'm so excited to see what happens! Definitely a great episode and a nice unpredictable surprise! 

Masamune-kun no Revenge:

This episode was good! It seems like Akko doesn't return his feelings just yet and in a surprising turn of events...she seems to not only have no idea what pigs foot is, but also misses and was in love with Masamune! What the heck!? Now someone is pretending to be him and Akko is completely smitten! What the heck is going on!? Thank good Neko is better though, she's very sweet I was worried about her! Good episode for sure, definitely one of the best! 

Marginal#4: Kiss kara Tsukuru Big Bang:

This one was a movie thing all the characters did. Something about a stolen painting. It was really nice and fun! I would have watched it had it been it's own movie. Everyone it was obviously some idol pretty boy haha, if it were just a stand alone movie I would wonder. Still though, definitely a good episode! I'm happy with it! 

Super Lovers 2:

Of all the episodes this trash has released so far, I think this one actually makes me the most angry. The other older guy is now after the smaller one and the main big guy saw it and got all possessive and gross and now said he didn't want to sleep with Ren because he sleeps around and...ew. First of all this ship is already unpleasant, the possessive gross weirdness just makes it 40 times worse. I think you somehow made these two as a couple even more unlikable. Hated the episode, please let this dumb show end QUICK. 

All Out!!:

A good episode on all fronts here as well! The other player that had the good luck charm was sweet! He reminds me of Sumiaki as well haha. The training with the tackling machine was nice as well. I think my favorite part was when the coach played with them to help them train. The new team with the big creepy guy showed up. They are going to be playing them in two days time. Fun time is over that's for sure! A nice cute episode this was for sure, but I can't wait to see what happens next! 

Kuzu No Honkai:

This was a good episode! I'm surprised that the two mains confessed the feelings to their crushes. The boy one seemed to go well. I don't think the girl will be so lucky though. The brother doesn't like her back does he? That'll be weird. The one who tried to have sex with him last episode seems to be making herself look mature with makeup and such. I wonder what'll happen there. The cousin of the redhead is cute, I'd date him he isn't my cousin so I can no problem haha. Good episode though definitely! I liked it a lot it was very intense! 

March 3rd, Friday:

Youjo Senki:

This was a good episode! It was them doing battle mostly against the Republicans. I'm surprised they didn't just make up a new political party for a fictional universe but whatever. It was a pretty cool episode but I don't have a lot to say. I wonder if the thing they'll want from her will be something she refuses. I'm not sure but it'll be cool for sure, I look forward to more! 

Urara Meirochou:

Oh this episode was nice! In this one we meet one of the main characters mothers. They also deal with getting a negative prophecy but it turns out to just be a test that they all pass with flying colors. The mother character is cute I like her and this general episode was just really nice and cute! I don't have a lot to say about this either but still, an enjoyable episode! 

Minami Kamakura Koukou Joshi Jitensha-bu:

This was interesting. It certainly takes a lot of effort to make a silly little school club huh? The bear gag was funny, it's the one thing that made me laugh that was in this show. The person who was wearing it was an American transfer student. You guys notice the American is always blond with blue eyes and has slightly bigger breasts then the other characters? It's strange since most American's are brunette's. Other then that it was average and I called the glasses girl being the club leader. It was obvious from episode one. 

Schoolgirl Strikers: Animation Channel:

Nothing super interesting happened in this episode either. The 3 girls that said they wouldn't join winded up joining anyway. It mostly showed all the girls just interacting with each other. The only interesting thing is the one girl having memories or maybe visions of her defeated and possible dead friends. I don't know what's going on there but OK. An OK episode! It isn't bad but again, those 3 joining doesn't make sense after what happened last time. That and this episode was mostly them screwing around. 


New girl time! I've noticed a theme of this show that's annoying the crap out of me. Each girl always winds up giving a hobby up in the interest of being more adult and more mature. Why? What's the point? It makes the characters more boring and bland! This is the quickest a girl in this show ever gave up a hobby! So what if people think your childish? Have fun girl! Be yourself! She did good at the home economics club but still, that really bugs me and the animation and art quality has dropped and it's showing a lot. An OK one but still definitely not the best. Eh...

