Tuesday, August 22, 2017

Bravo's Weekly Anime Lineup #47 ~Final~

This week's anime screenshot is Jigoku Shoujo: Yoi No Togi
Either someone is not numbering the episodes correctly, or I forgot to add I watched some episodes on my list. It's confusing me a bit. Also someone isn't uploading them properly so Symphogear's new episodes haven't appeared in forever! I hope they come back soon.

August 15th, Tuesday:

New Game!!:

This episode was really interesting! It was a bit more active this time around! We had Aoba's friend showing her the work she was doing along with another girl. She is either new, or hasn't played much of a role because I don't recall her. I don't have much to say since she didn't seem to do much. The real juicy part was when another new higher up character dropped some bad news. They want Yagami to do the art, not Aoba.

That's screwed up since Yagami was allowed to do her own art. They are going to give Aoba a chance and she was upset. I would love to see her succeed since she was trying so hard. Yet at the same time, I sadly don't see it. I feel like it's going to be angsty and she won't get to draw her series. Still a great episode. I enjoyed it! 

August 16th, Wednesday:

Boruto: Naruto Next Generations:

The search for Sasuke continues on this installment of Boruto! Truth be told Chou was used more as comic relief. Naruto returned to defend them from those eye things. They seem to have the same powers as Sasuke. I don't know much about him, but I've seen him do that eye thing. The reunion when it happened was at least good. Or at least it was for a second, before Sasuke started threatening her life. Not a great father is he, huh? Ah well at least Naruto was good in the episode. He makes up for Sasuke being a bit of an asshole. A good episode, I enjoyed it! 

Senki Zesshou Symphogear AXZ:

Finally! We had Maria successfully confronting her inner demons. I think by the end of it all they will be able to have linker. This episode was also great for Kirika and Shirabe. The fight they had with that big monster was really awesome as well! A song from Hibiki I really liked made a return as well. Chris did really well in that fight she stole the show. Kirika and Shirabe defeating the bad guys like that was really cool as well. 

As much as I enjoy this show, I did have two problems. The bad guys motives made me raise eyebrows. I'm not going to explain it yet, but it sounds ridiculous. There was also Maria forgiving her mother for the abuse because of the tomato thing she heard from the old lady. I'm sorry but that's dumb. Humans don't get better from being treated harshly. Humans are not vegetables. Maria is kind of an idiot to think that. Still, it was a good episode. I liked it enough. 

Netsuzou Trap:

Again, it was kind of anti climatic. They just grabbed the phone and deleted the photo. Then the other girl tried to get her boyfriend back. She isn't going to bother the main girl anymore. That sucks because now they are much more in love with each other. They clearly like each other way more the feelings they have for each other are much more clear. I can't wait to see where that goes! This was pretty good, I liked it enough. 

Saiyuuki Reload Blast:

This episode was really interesting. Everyone happened to meet another Sanzo priest. I didn't think that would happen, let alone that she would be awesome. So it is honestly a really nice surprise. I liked her a lot, its a shame she can't leave and go with them. When they got altitude sickness it was funny. It was honestly pretty light-hearted until the end. Something is wrong with Gyoji, he has a mysterious tattoo on his back. There's also the small matter of that thing getting knocked down. It seems like everyone is screwed. Still, this was good. I liked it! 

Hajimete No Gal:

This episode was weird. The reason being was that the main girl invited him to the house, right? Yet she also invited all her love rivals and friends as well. It was very odd. I like the main but that was a pretty oblivious and stupid move. They are also now all going to get jobs to go the beach. You know what means? A dumb beach fanservice episode! Oh boy! Please don't. I didn't like this much at all. It was a meh episode for sure. I could have lived without seeing it and be happy with it. 

Youkoso Jitsuryoku Shijou Shugi no Kyoushitsu e:

We see the pink haired get rescued again. This time from being raped. I gotta say if the main guy and her don't get together, I'd be surprised. He always seems to be there at the right time. There was also a brief confrontation between the main guy and that girls older brother. I think he used to be chronically ill, based on the flashback. It looked like him, so maybe. It also proved the main guy is disturbingly unemotional. We also got to see the members of other classes confront each other. I'm not sure exactly who to root for. They all seem like interesting characters. A good episode, I suppose! 

August 17th, Thursday:


Misunderstandings sum up the episode pretty well. Especially the last scene. The anime is intended to be funny, but I find it incredibly irritating and frustrating. The last scene had the main guy accidentally confessing his feelings to the blonde. They also had a long drawn out scene right before the confession. Where we see everyone's misunderstandings and internal dialogue. It was dumb. This episode was dumb. I didn't like it and I'm not a huge fan of the series either. 

