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Bravo's Weekly Anime Lineup #40

This week's anime screenshot is Kakegurui 

Last week of Spring anime honestly. In fact, a few Summer shows will start by the time this article is published! Let's say goodbye to the stragglers and hello to the new shows! Make sure you're caught up and we'll get right into it!

June 27th, Tuesday:

Fukumenkei Noise:

The finale! I enjoyed it, but I'm so mad. The finale was mostly them performing on stage, cut with other scenes mostly involving Momo. I can't believe Momo wants to disappear from her life again after what happened! The end where they were all crying was sad, though. For some reason Momo crying gets me. I have no idea why. It really hurts. We still have no idea who Nino get's with. All we know is that she still hasn't given up on Momo, she is still with the band and Yuzu is happy. The love triangle commences but the series ends!

This show is pretty cool! I give it a 7/10. The ending was kind of anti climatic considering the rest of the build up and emotion tension the show had. Still I did enjoy it. The characters were pretty cute, though they had some annoying moments. The art and animation is good, but the art style is a bit different from what I'm used to doing. The music was amazing, though! I adored it! This shoujo may not be for everyone, but it's worth looking at it! 

Shuumatsu Nani Shitemasu ka? Isogashii desu ka? Sukutte Moratte Ii desu ka?:

The finale. Honestly it was sad. There wasn't a happy ending in this show. It was bittersweet if nothing else. In the end the white haired girl and Chtholly died. I started crying the moment the final part played. The music and the fight scene. It was completely brutal. I screamed when the white haired girl used up all her power, then pretty much fell to her death. I actually screamed I'm dead serious you guys. When I saw officially that they both died as well, I was completely heartbroken. In the end a lot of lives were saved but at what cost? It was a bittersweet ending, but an amazing ending. I enjoyed it a lot. It was sad when the orange haired girl was left alone. The main guy won't get to be with his love either! UGHHhHh-

Overall though, in spite of the very sad ending, I give this show a 8/10. It was amazing to me. My only complaint for it was really pacing. It moved a bit slow at some points, then very fast at some points. This show should have been longer, to give the show a chance to fully blossom! Still, the art and animation is really good. The music, characters and acting are really good as well. The story itself was also very good despite the pacing at times. It's an emotional sad show, but a good one. I liked it a lot! 

June 28th, Wednesday:

Boruto: Naruto Next Generations:

OK! That presented a plot twist I never would have seen coming. Are you ready for this, guys? The incidents in these episodes were actually caused by the class rep! The innocent purple haired girl of all things! I honest to god didn't see it coming but I should have! It was stupidly obvious she was the most innocent one! In anime's like this, with a mystery always accuse the most innocent one! She looks cool in badass mode I'll give you that. Everyone is trying to hold the monster and Boruto is trying to stop his two friends from killing each other. 

I think the most interesting part of this episode is what it calls into question for snake guy. We've suspected him this whole time, but he is actually helping Boruto. Is he tragically misunderstood? Or does he need to keep Boruto alive for another bad guy plan coming up later on? Does he have connections to this in some way? I'm really intrigued by this transfer student now! The fight is going to be cool, whenever it happens. I can't wait to see it! This was a really good episode, though! 

Room Mate:

The final episode. They left and had a reunion but it was about as dry and unimpressive as an unsalted cracker. It was abysmal. I hated it. They claimed they would come back as worthy mates but they're exactly the same. They didn't even need to all leave to begin with! It was pointless they were OK people to begin with. A bland ending to a bland as hell show. 

For I think the first time ever, I can't let this go. This show only gets a 4/10. I always try to be positive but this show is garbage. The art and animation wasn't very good, the characters were just OK, but mostly bland as hell. The story was stupid and not executed well at all. I would skip this one. It's unfair that the other version of this show had more quality. In a way I'm even a bit insulted! The other one was better animated and had more interesting story! Were we not good enough for that? This show is so unfair, skip it please. 

June 29th, Thursday:

No anime was released today! 

June 30th, Friday:

Nobunaga no Shinobi: Ise Kanegasaki-hen:

This was good! It was funny when it got all personal when Mitsuhide talked about what it was like serving the guy they were fighting. Asai and Oichi's kid is the cutest thing. I laughed when he started using her as a weight and when they were like "It's OK to cry" it was hilarious. I'm nervous about what's going to happen with Azai and Oichi though. It's true that he invades but normally Azai dies. This is a comedy, though. Hopefully they don't do that to poor Oichi. I look forward to more, though! I liked this a lot! 

Shingeki no Bahamut: Virgin Soul:

This was really cool! This episode was again was very fight heavy. In a good way, though! This new weapon is insane. Rita always steals the show, though. I love her a lot. She is amazing to see especially standing on top of that weapon thing. The angels of course caused a lot of trouble then backed out. They seem to be pros at that. Meanwhile the king isn't even the king? He's impersonating him, but he did reactivate Nina's powers, finally. It was so amazing to see her go full out dragon on everybody's asses! Now Jeanne And Nina are alone. They are going back to Nina's village! I am excited to see that. We may get to see her Mom and what type of place she grew up. We've only seen flashbacks of that so far. I look forward to it. I'm happy Rita is going back with her old group! The old gang back together! This was an awesome episode. I adored it! I really can't wait for more! 

