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Power Rangers Week - Day 1: Top 21 Power Rangers Theme Songs!

Currently, Power Rangers is celebrating 25 continuous years on the air, making it one of the longest running kids’ live-action series in television history with nearly 900 episodes aired to date. Created by Haim Saban and launched on this day in 1993 with Mighty Morphin Power Rangers, the franchise celebrates its milestone anniversary year with the 25th season, Power Rangers Super Ninja Steel currently airing on Saturdays at 12 p.m. (ET/PT) on Nickelodeon in the U.S. To mark this Morphinomenal occasion today is the first OFFICIAL POWER RANGERS DAY! This day coincides with the first airing and to celebrate it Nickelodeon will be airing the 25th Anniversary "DIMENSIONS IN DANGER" tonight at 8:00 PM ET. But I don't think a day is enough, so here on Comic Frontline this is POWER RANGERS WEEK! That's right starting today I will giving my list of Tops such as Top Seasons, Top Team-Ups etc and I am kicking it of today with what kicks off every episode, the theme song/intro!

This is such a hard list, everyone has their favorites and their reasons why are just as different, but this is my list so let me break it down on my process of what a great theme should have.

  • Unique feel
  • Great Beat
  • The Ear Worm Factor (It should be stuck in your head)
  • Season Narrative (Does it fit with the season theme/story)
  • Pump You Up (Does it pump you up?)
  • Rangerly (Does it feel like Power Rangers)

The theme song/intro in no way is a reflection of how good/bad the season is, I am going just purely off of the theme songs/intros themselves. Also yes there are 21 theme songs/intros, I am counting both Alien Rangers and HyperForce as each has had their own unique theme song/intro created for them. I am also not counting seasons because series with multiple seasons just use the same theme song and only change the clips etc.

21. Power Rangers Megaforce / Super Megaforce

No surprise that these seasons theme song/intro landed at the bottom. The song is lazy it rips off the Samurai / Super Samurai theme which was an homage to the Mighty Morphin' theme song. The reason why this is lower than Samurai / Super Samurai is because Saban knew fans hated the Samurai / Super Samurai theme song because it was a lazy rip off of Mighty Morphin' and that stupid roll call where the Rangers gave their civilian names, and they decided "let's do it again for two more seasons!) because it not only didn't learn from the past but repeated it.

20. Power Rangers Power Rangers Samurai / Super Samurai

Power Rangers Samurai / Super Samurai committed the same acts of horribleness as Megaforce /Super Megaforce, but it was meant to be an homage to show that the show is back at Saban and they were bringing back the classic feel of Power Rangers, they just sucked at doing it.

19. Mighty Morphin' Alien Rangers

Mighty Morphin' Alien Rangers isn't considered a season by a lot of people but I consider it a mini-season since it lasted 10 episodes and had its own theme song/intro, but that will be discussed more when I get into favorite seasons. This season like the previous two on the list suffers from ripping off Mighty Morphin's theme song, this is also even more of a rip off than them as it just changes "Power Rangers" to "Alien Rangers" in the song, but it had a reason and an importance. It was the test to see how fans will handle a series that wasn't the Mighty Morphin' suits and the theme song/intro was to test the same waters. But the worst part of this is that it still had the older Rangers in the credits and little time on the new team, the Alien Rangers themselves. However because it was bold by changing what we knew even a little at the time it was major so it ranks above the previous two.

18. Power Rangers R.P.M.

Power Rangers R.P.M. is not a bad season, but it has a lazy them song/intro. While it has a cool narration that sets up the series, the lyrics are super lazy by simply repeating "Power Rangers R.P.M. Get In Gear, Power Rangers R.P.M. We Stand Together." That is it, and to me that is a lazy theme song/intro.

17. Power Rangers Mystic Force

Power Rangers Mystic Force was Disney tryng to experiment with the theme songs/intro a little by fusing Techno with Rock and throw in a mystical flare. The song could have been a hit but it lost that Rangerly feel. The techno aspect did fit given a Ranger is a club D.J. and the mystical vibe works good with theme of show but the lyrics don't.

16. Power Rangers Operation Overdrive

Power Rangers Overdrive has an original theme song, Disney again tried to do something different and make a rock/rap fusion this time and the song did fit the narrative/theme of the show but something didn't mesh right with this one. Not horrible but not really Rangerly either.

15. Power Rangers Turbo

Power Rangers Turbo has a great theme song/intro but it doesn't really capture the feel of the season. Yes it gives us plenty on the Zords being cars but the show didn't focus too heavily on that. With more basic lyrics and very little of them Turbo comes in at number 15.

14. Power Rangers In Space

Power Rangers In Space is where I bet a lot of people get confused or tie together their favorite theme song/intro and their favorite season, but this list is based on the reasons listed above. The song is awesome, not denying it but like Turbo it tells very little about the themes of the story, and more about the setting.

13. Power Rangers Wild Force

Power Rangers Wild Force is maybe the only season that uses the morph call and the theme of the show, we get about them working together and protecting the world two big main themes for the story of the season, how many times did we hear them say those things? The only way it could get more on the nail is if they would have said "Never Give Up" in the theme song. I also give kudos for working in their morph call "Wild Access".

