Tuesday, June 12, 2018

Dear Jay 4: Countdown To Drowning!

Dear Jay 4: Countdown To Drowning!

I always talk about my weird brain, and how I remember things no one else would. I am also not shy about giving my opinion on any subject, just watch Frontline LIVE! I also do my own monthly LIVE show Q & Jay which is a "Ask Me Anything" (AMA) that is also a discussion. I am shocked that the show is so popular and people keep asking me to do it more than once a month, so thanks to that, Allen's suggestion and Chris' shove I will now be doing "Dear Jay". Where you can go to our Discord (preferred method), or PM me on Social Media and ask me about something you're not sure of, some advice or anything you have on your mind. This time we have Autism Awareness, Power Rangers 25th Anniversary, Time Management, & More!

Dear Jay, 

Have you ever met any autistic people. If so what do you think about them. Do you think this picture is true

A Concerned Autistic Person

Dear Concerned Autistic Person,

First in a previous life (old job) I worked with Autistic people, so yes I know many Autistic people and even some in my family. I think most people now know someone with some level of Autism. Sadly I think that image is true for most. Autism, like most things in life isn't as black & white as most would like them. There are many levels of Autism from low functioning to very high functioning, and I think when people hear someone is Autistic whether as an introduction or a diagnosis they automatically go to low functioning and lump them all in one mindset. Autistic people are just like everyone else, they are each individual and their Autism is individual as well and I think as a society we all need more knowledge on the subject. 


Dear Jay,

There have been 25 seasons of Power Rangers, I'd love to hear your answers to these 25 Ranger related questions:
  1. First Episode You Saw-
  2. Last Episode You Saw-
  3. Earth or Space Rangers-
  4. Bulk or Skull-
  5. Alpha or Zordon-
  6. Favorite Ranger Color-
  7. Best opening Theme Song-
  8. Best movie-
  9. Favorite Ranger Added To An Existing Team-
  10. Most Underrated Ranger-
  11. Most Underrated Season-
  12. Favorite Weapon-
  13. Best One On One fight-
  14. Best Zord Fight-
  15. Favorite Zord-
  16. Favorite Multi Episode Storyline-
  17. Favorite Villain-
  18. Best Leader-
  19. Favorite Comic Book Title-
  20. Favorite Calendar Year of the 25-
  21. Favorite Season-
  22. Least Favorite Episode-
  23. Favorite Episode-
  24. Favorite Moment-
  25. Favorite Ranger-

Revisiting Rangers

Dear Revisiting Rangers,

WOW that is a great list! Ok so some of these I am going to do articles on to celebrate the 25th Anniversary Episode of Power Rangers but I will answer them here as well.
  1. First Episode You Saw- Day of The Dumpster (The 1st Episode).
  2. Last Episode You Saw- Tricky question last new episode was the Super Ninja Steel episode "Caught Red Handed", but I have been rewatching so that last episode is the In Space episode "Countdown To Destruction Part 2".
  3. Earth or Space Rangers- Earth, even though I love the space seasons I guess it is because we have more Earth-based teams.
  4. Bulk or Skull- Original run, Skull because he seemed more redeemable, now Bulk because Paul Schrier over the years has won me over.
  5. Alpha or Zordon- Zordon, he is the wise old Sage, almost like the team's father figure.
  6. Favorite Ranger Color- Red, which is weird because my favorite color is blue.
  7. Best opening Theme Song- WOW this is hard I haven't decided yet, but the answer will be coming up on my countdown of theme songs, or I hope it will be, like I said it is hard.
  8. Best movie- The original Mighty Morphin Power Rangers Movie, then Turbo: A Power Rangers Movies, the 2017 one we do not discuss.
  9. Favorite Ranger Added To An Existing Team- So the 6th or Auxiliary Ranger, I would say Jason as the Zeo Gold Ranger.
  10. Most Underrated Ranger- Justin, he was a child when he was a Ranger and many write him off as the "Kiddie Ranger" but I think Blake Foster deserves a shot at a return.
  11. Most Underrated Season- This is complicated because some are hated and some are seen underrrated by some but held in esteem by others, but I would say RPM is underrated by a lot, and so is Lightspeed Rescue. 
  12. Favorite Weapon- R.I.C. a dog that turns into a cannon LOL
  13. Best One On One fight- Jason Vs Tommy in Green With Evil.
  14. Best Zord Fight- Megazord Vs. Dragonzord, it was the first time two zords fought.
  15. Favorite Zord- Red Dragon Thunderzord, I love the look of it and it is the first one to be able to have multiple modes all on its own.
  16. Favorite Multi Episode Storyline- This is hard, I want to say Green With Evil, but then I want to say Countdown To Destruction. I guess because overall it was better written Countdown To Destruction.
  17. Favorite Villain- WOW another hard one, and one I have to wait until my countdown list to really answer this.
  18. Best Leader- Jason hands down not even a question. He is the only true definition of Leader the show ever had. Sure there have been Rangers designated Leader but none that truly lead the team to where the team looked to them for what to do next, and for assurance. Jason lead that team 100% and they all turned to him, that was never replicated.
  19. Favorite Comic Book Title- Mighty Moprhin Power Rangers (BOOM! Studios) but man Saban's Go, Go Power Rangers (BOOM! Studios) at times can take that spot, especially with Jason's story right now.
  20. Favorite Calendar Year of the 25- WOW another hard question, because this is asking my favorite year in the last 25 years. I would have to say 1993 and 1995 those two years my second and third nephews were born. My first predates the show in 1991, and the fourth was born in 2007 the same year I lost my father.
  21. Favorite Season- Right now I am in the process of the countdown article research (rewatching the series) so as it stands there is a tie and the first place will be in that article.
  22. Least Favorite Episode- This is hard because I like even the bad episodes LOL but the Ninja Turtle ones were pretty bad so are some of the Turbo episodes, Samurai LOL like I said it is hard.
  23. Favorite Episode- This will have to be Forever Red.
  24. Favorite Moment- "You didn't think I was going to let you do this without the original Red Ranger  did you?" When Jason returns in Forever Red.
  25. Favorite Ranger- Jason Lee Scott, the original Red Ranger!

