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The People's Top 5 for May 30, 2018

Read all of The People's (Frontline LIVE viewers) Top 5 picks, Cover of the Week, and Most Anticipated to coincide with Frontline LIVE #203!

This week on Frontline LIVE #203, we tried an experiment with The People's Top 5 (the Top 5 picks of our viewers), by reading off random ones instead of going through their full lists. Even though that is not a change we will be sticking to for future shows, we promised to highlight them all in an article this week. So without further ado, here are The People's Top 5 for books released on May 30, 2018!

Brevin Campbell (From Our Discord)

Worst Pick
Tough choices this week out of 10 - Infinity Countdown: Captain Marvel - This wasn't horrible, but it could have been better in my opinion. The art was weak. The story is fine. Glad to see them dealing with Civil War 2.

Top 5
5.Batman Prelude to the Wedding: Robin vs. Ra's Al Ghul- A fun and engaging issue dealing with Damian and Selina
4.Justice League: No Justice #4 - A pretty great ending to a pretty fun event
3.Doomsday Clock #5 - A solid issue of Doomsday Clock I really enjoyed
2. Ms. Marvel #30 - Another fun and engaging issue of Kamala Khan. I enjoyed the moments between Bruno and Mike and happy to see Zoe have a girlfriend. I hope that is explored more.
1.Man of Steel #1 - I loved this book. What a shock from Bendis. After a bunch of bad teases the main event was great. The moment with Superman listening to that cover is my fav

Cover of the Week:
The Amazing Spider Man #800- Romita Sr.

Most Anticipated 3
Justice League!!!!!!!!!!
Ant Man and Wasp #1
Batman #48

CryptidZeker415 (From Our Discord)

Worst Pick
X Men Blue #28 - Was my least favorite this week but I'm glad Havok finally got reverted back to normal and also lost that stupid scar on his face

Top 5
5 You Are Deadpool #5 - Fun little conclusion to a game Ill just enjoy reading and playing again and again.
4 Daredevil 603
3 Man of Steel 1 - Not a bad issue so I hope Bendis can keep that momentum.
2 Punisher 225 - This was so intense for me seeing that Punisher will now be gunning for the hydra council from Secret Empire starting with Zemo.
1 Amazing Spider-Man 800 - This gave a lot of emotions all around and I am happy to see that the Superior Octopus will still be around.

Cover of the Week:
The Man of Steel #1

Most Anticipated
Deadpool #1
Ant-Man And The Wasp #1
Hunt For Wolverine: Weapons Lost #2

DrewHMLW (From Our Discord)

Worst Pick
Batman prelude to Wedding: Robin vs. Ra's Al Ghul - Just a very boring issue, the most interesting stuff was damian interacting with Selina.

Top 5
5. Marvel Two-In-One #6
4. Justice League No justice #4
3. Man of Steel #1 - pleasantly surprised with this lol
2. Harbinger Wars 2 #1
1. Amazing Spider-Man #800 - Dunno what the problem was, lol this was easily Dan's best issue in forever.

Most Anticipated 3
The Man of Steel #2
Justice League #1

Gary (From Our Discord)

Worst Pick:
Infinity Countdown: Captain Marvel

Top 5
5. The Last Siege #1
4. Royal City #11
3. We Are The Danger #1
2. Kill or be Killed #19
1. The Amazing Spider-Man #800

Cover of the Week:
Aquaman/Jabberjaw Special #1 Variant

Most Anticipated:
Immortal Hulk #1
Exit Stage Left: The Snagglepuss Chronicles #6
Doctor Star And The Kingdoms of Lost Tomorrows #4

Harry Bean (From Our Discord)

Worst Pick
From 8 books Green Lanterns Annual #1 - Great art but story wasn't so good.

Top 5  
5. Aquaman/Jabberjaw #1  
4. Star Trek: The Next Generation - Through The Mirror #5  
3. Marvel 2-In-One #6
2. The Flash/Speed Buggy 1  
1. The Amazing Spider-Man #800 - SPOILERS Loved Spider Slayer helping to fight Red Goblin along with Doc Ock sad about Flash but glad Silk, Miles and Aunt May survived.

Most Anticipated
Dazzler X Song #1   
Unexpected #1  
Justice League #1

Kenneth Kraly Jr. (From Our Discord)

Worst Pick
Green Lanterns Annual #1

Top 5
5. Doomsday Clock #5
4. Justice League: No Justice #4
3. Batman Prelude to The Wedding: Robin Vs Ra’s Al Ghul #1
2. Amazing Spider-Man #800
1. The Man of Steel #1

Cover of the Week:
Amazing Spider-Man #800 Variant Cover by John Romita Sr. Such a nice cover of Spider-Man and Gwen Stacy a very classic looking Spider-Man cover for this milestone issue.

​Most Anticipated
3. Batman #48
2. Justice League #1
1. The Man of Steel #2

Legendstorm T V (From Our Discord)

Worst Pick
Justice League: No Justice #4

Top 5
5: The Amazing Spider-Man #800 - An amazing addition to the series.
4. The Flash/Speed Buggy Special #1 - This was a great book including Speed Buggy and a great origin story to Speed Buggy.
3. Black Lightning/Hong Kong Phooey - This was an amazing book for fans of both franchises.
2: You Are Deadpool #5 - This was the best conclusion to the Deadpool series. With everything you love about the merc with a mouth.
1: Super Sons/Dynomutt Special #1 - An amazing book for both groups of fans.

