Wednesday, March 15, 2017

Bravo's Weekly Anime Lineup #24

This week's anime screenshot is from Chaos Child! 

Some of the shows are starting to get double digits when it comes to the episode number. I thought it was closer to being over then that to be honest. Still we will be saying goodbye to some shows soon! Let's hope this final climax and conclusion will be good for all of them! Make sure your caught up on the anime and you'll get right into it!

March 7th, Tuesday:


This was another more laid back one for me. It was the main guys flashback about sword training back in the day with a special guy and there kind of being a moral at the end that the son was supposed to follow. I don't know I find these more laid back ones kind of boring. The ones from a bit ago were so much better what happened!? An OK one from this I guess. 

Nobunaga No Shinobi:

Oichi is OK and Nobunaga approves of the new husband! The threat being taken as a joke was funny and a bunch of other parts were as well! I think the most interesting thing is that Nobunaga will be going up against ninja's soon! I look forward to that, this episode was good I liked it! I just don't have a lot to say on it this time around since it was a bit more laid back. 

ACCA: 13-ku Kansatsu-ka:

Another more boring episode. How one could manage an episode like this with a potential kidnapping, people finding out about royal origins and ACCA being the coups boring I have no idea. This show managed to do it though! A few things kind of my attention but only as concepts! The actual execution is pretty dull. The only exciting part was when that one had his hair grabbed by the other one. Typical ACCA. It's getting slightly more interesting yet still. I'm bored as hell by it. 

Hand Shakers:

Koyori has finally talked! This was a good episode watching Koyori go full on magic girl and kick ass was great! The idol girl and the manager's relationship is...really sweet. He has no romantic interest in her. He just believes in her and her talent and that's very sweet. I actually really like that! Turns out the manager could do stuff in battle though! That was pretty cool! I enjoyed this it was really awesome! Koyori and the main guy are closer I like that, and I liked this definitely! 

Kemono Friends:

This episode featured our heroes in a snowy mountain like region! Two foxes were the animals that were involved this episode. It was really cute! The sledding part was really nice as well, this episode was just really nice and cute! I wonder how long it will take for those other animals to catch up. I look forward to it! This was a really cute episode I liked it so much! 

Nanbaka (2017):

This one was so amazing! Jyugo is so expressive! I noticed as the series go on that his eyes especially express a lot without him having to say much! I really like that about him. I like Uno comforting him and making him feel more secure. I may have to ship them now! The fight with that guard was awesome! I really like him but I'm not sure what he's supposed to be. A peacock or some aquatic creature? Either way this is a good mix and was an awesome episode! 

March 8th, Wednesday:

Akiba's Trip The Animation:

This episode was about a fake date with the redhead and the main guy and an eating contest. It was typical Akiba. Fan service and panties during a fight scene and an enemy that has a theme. This one was eating obviously. For this show it was an OK episode. It was cute and nice at the beginning but later, not so much. I don't have much to say beyond that it was average and typical Akiba. 

Piace: Watashi No Italian:

This episode featured Morina working at the new place. She does a good job there. the people at the Italian restaurant trying to get her back. It was funny when she noticed them. It seems like even though she screwed up the guy who owns it will let her back though! This was a good one, I liked it! 

One Room:

We are introduced to our new girl! She's supposed to be the childhood friend! We want to be a writer she wants be a musician. There were some skeevy fanservice shots obviously but I like this new girl! She's cute I enjoy her a lot! I can't wait to see what happens next! 

Kobayashi-san Chi no Maid Dragon:

Oh my god! This episode was so amazing and cute! I loved it! When Kobayashi went to Kanna's little sports day thing and she hugged her. That was the cutest thing I've seen ALL week. No contest! I was so happy when she won this episode was so great. Everybody loves the big boobed one except the one who actually summoned him. Again this episode was great and I loved it so much! It was definitely one of my favorites this week or at least will be! 


Huh. This was...insane. I loved it but it was nuts. The redhead girl might just be be main guys imaginary friend!? How has she been doing so much for the story then!? Other people interact with her...or was it only main guy this whole time and I didn't notice!? That would be pretty cool if they did that! This is definitely a cool plot they're going with! The fight was cool to! I look forward to next time! 