Lord Jaykkon

Dear Lord Jaykkon,

Which 10 Rangers do you think is returning for the Power Rangers 25th Anniversary episode?

Ranger Watching

Dear Ranger Watching,

The 10 Rangers will be:
  1. Jason David Frank / Tommy Oliver (Green & White MMPR, Red Zeo, Red Turbo, Black Dino Thunder Ranger)
  2. Steve Cardenas / Rocky Desantos (Red MMPR, Blue Zeo Ranger) 
  3. Catherine Sutherland / Kat Hilliard (Pink MMPR, Zeo Ranger II Pink & Pink Turbo Ranger)
  4. Selwyn Ward / Theodore Jarvis "TJ" Johnson (Red Turbo, Blue In Space Ranger)
  5. Jason Faunt / Wesley "Wes" Collins / Alex (Red Time Force Ranger)
  6. Jeff Parazzo / Trent Mercer (White Dino Thunder Ranger)
  7. Li Ming Hu / Gemma (Silver RPM Ranger)
  8. Steven Skyler / Antonio Garcia (Gold Samurai & Super Samurai Ranger)
  9. Ciara Hanna / Gia (Yellow Megaforce & Super Megaforce Ranger)
  10. Yoshi Sudarso / Koda (Blue Dino Charge & Dino Super Charged Ranger,, Silver Time Force Ranger & Green HyperForce Ranger)


                    Dear Jay, 

                    Why are you so neurotic?! And how the hell do you get Kat and Chris mixed up?

                    Concerned Frontliner for Jay's Mental Health

                    Dear Concerned Frontline For Jay's Mental Health, 

                    LOL I don't actually have neurosis that was just a joke explaining my mixing up two Frontliners, I do have O.C.D. though. People say I can be neurotic about certain things, but I just like things organized. I have embraced the weird parts of my life. As for getting them mixed up, well it was audio only as I was not watching them because I was chatting with the viewers in the LIVE chat, and they were all talking around the same time. Plus they are both New Yorkers so who cares LOL.


                    Dear Jay, 
                    How do you manage to fit in everything you do, stay sane, and still have time for more? I'm drowning in time management and overcommitment woes and so, inquiring minds wanna know! 

                    Drowning Goose

                    Dear Drowning Goose,

                    I don't know the scientific explanation, but my brain is weird, or maybe I actually have a Super Brain and just don't know it yet. The more I take in the better I perform. Right now I am working on 3 contracts at work, doing this article, chatting with you in our GroupMe chat, chatting in the Discord, checking e-mails, preparing for tonight's Frontline LIVE, prepping the Frontline Reviews article for Friday, going over my schedule, and watching last night's episode of Supergirl LOL. I am also very scheduled, I like to know what I am doing and when I am doing it, see my neurosis in the previous question LOL.


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                    1. Really funny. Love the piece on autism. Good thoughts on awareness. Really enjoyable write up in general. I love your power Ranger Answers...I'll be looking forward your Power Ranger Countdown project. That Revisiting Rangers seems like a really smart guy....probably super handsome too lol

                    2. Finally got a chance to read it. Great column, Jay! Scheduling... still something I struggle with. For a guy who's not very spontaneous, when it comes to work I constantly have to fight the urge to be spontaneous about what I work on and when I work on it! LOL

                      1. I wrestle with spontaneity all the time man! Thanks!