Cover of the Week
You Are Deadpool variant

Most Anticipated 3
Deadpool #1
Ant-Man And The Wasp #1
Justice League #1

M.T.KaiserSoze  (From the Live Chat)

Top 4
4. Justice League No Justice #4.
3. Saga issue 52
2. The Man Of Steel #1(the end probably pissed off Tevya and that makes me smile a little)
1. Doomsday Clock #5

Most Anticipated
The Man Of Steel #2
Death or Glory #2
Justice League #1

OZ (From Our Discord)

Worst Pick
Black Lightning & Hong Kong Phooey (Much like HKP, this was awful and a chore to read. Fact: nobody ever liked HKP, we just watched it because it was on TV).

Top 5
5. Royal City #11
4. Aquaman & Jabberjaw (The best of these DC/HB specials, fun, great action, and the backup was also good!)
3. Quantum and Woody! #6
2. Harrow County #31
1. Kill or Be Killed #19

Cover of the week
Super Sons/Dynomutt Special #1

Most Anticipated
Shade The Changing Woman #4

Peter Barker (From Our Discord)

Worst Pick
The Amazing Spider-Man #800 - Overlong, boring and tedious. And at the end of the comic your reward for staying with it was that cornball Flash Thompson funeral. (have to say the art was good though).

Top 5
5) Batman Prelude to the Wedding Part One: Robiin Vs Ra's Al Ghul #1 - Thought this would be a "wedding" cash grab but was pleasantly surprised.
4) Marvel 2-In-One #6 - Another great issue - there hasn't been a bad one yet - with interesting story and "fantastic" art.
3) Harbinger Wars 2 #1 - Really enjoyed this issue that (l found) was  new reader friendly.
2) The Man Of Steel #1 - Very impressed with Bendis' first issue - and even more so with Ivan Reis' art. Excellent comic.
1) Doomsday Clock #5 - Long wait for each issue but when it comes out it's a real treat. Things are starting to click into place with the story and Gary Frank's art is super detailed. Definitely worth the wait.

Cover of the Week
Batman Prelude To the Wedding Part One: Robiin Vs Ra's Al Ghul #1 - Nice looking cover - and speech bubbles!

Most Anticipated
3) Justice League #1
2) Fighting American: The Ties That Bind #4
1) Immortal Hulk #1

Ryan C (From the Live Chat)

Worst Pick
Doomsday Clock #5

Top 5
5. Harrow County #31
4. Kill Or Be Killed #19
3. Royal City #11
2. Abbott #5
1. Grass Kings #15

SweetExorcist7 (From Our Discord)

Worst Pick
Green Lanterns Annual #1 - Boring and pointless! I’m over these low budget Green Lanterns!

Top 5
5.X Men Red Annual #1 - Nice book didn’t understand why black bolt had to Jean.
4.Infinity Countdown #1 Captain Marvel - Wish this writer was staying on her series, best issue of this character I’ve read in a while.
3.Justice League No Justice #4 Enjoyed This Series and excited most for that Justice League Dark Book!
2.Man of Steel #1 - Bendis is off to a decent start and very intrigued by the new character Rogol Zaar!
1.Green Arrow Annual #1 - A great showcase for green arrow and a good start for the benson sisters! Actually enjoy this better than No Justice!

Tevya Smolka​ (From Our Discord)

Worst Pick
The Amazing Spider-Man #800 - Not a bad issue I gotta admit but it wasn't worth $10. Killing off Flash wasn't necessary. I'm not happy that Superior Spider-Man is coming back again.

Top 5
5. Batman Prelude To the Wedding Part One: Robiin Vs Ra's Al Ghul #1 - A great story between Damian & Ra's & to see a potential future brother is interesting. The talk between Damian & Selena was sweet. Can't wait for the wedding. :smiley_cat:
4.  The Amazing Spider-Man: Renew Your Vows #18 - Not a fan of the time jump but was tons of fun especially Peter and MJ on the cruise. Fun read & nice to see little Annie with the X-Men again, wished we stayed in the past.
3. The Man Of Steel #1 - Interesting but knowing Bendis' track record I'm worried about Jon & Lois being absent in the story & hoping I'm wrong. Lobo Zar is so boring that i don't give a damn.
2. The Flash/Speedbuggy Special #1 -  Tons of fun to see Wally fighting Savitar with Speedbuggy is amazing & awesome so was the ending with everyone watching them race. :smiley:
1. Super Sons/Dynomutt Special #1 - Great story with Jon & Damian teaming up with Dynomutt to save Blue Falcon from Red Condor was amazing & yay a happy ending :smiley:

Cover of the Week
Super Sons/Dynomutt - A great cover with the Super Sons, Dynomutt & Blue Falcon

Most Anticipated
The Man Of Steel #2  
Batman #48
Justice league #1

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