Kono Subarashii Sekai ni Shukufuku wo! 2:

This was a pretty funny episode. I find Aqua annoying so seeing her getting it is funny to me. I'm not surprised no one believed she was a goddess. It was funny when she was in the confession both trying to act all proper and professional. Definitely a funny episode! I really liked it, but god is Aqua so annoying! That's why I don't like this show as much. 

March 9th, Thursday:

Masamune-kun no Revenge:

This episode is everyone finding out about this new Masamune. They are suspicious and Masamune is trying to get Aki back, but she won't give him the time of day. I'm curious as to how this will go. This new Masamune is obviously a fake but how is he doing it do well!? That and if it is fake who's doing it? This was a cool I look forward to seeing what happens next more though. This was more of a setup episode! An enjoyable one but a setup episode none the less. 

Marginal#4: Kiss kara Tsukuru Big Bang:

This episode talked about how the group got together and decided on a leader. Basically all of their firsts. It surprises me that they didn't get along at first, they seem super harmonious now! Them making R leader was cute and seeing how they got together and everything was interesting. The ending song this time was pretty great as well. It was definitely a pretty good episode! Origins and such are always great! 

Super Lovers 2:

Great news! Next week is the finale, this crap finally ends next week! THANK GOD. 

Anyway in this episode the two almost get together but Ren understandably is being distant. Gee I wonder why I mean...calling someone a brat would never turn them off to you! I'm so SHOCKED. I've never been this shocked and oh my god I don't think I've ever been this sarcastic ever. Next episode is going to be a flashback and finally this can end! Good! I didn't like this episode either no one learned anything and I just...hate this couple. Age difference aside since that isn't even nearly the biggest issue, they treat each other like garbage and yet we're supposed to want them together? What crap. This is not how to write romance people! 

All Out!!:

This episode was another more silly one! No big serious competitions yet but it was cute anyway! One of them learned more about stance I guess and they had a fun time. They are training as well so soon we'll get to see the match. That will most likely be a 2 episode thing. I think the funniest part was the public bath where it was crowded in the men's one but the girls were fine because it was only 2 of them in there. It made me laugh a bit! Looking forward to next time for sure! 

Kuzu No Honkai:

The lesbians are back! I had a feeling they might get together again, though I doubt it'll last. She'll probably get back with the main guy again. I'm not sure though the dude is technically in an abusive and manipulative relationship now. I do like the girls together and her cousin though. This was a nice episode and the art is beautiful! I notice that whenever I watch! This was great I can't wait to see what happens next! 

March 10th, Friday:

Youjo Senki:

This episode was pretty...intense. Riding an exploding rocket to destroy a main enemy base is an intense sort of thing after all. The rest of the episode was way more relaxed up until that point. From here on it it's going to be more action heavy. I look forward to that because what they're doing? Bad-ass as hell I love it! This was a great episode! 


This episode was...interesting. It all kind of went down very suddenly. The songs they did all sound very good! It's sad that she is going to leave, I know she won't in the end but still! I want Fuuka and the main guy to be together! They are the most compatible but everyone thinks that idol girl is with him! That sucks! It was a frustrating episode but a good one! Especially musically! Hopefully this ends well! 

Minami Kamakura Koukou Joshi Jitensha-bu:

The American girl joined their club. Now they're going on another bike trip as a club and we saw that! It was a pretty plain episode. Main girl and transfer student have a bond I guess. I don't have a particular fondness or hatred for them. It's just such...a bland show. To be honest that sucks more then it being bad. At least if it were bad it might be funny and create a joke but no! It's just mediocre! Plain! God this show could end and I wouldn't care at all. 

Urara Meirochou:

This episode had our girls taking a test to level up so to speak! They all use their talent to try and get through it and actually do it. The two moments that stood out to me was the whole lewd thing. That made me laugh but was also very thought provoking in a way. She does say things are lewd and awful lot. The end for the episode as well stuck out to me. That's a dark way to go for a slice of life comedy! I can't wait to see where this goes next! 