August 18th, Friday:

Vatican Kiseki Chousakan:

Then we have this. It seems like this arc will focus on Roberto and his character development. I am OK with this. The dude seems to have a lot of demons. Literally. He tried to fight them off and at first I thought he did. Kind of at least. The scene when they started investigating that strange ritual/festival thing implies otherwise, though. He's laughing like a maniac and isn't going to pretty. Still it was interesting. I look forward to seeing what Roberto is like possessed.

Jigoku Shoujo: Yoi No Togi:

Well that was kind of irritating as well. No guys, they did not resolve the plot point at all. How Ai is still alive is honestly a mystery to me. What's really annoying is the next 6 episodes are going to be something called "revival episodes". If the next episodes are all just recaps I'm going to scream. That is going to piss me off. A boyfriend and girlfriend were featured in this episode, though. The boy had sent someone to hell, relating to someone who was there when her father was basically beat to death. The boy didn't want her having to go to hell as well. 

In the end she sends the gang leader there anyway in kind of a shitty move. It was also the new girl that did all of it instead of Ai. Obviously she doesn't have nearly the same kick as Ai, and I'm displeased. I didn't like this change at all. If this is it, I'm going to be mad and I disliked this. 

Shingeki No Bahumut: Virgin Soul:

This episode features the whole gang together. Honestly the lair they have looks pretty homey and nice. Azazel is pissed off. I knew he was even when he came in looking all calm initially. I honestly thought he was going to loose his shit, and slap Nina but he didn't. I like the bond Azazel has with El. It's going to be needed, considering the fact that people are looking for El. I do feel so bad for Azazel, though. I want to hug him so much. Then we have Nina being an idiot, she still loves the king. Even though he's getting ready to do horrible things again. Oh boy I'm worried. Still I enjoyed this episode a lot! 

Nobunaga No Shinobi Ise Kanegasaki-hen:

Fight was pretty intense! Chidori still tried to fight even with a broken sword. Now that I think about it, that might be more efficient. Shoving a broken sword and getting the pieces stuck may actually work. Either way that doesn't matter because in the end, Mitsuhide just shot the guy and Ieyasu came as reinforcements. It was pretty funny and sweet. The rest of the escape will be easier for Chidori and the gang now! I enjoyed it! 

Shoukoku No Altair:

Now we have the main character in a new place with new characters. It seems like he's going to have to quell a rebellion of sorts. That guy was shady I have to say. I'm not surprised he's going to be causing trouble for our protagonist. To be honest, everyone around him right now seems shifty. They just have that villain confidence and mysterious shady air about him. I hope he can handle this. Stuff is getting really heated really quickly. Still, good episode! I liked it! 

August 19th, Saturday:

Boku No Hero Academia 2nd Season:

This episode honestly didn't have much going on on it. It had 2 things. Everyone coming back from their internship and All Might and Deku having another chat. This was another setup episode, meant to be a more lighthearted comedic break! A great thing about this show is that even at it's low points, I feel like this is showing us the beginning of the new group of villains. That is going to be really cool based on what we saw briefly from before. I love when Deku's face turned to All Might, I laughed really hard. It's also great to see everyone back. I enjoyed this a lot! Great episode this week! 


This was also awesome. It seems like everyone one by one turned on the main bad guy. Blitz because his creator brought his Dad back, that one martial arts guy because he was presented with new information and of course, Pegasus girl because of the death of Mamika. The fight was really fun, and that one girl's martial arts uniform was funny. That scene was good. The big kicker was when the bad guy pulled her ace. It seems like she's taken another person from Selesia's series to fight for her. I can tell that it's going to be intense. Awesome episode, loved it a lot! 

Hitorijime My Hero:

This episode was actually pretty good! The teacher got that nasty gang off of the main guys back. It was really nice. I love how emotional and tender this episode was. I think that other boy in the gang that tried to stab the teacher has a crush on the main. It would make the most sense since it seems like they've grown up together. That's how it seemed. Maybe he'll try and clean himself up and woo the protagonist. Either way the end was sweet. I'm glad to see they're OK! This was a good episode for sure. 

Katsugeki/Touken Ranbu:

This episode kind of focused back on the 2nd unit. We sadly didn't get to see the fight with the 1st unit. Honestly though? That's OK! We got to see the 2nd unit get their stuff together. The leader worked out some internal stuff and the two that were fighting had a great moment. I honestly agree with most people. You could cut the sexual tension with a knife, I ship it for sure. The whole second unit is here now, and I can't wait for them to get serious! Mikazuki seems to have faith in them, so they have my vote. Good episode! 

The Reflection:

This one featured the new characters. They were basically kidnapping the reflected to protect them from the outside world. The main girl convinced them they should fight instead of hide, or rather convinced the main guy. Something drastic happens his best friend/possible girlfriend almost dies and he agrees to it. When the main girl goes back to get them they are all gone. I'm wondering where the hell they went. The cops couldn't have done that could they? It was probably one of the bad Reflected we've been seeing. Either way good episode! 