12. Power Rangers Ninja Steel / Super Ninja Steel

Power Rangers Ninja Steel hits hard with the Ear Worm Factor. This song gets stuck in your head and it is fun because it repeats NINJA STEEL so oftem and just when you think the song is over it does it again which makes the theme song so much fun. The song also seems like a big moral lesson like "Never Give Up Without A Fight", "Standing Up For What Is Right" etc which is what these two seasons done a lot of to me drill home those moral lessons. Plus like Dino Charge / Dino Super Charge it uses the "Go, Go Power Rangers" from the Mighty Morphin' theme song/intro in a way that calls back to the original in a true homage but doesn't rip it off which is perfect for a show that will include the 25th season.

11. Power Rangers Dino Thunder

Power Rangers Dino Thunder was a great theme song/intro wasn't big on the story but it felt like it was. It made you know what you were getting and in a season that had Tommy coming back and the first time they went back to Dinosaurs since Mighty Morphin' it made you feel all of that in the theme song while being 100% original.

10. Power Rangers Ninja Storm

Power Rangers Ninja Storm was the first series to open with a narration which really brought the Ninja/Secret Ninja Academy feel to it right away. But the lyrics may seem off to some but they are more telling when you really listen, "They'll Have To Brave The Weather, Ninja Storm! Stand Together." Now at first listen this sounds like a play on Ninja Storm being a weather pattern but a theme of the show was having these two Ranger factions coming together to fight the big bad, so they had to "Brave The Weather" and "Stand Together" alongside a great beat and the Ear Worm factor this son deserves to kick off the top 10!

09. Power Rangers Jungle Fury

Power Rangers Jungle Fury has a nice unique flavor to their theme song/intro while maintaining a Rangerly feel and the lyrics are pure story telling about them "Training Hard To Be The Best That We Can, " and "Protecting People From The Evil Dai Shi Clan." This also has the Earm Worm Factor.

08. Power Rangers S.P.D.

Power Rangers S.P.D. does what other theme song/intros failed at they managed to keep it simple but made it on point. From the song you know this is a show about a team of Rangers that serve as peacekeepers/law enforcement and it lets us know how big it is, that this isn't just an on Earth force that S.P.D. is a universal force of good.

07. Power Rangers Dino Charge / Dino Super Charge

Power Rangers Dino Charge / Dino Super Charge was the great hope, the savior for Power Rangers theme songs/intros! After four years of the same song essentially (see #21 & #20) Dino Charge / Dino Super Charge comes along and brings us a refreshing Rangerly theme song/intro that like Dino Thunder doesn't speak to the story but in some weird way delivers the essence of it and has the Super Mega Ear Worm Factor, I heard this song and it was in my head for weeks.

06. Power Rangers Lightspeed Rescue

Power Rangers Lightspeed Rescue has a great theme it really drives home that this is a team of First Responders, and has all the marks of a solid true Ranger theme song/intro.

05. Power Rangers Time Force

Power Rangers Time Force kicks off the Top 5 and it does it spectacularly! This really drives home the premise of the show, this is a show about time travel, they even give us the line about the Chrono Morphers, and I love that they throw in "Fire And Thunder" sort of a nod to Quantum Ranger being TimeFire in Mirai Sentai Timeranger.

04. Power Rangers HyperForce

Power Rangers HyperForce earns the fourth spot by being a badass song that fully embraces it theme, genre and pays homage as a 25th Anniversary event. The song has elements to its sister series Time Force while paying tribute to Mighty Morphin' all the while being completely original. Now can we PLEASE get a #HyperForceSeason2!

03. Power Rangers Lost Galaxy

Power Rangers Lost Galaxy had a Herculean task before it, the show was set for cancellation the previous season but In Space saved the franchise and ended a major era, the Zordon Era. This was the first season that was truly on its own, no previous year Rangers changing over, no wise Zordon, and the theme song/intro delivered that point to you. "Far, Far Away Deep In Space" it told us this is something different no Earth, no Youth Center or anything, this was going to be a different show. The lyrics narrate the plot of the show they are in a lost Galaxy the "Keys" are the Quasar Sabers, this song also has the Rangerly vibe along with the Ear Worm Factor to come in as number three.

02. Power Rangers Zeo

Power Rangers Zeo invented the Power Rangers Herculean tasks! This was the show that had to prove that audience could handle something new like new suits for the first time and that included a new theme song that sold to the audience that this show was "Stronger Than Before" and "Rangers At The Core" while slipping in "GO ZEO!" in there to sell us on the name. This theme song/intro sold us on a true franchise.

01. Mighty Morphin' Power Rangers Seasons 1-3

Mighty Morphin' Power Rangers, we have to end it where it all began. Every single point on the list was created because of this theme song/intro. It was the one that started it all and is still the biggest Earm Worm Factor of all 25 seasons as this one stays in everyone's mind no matter how much time has passed you never forget it.

Agree with my list? Disagree with it? Keep that conversation going and share yours in the comments below, or on our Discord!

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