Schoolgirl Strikers: Animation Channel:

This was really good! We found out who the armored thief girl was! I love her so much! She's my favorite character! I would love to be friends with her to be honest, she's so great! I hope she gets to be friends with everyone one day! I would like that a lot! This was a really good episode with a great character and interesting finale! I liked it a lot!

Ao no Exorcist: Kyoto Fujouou-hen:

This was so cool! When he pulled the sword out that was the best, I love seeing him do what he does! I can't wait for the full fight next time! Everyone handling this was really cool I love seeing everyone do what they do and the character development from it! This whole thing was just so cool and awesome in general and the little argument at the end was funny! I can't wait for more! 

March 11th, Saturday:


This came out a bit late this time! I don't get where they are going with this girl. Does she like the stuff she did before or not? Is she supposed to be having a growing up and becoming a woman arc what the heck is going on? There is also a Christmas party going to happen, the 1st girl we ever introduced to being...enghh and being blackmailed into making a new Christmas tree by a creepy girl. Lots of stuff going on it makes him hard to follow. This episode was messy but it was OK I guess. 


This was funny! This one had Beethoven obsessing over making the perfect coffee and arguing with a bunch of kids in a park. Now that was funny. I love when he was trying to put a very precise amount of beans in the cup and everybody kept ruining it. The whole dodge ball thing was pretty funny. Coffee truly is an art form though, wanting the perfect coffee is a relatable thing for an episode, I liked this a lot! 

Time Bokan 24:

Next week this show ends! We focused on this snobby girl basically and watched her throughout her life this time around. The plot twist being that she's actually a bitch. It was pretty wild but the thing that caught my attention was the boyfriend. He kind of looks like darma did anyone notice that? It would suck if that were the plot twist in the end. Either way at least I was right about the episode number prediction! It was obvious but still I'm kind of proud myself. I actually look forward to seeing how this ends. It's been a kind of interesting ride~. 

BanG Dream:

This episode was good! We saw everyone do the culture festival stuff. The girl that was considering quitting came back to them! They played a nice song and it was great! The next episode is about their venue closing. They're obviously all going to team up and perform to keep the venue open. It was kind of predictable but still it was fun, I enjoyed it well enough! I have a soft spot for culture festivals! 


This show is...I hate to admit it but it has grown on me. The couple has grown on me a bit with the descendant plot, they have a much healthier relationship then...:eye twitch: That OTHER show we discussed a bit ago. Compared to that, I would choose this any day! It has an interesting plot going for it even after this arc ending. I really liked this the battle and everything was so cool! I look forward to seeing where this couple develops from here believe it or not, the last scene where they kissed was really cute! That and more about this world as always! The age difference is still a bit iffy to me but if he's a spirit does it count exactly? I'm not 100% sure honestly. 

Rewrite: Moon And Terra:

This was fun! We got to see the main guy infiltrating both groups. It was really cool! One complaint I have about this show though. Why don't they make the characters that were in it before the same age as before? It makes it harder on the show to make new ones that we can feel more connected to. The last scene was super intense I loved it, these two together are adorable I like them a lot! I do want to see how this will go down despite that one issue! A good episode definitely for sure, it set the stage well! 

3-Gatsu No Lion:

This was really good! Sadly this is the second to last episode. It was the best artistically and had some character development. It also had some cute moments in it with the family. I like them the most so seeing the focus on them and the Grandpa was really cute on nice. Everyone together with the shogi stuff was nice as well! I liked this episode a lot and I'm so excited to see how it ends! Still sad it's ending though I do like this show! 

Demi-chan wa Kataritai:

This episode was so freaking cute! Another one of the better ones from this show! Machi is my favorite I was so upset when she got all distressed from being yelled at! Poor thing hug her! They did that as well of course. The teacher bringing her to the weird colleague was pretty funny. Them as humans was interesting as well. To be honest now I'm more used to Machi without the head. She looks more odd without it haha! Definitely a good episode! 