This episode was honestly great. Weird and somewhat uncomfortable but god this show is my guilty pleasure. Yumeko and that psycho are shippable. Why, because their both insane, just different kinds. Yumeko is just more subtle. I honestly feel good for our masochist. She went through a lot. No wonder she went insane. I hope they can "save her" so to speak. That eye part was disturbing. The blonde also refused the student council. She surprised me. Nothing happened to her, but I'm sure she'll pay for that soon. The student council is a power hungry bitch who likes to squash descent. Still a good episode, loved it a lot! 

August 20th, Sunday:

Centaur No Nayami:

Yet another absolutely adorable episode! Everyone took the youngins to the pool to have a nice Summer day out. It was so adorable. This show is adorable and these characters are great. The next section had the main characters hanging out in a club room. The boy demon telling creepy stories was funny as well. I loved it. The episode was just so pure and nice and I enjoyed it immensely.  Not a lot happened really, but everyone was so cute. Please watch it, it was great! 

Princess Principal:

This was also great! The episode featured all the girls looking for something, by pretending to be maids that wash soldiers clothes. It was so cute. They helped them make a better work environment and stand up for themselves. It was awesome as hell. I loved Ange's new persona. It was great I enjoyed it. She plays people so well, if she weren't a spy she would be a great actress. It was also a bit sad, though. Chise is such a sad character. I'm glad she isn't alone now. Still it was an awesome badass episode. I adored it! 

Fate Apocrypha:

How is it that even though this episode, even though it only really focused on one fight, was confusing and hard to follow as hell. 

Well. I'll try my best to relay it. 

They black team was all trying to fight the archer of red. He is tough, they did their best but he still managed to stay alive! Of course Frankenstein was fun this episode. The other Berserker scares me. He seems insane, if I saw him coming I would run the other way screaming. I'd use my command seal to make my guy run too if he refused haha. Nope! No way I'm fighting that alone! The priest guy is also starting to look shady but also maybe not. I don't even care I still love him. It seems like the black team is winning. What I'm more concerned about is it seems like Frankenstein may wind up switching sides! I hope not! Still I liked this! It was interesting. 

Ballroom E Youkoso:

I honestly feel bad for the sister. If you want my opinion, which I'm sure you do because you're reading this, the main guy is kind of mean. That sister girl obviously likes him. She even wore the dress he picked out. In the end the main guy screwed up again. Not by smiling but by crashing into his crush on the brother. I changed my mind about the brother by the way. He's a douche. That's ok though, because guess what!? Redhead is back with a girl. Someone's getting crushed hoo boy. I liked this it was good! I liked it! 

August 21st, Monday:

Senki Zesshou Symphogear AXZ:

OK the motivations aren't as ridiculous as I thought, false alarm everyone. They basically want to get this god energy to "change the worlds imperfections." Whenever any bad guy organization says that, I always get nervous. Kirika and Shirabe also defeated one member together by singing together. I noticed the lyrics of the song, and you know what guys? Maybe they're gay. It sounded like a legitimate love song. We also had some flashbacks with Hibiki that show us how she's always helped others and the like. Saint Germain may be redeemable as well, since she doesn't want to kill her allies. She does have some principals which is good! This was an awesome episode as always. I liked it! 

Isekai Shokudou:

As boring as this show is capable of being it isn't without redeeming qualities. I do love the fantasy aspect of it. In this episode we had a sailor and a mermaid. The mermaid was adorable and the plot was a lot like the original Little Mermaid. I enjoyed that aspect! We also changed pace a bit by having the demon waitress in the fantasy world. She came to do a food related job for a regular and her sister which was nice. I hope they branch out more, just them eating food is boring. Food Wars is more extreme which makes it more interesting. This has a lot of Food Wars quality without that spark of insanity that made it fun to watch. Still this one was better then normal, so I'll give credit where credit is due. 

Koi To Uso:

This one was pretty interesting as well. We got to see the other guys Dad, who honestly looks young enough to be his brother. He was interesting especially in design. They really seem to be setting it up for a love confession. I honest to god sat there and waited for more then half the episode for him to grab and kiss the main. Maybe he'll only do it if it's secret? Oh well. Then we have more tension between the main character and his original love interest. She still has feelings but is trying to deal with it by separation mostly. A whole thing on "What is love" as well. A good episode. Full of romance and a few cliche's but I liked it! 


Overall, this was a pretty good week. There were a few more meh ones then I would have liked, but that's how it goes. My favorite ones this week were Princess Principal, Symphogear and Shingeki No Bahumut. My lest favorites were Jigoku Shoujo and Gamers. 

I bid you adieu until my next article, though I do sadly have to announce this will be my final weekly anime article. This article will be released with why I'm doing this and what I have planned instead called "So What Now?" Please read if you still want to follow my content! Still, this is not goodbye and I only bid you guys adieu until my next post, whenever that may be! 

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