Dungeon ni Deai wo Motomeru no wa Machigatteiru Darou ka Gaiden: Sword Oratoria:

This was a good finale! In the end, though we didn't find out as much as I expected. Honestly, I should have seen that coming. Still the whole episode was a great fight. We got to see Efiya improve a lot. She was amazing defending Aiz at the brink of her own demise. I loved seeing that improvement. The other elf mage/healer's parts were amazing! I love how cool she is even in a situation like that. This episode ended with the Loki Familia's life going back to how it was. I definitely hope for a season 2 of this franchise in general. This was a good finale and I enjoyed it! We need to know more about these creatures not everything was answered! 

Overall, I give this show a 9/10. I enjoyed it a lot much like it's predecessor. It has great characters, all of them are unique and fun to follow! It also has very nice animation and art and the music and voice acting is nice on the ears as well! This is one I definitely recommend! It was one of the better shows of this anime season! Definitely watch it, especially if you enjoyed it's predecessor like me! 

July 1st, Saturday:


This episode was a recap episode. Now, normally I don't comment at all on the recap episodes. This one was actually pretty amusing I watched the whole thing, through and they introduced some busty version of Meteora which made me laugh. They also reintroduced everyone that showed up so far. Maybe now I'll remember their names....haha yeah no that'll never happen. Either way though, I liked this! Even as a recap it was fun to watch and formatted in a clever  way. I can't wait to get back to normal next week,though! 

Katsugeki! Touken Ranbu:

This seems to be the Touken Ranbu's anime more serious counterpart and I love that. First off the animation is better. It shows the best during the action scenes. I freaked when the other swords appeared. The thing is none of the ones offered here are my favorite ones from the other show. Still this was awesome. It focus's I guess on more of what would be going on in the game fights that you don't see. It's awesome. I don't understand why guys in anime always smack each other to motivate them. It makes no sense and annoys me. Still this was an awesome start episode, I enjoyed this a lot! I'm happy to have Touken Ranbu back. 


This is going to be an interesting mind meld of a show. It's probably going to be a bit perverted, but I don't care. I already have immense amounts of pity for the main boy, and despise the blonde girl with a passion. He seems like such a sweet guy, why does this always happen to the nice and sweet anime guys? I was so happy when the transfer student came. She is crazy but she was amazing. She showed that bitch! I think I ship the main boy with her, they would be a great couple. She was awesome in this match. I wonder if she'll gamble for his freedom or something. Either way this was a great episode. It introduced the show and it's tone very well. I did enjoy it's concept a lot as well. I've never seen a gambling anime before! 

July 2nd, Sunday:

Senki Zesshou Symphogear AXZ:

Now all of you have probably never heard of this hidden gem! It isn't very popular at all! However, it's one I really want to bring attention to. One of my favorite shows! It's basically a mecha anime girl show. The girls transform and fight creatures and each of them use song power while they're doing the awesome fights! They sing while they fight basically and it's great. We were reintroduced to everyone, not necessarily everyone's magical girl form but it was awesome and so were the new songs! I loved them all. 

The new villains are actually pretty much the source of all the bad things that happened in the last few seasons. I love all the members of the bad guy group as well. I freaked out when Saint Germain appeared. I love versions of him, I have one of my own actually. It will be cool to see them fight the other characters. Shirabe and the other 2 are going to fight now as well, I'm excited. I can't wait to see where this goes and I'm happy it's back. I hope you guys enjoy this as much as I do! This was a great first episode! 


This was really fucking amazing. I know a bit about the Fate series. I started watching Fate Zero a bit before this one started. This has even more characters and seems to be in the modern world, more modern then the others anyway. It has a lot of interesting characters already. A lot of the people that summoned the characters are ugly, though. Anyone notice that? I know shallow of me haha. Either way, I will say this that one teacher guy was hot. When he was younger specifically. I can't wait to see how this version of the Holy Grail Wars works in action. It's already been explained, how it started and how it works but seeing it and having it explained are two different things. A great first episode, though. I loved this! 

July 3rd, Monday:

Isekai Shokudou:

This is going to be insanely cute I can already tell. It's basically a cafe that's a fantasy world. The cook is a great guy. The stoic guy with a secret big heart. There are a few interesting minor and support characters. The main demon girl really stole the show, though. She is really cute and you can't help but feel bad after you hear her story. I was really happy for you when she was hired. I can't wait to see the stuff she gets into. This was a well done introduction. A great way to establish the main character and everything. Not the best, but still good and nice! 


I loved this anime week honestly. The Spring leftover and the new shows! My favorite's this week would have to be Fate/Apocrypha and Symphogear AXZ. My least favorite was obviously roomate. I hope to be more productive next week guys. Maybe upload way more to Youtube. We shall see how I do at that. 

I bid you adieu until next post! 

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