Sengoku Choujuu Giga:

I liked this episode. It had 5 of them bickering and then promising they'd get along. They pretty much kick Ieyasu out though. The banter in this one was funny, I enjoyed it to be honest! This was a good one, not the best but good! I don't have much to say about it though since again, much more banter heavy. 

Chain Chronicle: Haecceitas no Hikari:

This was really cool! It was the last part was the best! I can't believe Phoena got kidnapped! I mean I'm not surprised they're using for this plot point. The main character was getting a liking for her. In the next few episodes they're probably going to go to the bad guys castle and destroy him. That's gonna be cool! I can't wait until next week! 

March 12th, Sunday:

Tales of Zestiria the X (2017):

This was really cool! Everyone basically went full on magic girl this time. They look really cool that way! Everyone did really well in the fight! The main human villains didn't seem to do as much. I have a feeling it'll be 3 vs 3 when the moment comes. That would make the most sense at least. Either way this was awesome, and I'm more OK with Rose! She still has that pep we all know and love! I look forward to next time for sure! 

Idol Jihen:

They continued to prepare for and did the concert. Natsuki feels very self conscious and I can see why. I totally get her and why she's been sad for so long. Should have known that politician guy would be able to slither his way in and use what they were doing to his advantage. This dude has no heart or soul. He would steal candy from children not even kidding. Natsuki will probably save the day and I'm excited to see how. 


This was a pretty fun episode. They introduced a new guy at the end who's supposed to be I guess another boss guy. I'm not entirely sure what he's going to do but the main girl sorted out her feelings and such. She may not need the nose plugs around the other guy anymore. This was an OK episode I enjoyed it. 

Nyanko Days:

This was funny and cute. Can't help but notice the lack of cats lately though. Kind of a bad decision considering this show is called NYANko days..but whatever I guess. The episode was still cute I liked it! Now our main girl is friends with two popular girls. Didn't expect that one to be scared of cats though. It was a nice move! A pretty good episode in general from this! 

March 13th, Monday:

Little Witch Academia: 

This was really good! I so love the idea of the main characters having love interests! Some may disagree but look at how cute some of them were together. The blond guy liking Lotte was really cute! It would be nice if they had a cute relationship that grew gradually as the series goes by. Akko and the other guy is cute to the dynamic is nice! I wonder if Sucy will ever have one. That would be interesting. Them at the ball and everyone falling in love with Akko because of the Wasp was funny and great as well! Overall it was just an all around really awesome and great episode! 

Gabriel DropOut:

This was also really good! Everyone has the cutest family! Especially the demons. They are surprisingly mild people. I love them it was so cute. The perverted maid in Rafael's family was funny. Her reaction and the deadpan smile when she pushed the maid over when she was in the ladder made me laugh really hard. Gabriel's little sister is cute to but the other two took the cake! I loved this a lot for sure, one of the best episodes of the show! 

Chiruran: Nibun no Ichi:

This was pretty funny! I can't believe that one can eat that much! In the end everyone to him haha. I don't have a lot to say it was mostly slapstick center! I find that to be pretty funny and it was amusing here for sure! Definitely not one to miss if you like this show! 

Trickster: Edogawa Ranpo "Shounen Tanteidan" yori:

This was another somewhat boring episode. I didn't really like this either. There was gay tension between Twenty Faces and the other guy that everyone thinks is Twenty Faces. Being grabbed by the face and them being all close, typical of shows like this. That was the only thing that really stood out other then that it was boring tension and other things like that. I don't like this show, thank god it's ending soon. 


This was a good week! It's a shame next week a couple of these will start dropping off the map as they end. My favorites were Kobayashi Dragon Maid, Gabriel Dropout, Little Witch Academia, Demi Chan and Idol Jihen. My least favorites were Trickster and Super Lovers as per usual. 

I would also like to give special thanks to my new Amino audience! My articles have been getting so much more attention thanks to you, and I'm very thankful for all of you and thankful for all the new fans and followers of what I do here! There will be other stuff as well of course if you follow this blog directly! I put everything I do here! 

I bid you adieu for now! 

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