Ao no Exorcist: Kyoto Fujouou-hen:

Lots of character development! It moves on a concise note and is done well but it's nice and quick as well! They don't stay on one thing for too long it's done perfectly! I loved it a lot, everything was done really well! The thing with Rin's brother..that threw me for a loop! To be honest his brother being a sniveling coward would be better then the douche we've always been stuck with. He doesn't love him at all! that's bullshit! He does nothing but treat him badly and scolds him over small things! The thing with the eyes though...could he have had dormant powers as well? I mean...they ARE twins. This was an awesome episode! I can't wait for next time! 

March 4th, Saturday:


This episode was funny. Poor Schubert it's true he gets stuck with a lot of stuff. I'd let the poor guy back inside and forgive him! He never gets his way, give a little to the poor guy. Him going on a journey of self discovery was pretty funny, if it was a holler to the last episode it was nice as well! The part with the bathroom made me crack up, I'm surprised no one noticed he didn't even have a room! They never did bring it up until not to be fair though. Definitely a great episode I really liked it! 

Time Bokan 24:

This was...interesting. This episode honest to god just seemed to make fun of Case Files or some show like that. I feel like I saw what they were making fun of before, maybe on Netflix when I was bored? Who knows. It was kind of funny in some places but mostly it was typical Time Bokan. The part where the announcer said we have to prepare for this and gestured towards them was funniest! So yeah, you'll like it if you like this show. 

BanG Dream:

This was surprisingly intense. The first half was cute fluffiness how this show typically is. The second was some intense yelling back and forth with the one band member. She avoided everybody right up until the end. I was worried when that car accident happened, I thought even more bad things would happen! I know she won't delete the song though I'm surprised they're stretching out the tension this long. I look forward to what happens next this was really good! 


Oh my god this was really good! This show surprised me I didn't expect to start really liking this show! This was really awesome. The more tender moments with these two was really nice. I'm glad they did that! The whole demon possession thing will be really interesting I can already tell. The fight with the family has it's own implications but what's going on with the couple? Damn was it cool. I'm so excited and the demonic possession was the bet part of the episode honestly. 

Rewrite: Moon And Terra:

This was really cool! The main boy met with the girl for the first time and is starting to carry out her orders to some degree at least. I wonder if this show will even end with them saving the world. Not sure but the last part with the young version of Gaia was really intense but I'm really scared of what might happen to her. I hope this is just a little drama spat and nothing that'll spell out a Clannad like ending for this show. Please good let it end well, this was a good one still though! I like me some drama I'll admit. 

3-Gatsu No Lion:

Ok this was more a continuation of the stuff happening in the last one. We finally got to see the white haired one fight and he seemed to win. I'm not surprised though since I'm pretty sure he's going to wind up fighting Rei in the last two episodes. The rest of the episode as good but hard to explain verbally. It was more emotionally heavy stuff you'd have to see more to understand? Either way a great episode I enjoyed it a lot! 

Demi-chan wa Kataritai:

This was fun! It focused more on the succubus girl flirting with the teacher guy. She is a really cute character I love her so much! I hope she gets with the teacher honestly. I know it'll never happen but that would be so nice. There was a segment where we learn more about the Yuki Onna girl as well which was nice. The last part was the funniest I would say and the succubus part was the cutest! Definitely a good episode! 

Sengoku Choujuu Giga:

This was pretty funny for a bit but then it got annoying. The one weakness of the episode was the kept repeating asshole at the end of every sentence towards Mitsunari. The only part where they didn't was when they messed it up on purpose for the joke. Still funny though! Ieyasu protecting Mitsunari was funny, had no idea he could be so scary! Definitely one you shouldn't miss if you follow this show! 

Chain Chronicle: Haecceitas no Hikari:

This was good! The fight scene stole the show this time! That pink haired girl is amazing and badass!  It's a shame the show didn't give her much attention. Them almost getting consumed by darkness was pretty heavy as well. Shame she cut that piece of hair off now it's not even! Still I liked this it was really cool, and the dragon addition just topped it all off! 

March 5th, Sunday:

Idol Memories:

OK so this came back again. I wish they'd just air the rest in a consistent way. The other idol group thinks the other girl training with another unit means betrayal. Of course it's just a huge misunderstanding. I get that and the tensions are high. The headmaster of the school is not pleased even though it's kind of her fault this is happening. Looking forward to see where this goes! Hopefully they communicate their differences. 

Tales Of Zestiria The X (2017):

This was cool! It's a more relaxed episode but now everyone is going to defeat the dark king guy! A bunch of civilians from the kingdom are taking the journey as well and everyone is teaming up and rallying behind Sorey! Even another kingdom came along! That was nice! I look forward to all the cool stuff that's going to happen! If the setup was this good then whatever's next will be even better..or at least should be! 

Idol Jihen:

This was really good! They seemed to dance around the subject for awhile though, I don't know why they all didn't do that to begin with! A cross unit was the best idea to begin with! This ban thing I was expecting, Typical politicians just banning things to solve issues and ignoring the actual problem haha. I can't wait to see them get together and kick ass! Natsuki being sad makes me sad! I'm looking forward to next time! 


This was pretty OK! It was a more casual episode. The two mains are distant towards the new group they go bowling and bust some alien criminals. Bonding ensues kind of! It was an OK episode but not the best. I guess it wasn't as cool as it normally is. I think the main two will be a couple by the end! Other then that not much to say on this front. 

Nyanko Days:

I'm surprised by the blond's voice. She sounds much more casual and sweet then I expected her to. I expected a typical tsundere voice. I'm pleased it isn't though the rivalry is the most low key thing I've ever seen. This is interesting and actually kind of funny! Poor main girl though and her average grades. It's OK we still love her and wonder how this little rival's spat will go...even though it's the most casual thing ever haha. Good episode! 

Little Witch Academia (TV):

This was really good! Our main 3 left Luna Nova and accidentally revived a dead guy. Them dealing with it was funny. What I personally really enjoyed was that the headmaster was much nicer. It was sweet that the guy they resurrected was her father and that she didn't punish them nearly as harshly. Maybe she isn't so bad! I like when she said that it seemed like the teacher had been lecturing them for 2 millennia that made me laugh. This whole episode made me laugh and was really sweet and nice at the end! A great episode I loved it a lot! 

Match 6th, Monday:

Gabriel DropOut:

This episode was a Christmas and going to Heaven episode! The Christmas stuff was all cute and funny, the misunderstandings and all. I think I liked the part with Heaven more though. Life for angels sucks you aren't allowed to do anything! Maybe that's why all the angels are so nutty! Notice how the demon character's in this show are way more well adjusted! It's because they can live and have fun! Also when that one got dragged out by security that was fun. Good episode! 

Trickster: Edogawa Ranpo "Shounen Tanteidan" yori:

Oh god this was a mess. Typical buddy cop stuff for the first bit, then the club being investigated. The part with that one girl being her boyfriend threw me off completely. There were absolutely no signs of that at all where the hell did that came from!? God this show is a mess and I didn't like this episode much at all. It was random as hell! Thank god most of you don't seem to be watching this. 

Chiruran: Nibun no Ichi:

This episode was about disguises! That was funny the dressing and drag one got me good. The way they scored it was so unfair haha! When they pushed the glasses guy over it was the funniest thing. I laughed pretty good at that. His disguise works as a disguise and is cute! Good episode for sure! 


A pretty nice week! I enjoyed a lot of the stuff that happened! My favorites were Little Witch Academia, Idol Jihen, Chaos Child, SpiritPact and Blue Exorcist! My least favorites were Trickster as per usual and Super Lovers 2. Especially Super Lovers 2 don't watch it it's terrible. 

Thanks for reading! I hope you enjoyed my post! Feel free to let me know what you thought of this week's anime in the comments! I would love to know! I bid you adieu until my next post and if you'd like to see some of the other stuff I've been up to feel free to check my blog! 

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